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Workers Murdered in South Africa

The Massacre in South Africa


The massacre in South Africa is a testament to what happens when a Communist Party betrays the working class. The South African Communist Party (SACP) was a Communist party at the forefront of the struggle against racism. The practice and experience of the SACP helped for us in the PLP to develop our own line and practice on racism.


But here we are, 30 dead workers gunned down by Black and White cops echoing the Apartheid era’s War Dogs’ crimes against humanity. This is what the multi-racial struggle against racism has created in South Africa, a black president apologizing for the dead workers while a woman of Indian descent apologizes for the cops who she says were defending themselves as they attempted to break the picket lines.  The state is not pointing out the fact that it supports the capitalist class that owns the means of production and exploits the working class.  None of the spokespeople who are part of the ideological superstructure – the academics, the politicians, the church leaders – none  of them are supporting the worker’s right to arm themselves and fight for their economic interests against the violence of the state.


30 dead workers. This is the real price of Platinum, the tech metal that’s so valuable to industry now. The class struggle transcends race and nationalism. The ruling class can use racism or multi-racial unity to preserve its rule and profits. They can survive any catostrophe and crises except Communist revolution.


This brings us to the real tragedy — the betrayal of the SACP. They joined the ANC as part of the struggle against apartheid and have now become a part of the ruling class institutional power structure. They are misleaders of the working class.  There are some revolutionary elements in South Africa and radical workers who are willing to fight against the state and the needs of international capitalism to extract Platinum from the mines, and they need to join the PLP and build us in South Africa.

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Capitalism Murders Again In Wisconsin

A White Supremacist, Wade Michael Page, murdered five men and woman workers.  They were getting ready to worship in their temple.  The fascist may have thought that they were Muslims because they had beards and wore turbans, but they were a different religion: Sikhs.  Racism was a motivating factor regardless of why he attacked Sikhs. Racism is a powerful tool of capitalism.  Capitalism uses racism to divide the working class and keep us from uniting.

This gutter racist White Supremacist who took a handgun into the temple to kill those whom he believed to be responsible for the 9/11 attacks is carrying out the patriotic fervor to its inevitable conclusion.  The ruling class, who are the real terrorists because they developed this particular brand of racist ideology and murder workers all over the world, are attempting to call this murderer a terrorist and co-opt the workers’ anger as part of the upswell against firearms.

The anger and outrage that we workers must feel should be directed at fascists like Wade Michael Page, Nazi Organizations that exist, the Nazis themselves and the bosses who need to keep fascist organizations around to terrorize and oppress the working class.  The PLP condemns and militantly confronts Nazis whenever we are able to.  There will be a time when we have the forces to much more than just kick their asses.  This is why we need to organize for armed Communist revolution.

With class struggle on the rise, the US ruling class is going to need to turn to its racist and fascist organizations to function as a paramilitary wing of its state apparatus.  Loose mavericks like the former US Army soldier running around and killing innocent people may not be in their best interests, but the capitalists will capitalize upon this tragic event to push their agenda of disarming the working class in the US while bombing workers in other countries into submission.

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