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The Bosses Bring War to Space

It is not enough that the bosses constantly threaten, murder, divide, butcher, and exploit their wealth from the working class. No, now they are beginning to fully militarize both space and the Arctic. Stratfor recently published an article where they discussed the strategic value that “space represents the ultimate high ground” just as “control of the skies added a new dimension to combat”.

During the Cold War when the space race was just getting underway, the technology to fully exploit the weapons capability of space did not exist yet. Therefore, the bosses had no problem signing treaties to keep from fully militarizing space. Now, with the US at the top of the heap and no powerful international communist movement to stop them, a weaponization of space is underway.

The ability to shoot satellites out of space has been demonstrated on several occasions by the Chinese bosses and this has alarmed The US bosses. Space represents a major weakness of the US military since any military assets in space are vulnerable and very difficult if impossible to defend.

As much as the United States leads the field, however, it is increasingly reliant on its space-based systems — of which a significant percentage are highly vulnerable and largely indefensible. This vulnerability has not escaped the notice of the United States’ biggest competitors. By finding a way to disable space-based systems, a potential antagonist could disconnect the multiple interlocking U.S. military systems, plunging it into information darkness and delivering a critical blow ahead of any physical strike — and to do so would not violate any existing space treaty.

Since the US heavily relies on technology to make up the bulk of its military advantage and intelligence assets, it stands to reason that the US is developing capabilities to also shoot down and destroy satellites. Each satellite that is destroyed will create debris in space that would be a hindrance to any future development of space.

Illustrating that the bosses are not comfortable with solely destroying this planet, Stratfor continues to forecast that there will be an increase in competition over the Arctic and eventually the resources in the Solar System. The Arctic has at least two Russian military bases on it now. This militarization of the Arctic is a danger to all of humanity since the melting of the ice can trigger global catastrophe by initiating an ice age. There are also seedbeds within the Arctic that harbor non-bioengineered seeds that we may need at a later date since capitalist’s corporations like Monsanto are constantly manipulating crops. A last reason for the danger of militarizing the Arctic is the fact that it is freshwater ice that could potentially be contaminated.

The idea of the imperialist wars that are now developing on our planet creeping into space should be both nauseating and disturbing, but not terrifying. The bosses can be stopped with Communist Revolution. Though space represents the next step in human evolution and development, after we develop a scientific based society on the principles of “from each according to commitment and to each according to need”, we will have to not only rebuild this planet from the destruction of imperialist war, but we’ll have to also clean up the bosses’ mess in space.

Science will develop unhindered as the understanding of necessity becomes the hallmark of humanity. Only a Communist society based on meeting the needs of all by all can create the economy that will drive humanity to enter space in a non-parasitical manner that won’t create war. The Progressive Labor Party is building that Communist world each and every day in over 20 countries on multiple continents. A world that will not have war, abolish racism, all borders, all nations, and sexism. The capitalists, on the other hand, are building war war and more war in every corner of this world in order to protect their resources and maintain the enslavement of the working class. Capitalism gives us a new reason each day to smash it with Communist revolution.

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Capitalism Creates Homelessness

Every moment that the working class can’t afford to live where they work or to raise their children in the safety of a stable home is another moment that the working class is open to communist ideas. Capitalism and imperialism need homelessness. By driving rents higher and higher, capitalists increase their profits and then blame the victims for the conditions that their system creates. Many of the workers who can’t afford their rent or want to eventually be able to have a place of their own end up joining the bosses’ military. There are more than enough resources to build structures for every worker to have a home already, yet many of the most massive buildings are used as office buildings to directly generate wealth for the capitalists while millions of workers are homeless.

Communism would focus solely on meeting the needs of the working class all over the world. Providing shelter for all workers would be the primary focus. We would not need to build office buildings in order to generate profit because wages, currency, and profit would all be abolished. We would use the resources of the world to meet the needs of the workers in the world. Since the capitalist ruling class rules the world, we won’t get our needs met. They care more about producing profit from rent than building housing for the working class.

Homelessness is also very sexist and racist. It is sexist because it directly contributes to millions of women staying in unsafe conditions and abusive relationships due to the fact that they can’t afford to move out and find a home for themselves and their children. It is racist because of the disproportionate number of Black workers who can not normally get the best mental health care or due to the wage discrepancy Black workers are paid far less than other workers and so have a much more difficult time making rent, let alone buying a home. Imperialism causes homelessness due to the bombs and wars actually destroying the structures that the workers live in causing them to become desperate refugees seeking solace and receiving racism at the hands of the bosses.

