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Basta Ya! Armed struggle comes to Michoacán!

The PLP applauds the angry workers in Michoacán that have had enough of the Cartel’s violence and picked up guns and fought back. In an inspiring example of working class rage, many members of the working class not only picked up the gun, not only attacked the criminal cartel, but also attacked the police and federal agents. The armed struggle is the intensification of the conflict between the exploited and the exploiter. There is another contradiction.  This contradiction illustrates appearance vs. essence. It appears that this vigilante uprising against the cartels is spontaneous and fully rooted within the working class, but in essence, there may be another cartel arming and directing this movement as well. There may also be opportunist elements within the Ruling class in Mexico helping them as well.   They are attacking a symptom of capitalism, and not the cancer of capitalism. Either way, the fact that many workers have turned to the armed struggle, challenged the cartel that was brutally dispossessing them, and also challenged the capitalist state apparatus is a very positive development.

A major question is, where did these vigilantes get their guns? Their narrative is that they, paralleled Mao’s tenets of guerrilla warfare. A small group began with a few hunting rifles and shotguns, they then raided the police stations and some of the cartel’s arms caches. If this is the actual way that they acquired their guns, it is even easier to see a method of how PLP will be able to arm ourselves, develop a Red Army, and seize state power. Though our primary way is by organizing directly in the bosses military. The vigilante armed workers now have automatic weapons and armored vehicles. Needless to say, much of the ruling classes are worried about lots and lots of armed workers taking power into their own hands and acting as an example to workers all over the world — from Cambodia, to Bangladesh, to France, to The United States — armed struggle against capitalism!


PLP also recognizes that politics are primary. Though the armed workers have had enough, Basta Ya! (enough is enough), they are not fighting to seize the means of production, institute the dictatorship of the proletariat, or transform society through Communist revolution. We must recognize that there is a contradiction occurring there between the positive aspects of elements of the working class arming and organizing themselves against a ruthless oppressor and the fact that without negating the systemic structures of capitalism, they are just either putting a new boss in charge or preserving the social order that allows the ruling class in Mexico to rule. In fact, the cartel they are deposing actually started as an armed reaction against exploitation! We applaud the armed struggle, but we are critical of the lack of a political thrust apart from a populist reaction to the terrible exploitation and brutal violence that the cartels enact upon them. The armed workers also recognize that the Mexican police and agents, despite the millions that they receive in aid from the US, are ineffectual in stopping the cartels.

The police, the agents, the bourgeoisie, the banking system, the DEA, and a whole line of federal agents all make some money off of the very lucrative drug trade. The poisoning of the working class is big money that flows into a lot of pockets. A scandal is just now breaking of how the US directly helped the Sinaloa Cartel and there is another scandal, Fast and Furious, where the US directly supplied weapons to the cartels themselves. PLP recognizes that the cartels are part of the exploitative apparatus of capitalism because they divide the working class, brutalize the working class, and make vast profits for the bosses either indirectly through money laundering or directly through kickbacks, bribes, or outright gun sales that echo the British gun running in Africa during slavery.

The PLP, both in Mexico and around the world, will continue to struggle to bring Communist politics to the armed struggle taking place. This group of vigilantes, though it may dismay some elements of the ruling class in Mexico, may also be a godsend to other elements. The Knights Templar Cartel had been ruling their territory like a feudal fief. They extract extortion on every sale and confiscate farmer’s whole crops for a price of their choosing. They may be just too abusive for some elements of the bloodthirsty ruling class, so the armed workers may have elements of another cartel that may not be as medievally brutal in their exploitation of the working class. Either way, the vast majority of the vigilantes appear to be workers who were deported from the US and are refusing to passively accept the burden of brutality that the workers in Michoacán have stoically accepted up until now.  This illustrates a consequence of the US deporting so many workers into Mexico and destabilizing the extortion rackets that the ruling classes of The US and Mexico have been enriching themselves on.

