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The long hot summer’s heating up!

The long hot summer continues as the growth of fascism, imperialist war, and the all out assault of the capitalist class on the working class rages.  The working class in NYC is under a severe attack as 8,500 workers from Con Ed were locked out of their jobs.  Con Ed is effectively dissolving its union, driving down wages, removing pensions, and is not only removing health benefits but is squabbling with its workers to pay for the federally mandated safety equipment that they need.


Con Ed, like all capitalists, does not give a crap about their workers.  They have an army of 5,000 poorly trained scabs who are working the jobs the skilled 8,500 workers should be doing.  Each day a scab gets burned or injured on the job and is hospitalized due to the fact that they are so poorly qualified to do the work.  Con Ed doesn’t care about their lives, as it only cares about the 5.9 Billion dollars in profits that it has made since 2008 and the over 70 million in tax refunds it gets in lieu of paying taxes. 


We have to continue to visit our working class brothers and sisters on the picket line and bring them the message that reforms will be taken back by the bosses when they get the ability to do so or when they feel that their profit margins dictate the act.  We need a Communist revolution that will sweep these bosses aside and let us workers meet our own needs.

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