In India “If you travel through the suburbs of the Indian capital, Delhi, you will see miles and miles of built homes with nobody living in them.” because many of these homes have been built to house vast amounts of money that the rich try to hide. In New York City, one can walk by countless new luxury Condos being built that the working class just can’t afford. Outside of the buildings in the capital of world capital, there are homeless asking for money to just eat. There is no greater condemnation of capitalism than its refusal to provide housing for those who produce its wealth.

A vast amount of homelessness was created during the crisis of overproduction of homes that the bosses called “The subprime crisis” that started in 2007. Capitalism always has periodic crises when they produce more of a product than they can sell for an ever-increasing profit. A point was hit whereby the working class was unable to buy all of the homes that were built, and, though it devastated the home owning working class, it was used by many capitalists to increase their wealth – as the banks got bailed out, the working class got sold out. Instead of Obama just paying off all of the mortgages and allowing the working class to keep their homes, he bailed out the banks causing millions of white and Black workers to lose their homes.

The only reason that capitalists build anything is to generate profit. Housing is a means to profit for them. As China has more and more billionaires with money to hide from the anti-corruption witch hunt going on there, they are driving up the housing prices all over major US metropolises such as NYC and LA. This affect of empty apartments that can not be used by the workers, since they are owned by some rich boss burying his cash so he doesn’t have to pay taxes or so he can evade anti-corruption probes, illustrates the maxim that what affects the workers anywhere affects our class everywhere. Imperialism is the stage of capitalism where capital has hit the limit of maximum growth in the home country and so looks for other borders to invest in. The outflow of capital from the rich in China as they look for safe places to generate profit directly hurts the working class in the US. Well, how did these rich Chinese get their money in the first place – by directly exploiting their own workers! The ability for them to brutally exploit their own working class to generate surplus value allowed them to exploit workers elsewhere.

Homelessness will end with the destruction of the need for profit. We will organize society to provide for the working class. We will build a society based on communist economics according to “from each according to commitment to each according to need”. Instead of having miles and miles worth of empty housing while there are workers desperate for that housing or vast buildings used only to generate wealth, we will build the housing that the working class needs.

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PLP Wraps Up Convention

“When you see a Palestinian Arab and Jewish worker standing side by side while saying that they need to build the Party, the bosses better be scared.” This sentiment from a PLer who spent over 40 years fighting for communism was repeated and illustrated time and time again. Comrades from India and Pakistan, Africa and the Middle East, and North and South America defied the ruler’s artificial borders and got together to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of The Progressive Labor Party’s  inexorable struggle for communism.

With hundreds and hundreds of the working class gathered to teach ourselves how to fight back and to discuss our line as illustrated in “Dark Night Shall Have Its End”, the renewing joy of working class solidarity was the vibe of the day. As our Party continues to grow in country after country, continent after continent, and defy border after border, we know that another world is in birth.

The Party’s organizing in the teeth of fascism in Ferguson was directly compared to organizing in a factory in China. The PLers from China pointed out that the corrupt government controls the unions and organizations that are supposed to help the workers. He went on to say that there are no organizations in China that are on the side of the working class except for PLP. As the PLer from China was discussing how the unions sell out the workers, a PLer from the U.S. pointed out that the unions in the U.S. were also on the side of the bosses and anti-working class. This reaffirmed our line that the we the working class have the same enemy and the same fight.

PLP’s line on the necessity of armed revolution; the need to fight sexism; the struggle against nationalism and racism; the need to build the Party; and the historically unprecedented change to a collective leadership and away from a single chairman was reaffirmed to thunderous applause.

PLP was born in the struggle against revisionism and for communism in a time when it looked like revolution was on the horizon. That horizon is much further away than we thought. What other group born during that era is still around, still growing, still fighting back, and, more importantly, led and organized by a new young generation of leaders steeled in the struggle against capitalism? The simple answer is none. The reason is the principled struggle against revisionism in order to stay firmly rooted on the road to revolution.