It is inspiring to see armed and masked workers not fighting for some rotten religious ideology, but actually fighting against elements of the state apparatus in order to improve the conditions of workers in this life. This struggle will not end the tyranny of the cartels, since too many capitalists are enriching themselves from our class’ addictions, because it lacks a Communist center, politic, and, most importantly, Party to organize it and defend the working class’ gains. That Communist Party is PLP and it needs to built in the furnace of the Michoacán uprising.

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An International Communist Movement is Necessary!

Though there has been an upsurge of workers fighting against the direct force of the state, it is not a threat to state power. Thousands of workers, mostly teachers, directly confront the police in Mexico and up to a hundred thousand battle the forces of the state in Bangladesh. The workers fight back in Sudan. The bosses shoot 70. The workers are angry and lack direction. Why, why is there no clear-cut direction in a land with constant wars for liberation and a whole lot if armed groups the phony left fawns over? Simple. There is no Communist center, no principled movement dedicated to the ruthless smashing of the profit system and the construction of a Communist economic system under the dictatorship of the working class. 

The failures of the Old Communist movement abound in both of the Sudans, once where one of the largest Communist Parties existed. China is investing billions in an imperialist resource grab — offer billions in loans, take the raw resources, and then take the tax dollars to pay the loans. China was once a beacon of hope to the world with millions of workers dedicated to smashing U.S. imperialism and the setting up of a new society. Well, that socialism that they attempted to build is really a choice between capitalism and capitalism. Despite Mao’s leadership, the great sacrifices, the great victories, and the unfurling of the Red Flag, the incorrect politics and the multi-stage approach to communism doomed them and all future revolutions that fight for socialism and national liberation instead of Communism.

The U.S. is really trying to deny China all of Sudan’s oil resources. They would love to topple the pro-Chinese government of North Sudan and control the pipelines that take South Sudan’s oil to port, either outright or by denying China access.

While the forces of imperialism are slaughtering the workers in Khartoum in the streets, they also butcher them in Bangladesh. The racism of students in almost every high school in the U.S. being taught about the horror of the Triangle fire, and how it sparked revolts and protest that led to safety laws while hundreds and hundreds of workers in Bangladesh either are murdered by the deadly conditions in the factory or outright by the state in the streets as they fight back against the conditions that are killing them.   

Class struggle alone will not ever bring liberation to the working class. All the solidarity that unions can muster forever will never liberate our class from the profit system and exploitation. Only a Communist revolution will. The working class is screaming out for Communist leadership, and PLP will one day lead them.

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Reformism A Trap to Maintain Bosses’ Power

MEXICO — In recent years, many very militant movements have arisen, producing problems for the ruling class. These include the mass struggle of APPO and teachers in Oaxaca; the miners in Pasta de Conchos in the state of Coahuila; the peasants in San Salvador Atenco in the State of Mexico; as well as the very militant movements of the Ford workers, and the recent struggle among the taxi drivers who put the transportation bosses in check (including the local government).

All this demonstrates the immense potential of the working class. However, it also shows a lack of sufficient organization and above all the understanding that to truly liberate ourselves from the bosses’ yoke, we will have to struggle for a real communist revolution.

In these struggles we’ve fought for crumbs, even though workers made the whole cake. No sooner do we win small wage increases (reforms), they take them away by raising prices on basic products, speed-up, layoffs and even jailings and death. We need to take the means of production away from the bosses. We don’t need them because we’re the ones who produce everything. Yet the bosses live like kings without working.

If we fight under the bosses’ laws, we’ve already lost, since capitalism’s laws are designed to protect the interests of capital. When someone goes against the bosses’ interests, we’re repressed by the bosses’ police and sentenced in the bosses’ courts, accused of “terrorism,” drug trafficking or whatever other crime they can invent.

Government branches that supposedly “defend” workers’ interests — the Department of Labor, the Congress of Labor, human rights groups, etc. — are regulated by the capitalists’ government. We workers will always lose under the bosses’ laws; all our efforts get turned around.

