CHALLENGE is the Revolutionary Communist Newspaper (DESAFIO in Spanish) printed by Progressive Labor Party. We produce and distribute our print version of our newspaper from funds contributed by our friends and comrades from around the world.

If you would like to subscribe to the print version, please send $20 for a one year subscription. Donations are also always welcomed.

mailing address:

Challenge Periodicals
P.O.Box 808, Brooklyn, NY 11202

5 thoughts on “Subscribe!

  1. Jazzalounge says:

    Tres cosas:
    1. FELICIDADES por la nueva página del Partido. Ya lo necesitábamos.
    2. Quiero suscribirme al blog, aunque, no entiendo bien a bien lo que esto significa
    3. Si es posible, quisiera colaborar en el Blog escribiendo algunos artículos. se podrá?
    Viva la revolución comunista!


  2. Wade Morris says:

    I would like to subscribe to Challenge via email.




  3. nathan brinlee says:

    I want to subscribe as well and would like to meet up w/ bay area contacts, if possible.


  4. paterpater says:

    Communism is the way forward.


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