Given the treadmill of reform, the working class needs to build a long-term struggle — participating in reform struggles but understanding that workers need to be politicized and consciously see the nature of the reform struggle, to understand how capitalism functions. We must primarily recognize that racism, nationalism, sexism and religion are ideological tools manufactured and used by the ruling class to keep dividing our class and subject us to the bosses’ interests.

Even if momentarily we win some crumbs from the bosses, as the taxi drivers here who formed a cooperative, sooner or later the bosses and their government will end up controlling the movement through their laws, or corrupting the leadership as has been the case in other movements.

It’s not that we distrust these workers, but it’s our obligation as a Party to warn about how
capitalism functions. Such analyses can prevent the capitalist system from co-opting us, from allying ourselves with one or another branch of the ruling class, which doesn’t help our class in any way.

As we participate in these class struggles, we workers must make our main priority building the Progressive Labor Party, with mass CHALLENGE networks, so that we can continue giving leadership to the international working class. Our goal is building a communist society that liberates us forever from all the misery of capitalism.

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Win Oaxaca APPO Congress Rank & File to Red Ideas

OAXACA, MEXICO, February 10 — In a very violent setting, due to the sharp contradictions among the leaderships of the organizations comprising the APPO (Popular Assembly of the People of Oaxaca), Section 22 of the SNTE (teachers union) has pushed for the convening of the Third Congress of APPO on February 20-22. The APPO participated in the mass social-political movement of 2006, fighting to oust the fascist Governor of Oaxaca, Ulisis Ruiz Ortiz (URO). The goal is to develop another intense period of actions locally and nationally to confront the privatization, unemployment, repression and poverty enforced by the ruling parties and to insist on the ouster of the murderous governor.

The brutal repression in 2006 unleashed by the criminal Oaxaca Governor in open alliance with Vicente Fox, departing President of Mexico, could not destroy APPO. However, the sharp contradictions within APPO — as revealed in the corrupt actions and betrayals of the opportunists — have divided and challenged APPO, sowing discontent, disappointment and apathy among thousands of the participants.

They and many others had great hope for APPO to bring important changes to society, eliminate injustices and corruption, and above all, to end the capitalist dictatorship, represented by the PRI, the ruling party which oppressed Mexico’s workers for nearly 80 years.

But to destroy these evils, it’s necessary to get rid of capitalism-imperialism with a communist revolution. That requires winning thousands of city and farm workers, teachers, students and soldiers to communist ideas. This means  recruiting millions to the working class’s only communist party, the Progressive Labor Party. To achieve this goal we  must spread communist ideas, including reading and building networks of distribution for our communist newspaper, CHALLENGE.

APPO cannot, nor could it ever, assume this role. APPO grew as a broad spontaneous movement that mobilized thousands, but lacked founding principles, discipline, organization and correct political leadership. Opportunist and revisionist (fake leftist) groups took advantage of the movement to seize the leadership of APPO and use it for their own interests.

Among them, the Popular Revolutionary Front-Union of Workers of Education (FPR-UTE), subsidiary of the misnamed “Communist” Party of Mexico Marxist Leninist, maneuvered ts leader, Zenén Bravo, to become a deputy in the local Congress. Meanwhile, Flavio Sosa, after having been imprisoned, as the most publicized leader has waged a propaganda campaign to become a deputy for the PRD (Party of Revolutionary Democracy), like César Mateos.

We workers must understand that any organization that is not a communist party fighting for communism will  eventually betray our class interests. Good intentions are not enough. Even the giants of the old international communist movement saw the great Russian and Chinese revolutions reversed because they carried too much baggage of capitalism (the wage system, etc.) into their socialist society which they thought they could transform into communism. But the opposite happened. Today Russia and China are capitalist, imperialist vultures fighting with the U.S. and European imperialists for control of the world’s resources, especially oil.

Amid deepening capitalist economic crisis, expanding imperialist wars and the threat of World War III, the honest participants in the APPO Congress should think seriously about waging communist class struggle to confront the enemy and advance as the working class to our necessary goal, building a new communist society. Only then can we destroy capitalism, a chaotic and murderous system that only meets the needs of the rich.

Capitalist elections won’t help workers. Participating in them perpetuates the chains that bind us to capitalism’s evils.  Only communist revolution will end them. That’s why it’s necessary to read and distribute CHALLENGE and join the Progressive Labor Party.

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The U.S. now faces a historic crisis and, desperate to stop their decline, they must control sources of energy. They are currently pushing for privatization of energy in Mexico through the government of Felipe Calderon and his allies in the Mexican Congress who promise the U.S. control over oil and gas, since Spain has stepped in and is already savoring part of the energy pie.

The rivalry between the imperialists is sharpening all around the world and reflects weakening U.S. domination and the strengthening of rivals like Russia, China and India. Control of the world’s oil safeguards U.S bosses’ continuing worldwide supremacy. Without that control, this goal will be illusive. In the Caucasus, the U.S. wants to break Russia’s fuel monopoly and thus assure a third major source of energy on the planet. This intensifies the rivalry between the two imperialists.

Some Mexican capitalists don’t want to share with the U.S. or Spanish capitalists. That’s why they push nationalism to win worker support for their own control of the oil profits. Lopez Obrador is the spokesman for the nationalist capitalists. He may be willing to fight a civil war to defend this wealth against mainly U.S. bosses, not for the well-being of Mexican workers, but for higher profits and stability for Mexican bosses. That’s why he’s formed the FAP (Broad Progressive Front) in which an estimated 3 million people participated in mobilizations for the “peaceful transformation of the public life of Mexico,” in reality to support Obrador against the privatization of PEMEX.

The actions organized by FAP mean that they have too weak a presence in Congress to achieve their goals there. That’s why they threaten actions against privatization to be carried out by workers in the different states of Mexico. But the politicians trap workers into trying to win reforms from various profit-hungry capitalists who only want the best deal for themselves, keeping the workers chained to capitalist exploitation.

Mexico is a strategic ally of the U.S. Most Mexican oil and food sales go to the U.S. That’s why they have designed Plan Puebla Panama as a supplier of the wealth of Latin America to North America. Many U.S. manufacturers gain great profit by paying skilled Mexican workers so little. The most profitable industry is auto and lately aerospace in the north, mainly Chihuahua. In coming wider wars, these industries will play an important role, since they make weapons.

Behind Felipe Calderon’s “war against drug traffic” is the militarization of the country. The U.S. bosses and their lackeys in Mexico will fight to protect their wealth like oil, natural gas, water, biodiversity, uranium, etc. from their imperialist enemies. They could also try to control any popular uprising by unleashing police terror against workers.

Through the Alliance for Security and Prosperity of North America (ASPAN, a treaty made with ex-President Fox), the Merida initiative with Calderon, and recently the proposal to integrate Mexico into NORAD (North American Aerospace Command), the U.S. has entered a financial, military and energy “alliance” with Mexico and Canada, which is basically a proposal to focus on the strategic security of the U.S. in the face of wider war.

There’s no good or lesser evil capitalist or imperialist. They all seek to live off the wealth created by the working class. Siding with either block of capitalists is the worst error workers could make. We need to build an alliance with workers, students and soldiers around the PLP and fight internationally to destroy this system. Communist ideas must illuminate our staunch struggle to end the nightmare of capitalism. Only a communist revolution can establish a society that finally ends individualism, sexism, racism, nationalism and exploitation. That society is communism and for that we’ll fight to the win. JOIN US! FIGHT FOR COMMUNISM!

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Mexican Bosses Battle Over Oil While Workers Starve

MEXICO CITY, June 2 — The fight amongst the capitalists of the world for control of oil has motivated the latest wars in which hundreds of thousands of workers have died for the different greedy bosses’ profits. In this period, this dispute among the imperialists is leading to World War III.

For the Mexican ruling class, the big fight amongst different sections is over PEMEX, the state-owned oil monopoly. President Calderón, with the support of the U.S. imperialists, wants to privatize it all, while other local bosses (like former presidential candidate López Obrador) oppose this, preferring it to remain as a state-owned company, favoring more investments from local capitalists instead of U.S. oil companies.

Oil is the bloodline of modern capitalist industry and war machines. Control of the oil flow and profits is the reason the U.S. bosses and their military are geared to make wars from Baghdad to Kabul. It is now more profitable than ever with the continuous rise of the price of a barrel of crude. For example, PEMEX had profits of about $100 billion in the last four years.

This oil wealth does not belong to the “Mexican people” as the politicians tell us. If it did, its megaprofits would be used to end the poverty of 70 million people in Mexico, 50% of whom live in extreme poverty. These profits benefit the politicians who administer PEMEX and the companies’ bosses who have direct business with PEMEX.

The center of the dispute between the group led by Calderón, the ruling PAN party and the majority of the PRI (which ruled for 60 years before PAN) against López Obrador, the FAP (Broad Progressive Front) and some of the PRI is over which group of national or foreign bosses will control the billions of dollars of profits of PEMEX.

The competing bosses are trying to convince us to support the “privatizers” or the “nationalists.” This is a fatal trap. We workers are the ones who produce all the wealth including the oil and we must take it into our own hands. Capitalism in any form (free market or with nationalized industries) is based on the exploitation of the working class. Choosing sides in this dogfight as far as workers are concerned is like siding with either the drug cartels or the bosses’ government in their mini-civil war over drug profits. Workers have only one choice: to build a massive international communist movement to fight for the revolutionary dictatorship of the working class over all bosses and establish a society in which oil, and everything else, will serve the needs of the world’s working class. That is what PLP fights for. Join us!

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Mexico May Day Inspires Re-commitment to PLP

MEXICO CITY,  May 1st— A group of members and friends of PLP participated in the mass May Day March in Mexico City where hundreds of thousands of workers come to show their anger against the capitalist system and its government. We distributed 15,000 leaflets and 300 CHALLENGES in which we exposed the capitalist system including the privatization of oil and the need for a communist revolution in order to build a society that meets the needs of the working class.

Our contingent marched with banners and chanted slogans like , “LONG LIVE COMMUNISM! DEATH TO CAPITALISM!’’ AND “ONE CLASS ONE PARTY, WORKERS OF THE WORLD, UNITE!” We also sang songs like “Bandera Roja” and “Bella Chao” and of course the INTERNATIONAL. We were a small militant group but we captured the attention of many marchers.

After the march we had a gathering where we talked about the day’s activities. One of the things thatinspired many comrades was that many new youth participated with us who hadn’t before. One of them said that he’d participated in other organizations and that none of them had convinced him as PLP had.

That’s why he asked that we keep inviting him to future meetings. We decided to have a meeting this same week to plan some activities and to maintain constant communication.

Another thing that inspired many was the participation of someone who had been inactive in the last few years. At the end of the march, this friend gave a small speech in which he talked about why it’s important to celebrate May Day and the need to continue organizing the working class, thus announcing his recommitment to the Party. Some suggested that he help organize a cadre school about political economy and help in continuing to deepen the political understanding of more comrades.

We hope that next year we’ll have a bigger contingent with more political leadership.

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Obrador’s ‘Fight’ All About Oil for Mexico’s Bosses

“Our movement has the obligation to play a very important role, given the imminent decision of the usurper government and its allies, to hand over the oil to the foreigners ….. It’s obvious that it was this that led them to carry out the electoral fraud of 2006, to violate the constitution and impose the coup d’etat.” — Lopez Obrador, addressing over 100,000 followers last November 18 in Mexico City’s Zócalo.

Since 1938 when Mexico’s oil industry was nationalized, there’s been a tug of war between elements of the Mexican and U.S. ruling classes, seeking to re-privatize it, and other elements of Mexico’s elite who adamantly oppose it. This struggle has lasted for decades without major consequences or disruptions.

However, the sharpening inter-imperialist rivalry and relative decline of U.S. imperialism relative to its rivals are rapidly changing this. Wars in the Middle East and other oil-producing areas have endangered energy security for the world’s imperialists, forcing U.S. bosses to speed efforts to take over Mexico’s energy industry and militarize the country via the Merida Plan. An added bonanza: Mexican oil costs $4 a barrel to produce. But this drive has also sharpened what has become the main contradiction in Mexico: privatization versus nationalization, with its potential of escalating into civil war.

Since 1983, U.S. imperialists and their Mexican allies have intentionally run PEMEX into the ground, to justify privatizing it. Consequently PEMEX is practically bankrupt, owing over $42 billion to private investors despite yearly revenues of almost $100 billion. Of this, the government takes $60 billion in taxes, or 40% of its budget. Very little of the rest is invested in PEMEX or into exploring for, and drilling, new wells. If this persists at its present rate, in seven years, PEMEX will be unable to extract any oil from the ground.

This scenario and the pressing needs of their U.S. masters requires the consolidation of control over Mexico’s oil, cheap labor, and a new but growing aerospace industry linked to the one in Southern California. To address this situation and in preparation for global war President Felipe Calderon and his political cohorts are preparing a reform bill to privatize Mexico’s energy sector. This has forced those rulers who oppose privatization to move their struggle from the legislative chambers to the streets of every city, town and village.

Heading their efforts, Lopez Obrador is building his Convencion Nacional Democratica with an alternative plan. So far he has traveled to 1,009 municipalities and gathered over 1.7 million signatures of people committed to becoming representatives of what he calls the “Legitimate Government of Mexico.” By the end of 2008, he will have visited all 2,500 Mexican municipalities and hopes to have signed up another five million representatives.

Obrador’s alternative plan would immediately invest about $36 billion in PEMEX. He claims $20 billion would come from the federal budget by halving the high salaries and perks of top bureaucrats in the three branches of government and PEMEX. The other $16 billion would come from the surplus obtained from selling the oil above the price set by the Mexican Congress. Because of oil’s high price, this sum could easily top its $10 billion average of the last three years. Like a true capitalist defender, Obrador wouldn’t raise taxes on the corporations or on his billionaire friend Carlos Slim, even though all private enterprises combined pay less than $20 billion in taxes.

Obrador aspires to turn Mexico into a major energy power and use its huge revenues to enrich a few Mexican capitalists and fund some social programs a la Venezuela’s Hugo Chávez. The Mexican capitalists he represents are fearful that a U.S. take-over of PEMEX will not only deny them access to its profits but will also destabilize the country by further grinding the working class into poverty and hopelessness. These nationalist capitalists want stability to keep their exploitation of the working class running smoothly. However, U.S. bosses plan to militarize the country to squelch the nationalists’ opposition, if necessary, and any potential working-class rebellion.

Only time will tell how this contradiction among these vultures will evolve. But from Oaxaca to Tabasco, workers are simmering with anger over the racist capitalist exploitation they suffer. PLP must win all workers and youth to the understanding that neither Calderon nor Obrador or Hugo Chávez, nor U.S. or any other imperialists represent our interests. PLP’ers and friends must work in factories, schools, neighborhoods and mass movements, like Obrador’s, to offer workers and youth the only alternative to capitalism: uniting millions of workers, students and soldiers to build the PLP and smash all capitalists/imperialists. From this we’ll build a communist society, where workers will control oil and everything else, serving the needs of the international working class.

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Profit System Drowns Workers . . . . Again

VILLAHERMOSA, TABASCO, MEXICO, Nov. 12 — A half million are homeless and there are uncounted deaths from the torrential rains that hit the state of Tabasco for several days — all because of capitalism’s utter disregard for Mexico’s workers. Eighty percent of Tabasco, a state larger than Massachusetts, was under water. Many spent days on the roofs of their houses. Roads, bridges and more than 100,000 homes have been destroyed. Potable water, food, medicine and clothes are in very short supply for tens of thousands of workers and their families who have still not found refuge.

Even worse than the horrific effects of Katrina in New Orleans, such natural phenomena are turned into racist, anti-working class tragedies by the profit system. Most of Tabasco’s victims were extremely poverty-stricken workers and indigenous people — in a country where 40% are jobless and half the population tries to survive on less than $2 a day.

Tabasco’s local bosses and Mexico’s federal rulers are responsible for these deaths, injuries and destruction. “The tragedy of Tabasco could have been avoided with relatively simple and inexpensive measures,” said Salvador Briceño, director of the UN’s International Strategy for the Reduction of Disasters (El Universal, 11/3).

Opposition mis-leader López Obrador, who ran against the current president, Felipe Calderon, cynically used the disaster to build his own base of support. He accused the Federal Commission of Electricity of being responsible for the dams overflowing. Normally the dams should be kept 40% to 50% full so there is enough room for more water in case of serious storms (La Jornada, 11/7). But because the state-owned electric company buys 31% of its electricity from private utilities it doesn’t need the water power of the main dam. Out of disregard for the lives and safety of the working class, it allows it to be underutilized and therefore remain filled to 94% of capacity. Obrador spreads the lie that nationalist state capitalism, unlike private enterprise, is committed to serving the people.

Although Obrador mobilized millions for his election campaigns, neither he nor the union leaders have organized solidarity among the same masses to demand aid for Tabasco’s victims. Nor did they expose the real cause of the tragedy, capitalism. While planning for racist exploitation and wars for profits, and aided by its politician and union leader lackeys, the capitalists are incapable of central planning for — nor do they care about — the needs of the working class.

In 1999, floods in Tabasco were an omen of more extreme disasters like the current one. But government officials, bosses and their capitalist politicians ignored these warnings. Negligence, corruption, militarization and bosses’ obscene profits have been their guiding principles, not workers’ needs. Mexican capitalist Carlos Slim, the world’s second richest man, increased his vast stolen wealth from $5 billion to $49 billion in just a few years.

President Calderon has made deals for billions of U.S. blood money. Calderon sent more than 8,000 soldiers to Tabasco, not to help the workers and their families, but to “prevent looting” of his buddies’ businesses. Calderon wants to protect the state-owned oil company, PEMEX to bring it more under U.S. control. Laura Gurza, coordinator of Civil Protection, rushed to reassure the bosses that, “National security and governability were not at risk due to the catastrophe.” Concern for protecting the bosses’ property came first, workers’ well-being last.

On the other hand, thousands of impoverished Mexican workers responded immediately, bringing food, water and clothing to the victims. International solidarity saw U.S. workers and many countries bring goods to collection centers. We should organize help for our sisters and brothers in Tabasco, in our shops and unions, our churches and community organizations, our schools and on our campuses.

However, unfortunately all this aid cannot solve the problem, which continues to be capitalism and its drive for maximum profits. Other tragedies will occur because of deforestation, the construction of dams and the poverty forcing workers into neighborhoods endangered by dikes, channels or useless walls.

The best help for victimized workers in Tabasco, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, New Orleans and worldwide is to build the fight to destroy the real root of these disasters, the system of capitalism and imperialism, a system which sacrifices workers’ lives for profits. We should dedicate our lives to building a communist world where the life and security of workers is primary, the central goal of society. That means spreading CHALLENGE and PLP’s ideas which will make bosses, profits and corrupt politicians a sad chapter in humanity’s history.

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