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Capitalism’s Stage of Post-Neo-Imperialism Brings Death to Our Class

Imperialism takes several forms. Each form, like fascism, is particular to capitalism and flows as a process from one step to another. Dialectical Materialism always stresses that though contradiction and change exist in all things, change is uneven, advances, retreats, and the object can shift forms relative to the situation. The basic aspect of Imperialism is capital looking for a new area to valorize itself, and this area is either thoroughly undeveloped or already partitioned off by a set of bosses. The world today is completely divided up between two concretizing imperialist blocs, and there are several countries that are trying to sit on the fence and play one imperialist off against another.

The imperialist blocs are the US led bloc versus the Russia and China bloc. With basic, also known as “Classic”, Imperialism , the imperialist country sends in troops and dominates the sphere of influence that they have carved out. The US attempted to do this in Iraq in the early 2000’s. They failed. Iran was the victor of that war. A second stage of Imperialism is Neo-Imperialism . Neo-Imperialism is the use of direct and direct economic means to dominate and control either a client state, subordinate state, or a sphere of influence, Saudi Arabia, the former status of Yemen, and Western Ukraine, for example. Now, in the heart of, according to Obama, the success story in the war on terrorism, we are seeing a new stage fully birthed, Post-Neo-Imperialism .

Post-Neo-Imperialism is the stage of Imperialism where the imperialists just say, “fuck it” and blow up the whole thing. It’s the equivalent to kicking the table over as the game of chess is a loss. Post-Neo-Imperialism functions as a rational irrationality, count on capitalism to use a chaotic contradiction as a reinforcement of order, due to the fact that the imperialist then portrays themselves as in bringing order. This is a reflection of the game that the US has been playing with their Humanitarian Imperialism. Their Humanitarian Imperialism is now going to be fueling their Post-Neo-Imperialistic de facto support of the bombing, death, and destruction that is going to be ravaging the water starved working class in Yemen.

The US is already going about arming its terrorist hordes as Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) took over a city in Yemen, raided it for military vehicles, arms, cash, and freed their commander and hundreds of others from the local prison. The Security forces conveniently retreat, not even firing a shot, the terrorists take all the cash, guns, and weapons they want, and then hand wringing is done as the bosses say, “’tis a shame; what could we do?”. This pattern of the terrorists raiding US bases to arm themselves or being armed by US client states parallels what happened in Iraq, as the Islamic State was able to get massive weapons, and is now causing untold destruction all over the geostrategically important oil rich Middle East.

What Yemen has also shown the world in a shocking way is how China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) was able to get in to Aden and out for two rescue operations. The PLAN was able to surprise the world with their capability. This is a show of force that reverberates back to the artificial reefs they are building in the South China see on and around the contested atolls and islands in the South China sea that they are claiming as their own territory. Challenge has reported many times what it means to the US if they have the capability of a blue water navy capable of projecting force, a strategic loss in terms of military domination.

The Deal With Iran

With the US now reacting in the Middle East, the new deal with Iran is another aspect of how the bosses maintain their empire. When the bosses can not outright destroy their enemy, they then move on to “let’s make a deal”. The joint statement specified several key points:

Natanz will be the only facility allowed to carry out uranium enrichment, and the deeply buried Fordow enrichment site will be converted into a nuclear research facility.
Iran would be allowed to continue enrichment in limited amounts, with all spent fuel shipped out of the country.
The Arak heavy water reactor that is still under construction will be redesigned so that no plutonium is produced at this site.
All three of these sites would come under heavy inspection.
Notably, there was no mention of the Parchin military facility, where Iran has been suspected of engaging in nuclear weapons research. Iran has publicly insisted that it would not subject its military facilities to inspection, though it is unclear what has been conceded to assuage concerns about the activity at this facility.
The cessation of sanctions and rapprochement with Iran can be seen as a way of peeling off Iran from the Russia China bloc. Since, the lifting of U.S. sanctions will have to entail the president relying on his executive power to suspend sanctions through his waiver authority for consecutive 120-day periods. There is no limit to how many times he extends the waiver period. So, basically every 4 months The Executive Branch will erode The Legislative branch in the US’s inexorable move to the centralization of state needed to institute the disciplining of the ruling class that fascism’s tight ship requires. The main Imperialist wing of the US ruling class can no longer trust its own ruling class to support the wars that preserve the primacy of its empire.

Arguably, the greatest defeat the Chinese Communist Party was dealt was when the ruling class in China, faced with their doom at the hands of a Communist led working class coming for them, said let’s make a deal and joined the Party. They got a star on the flag, a seat at the table, the preservation of their wealth and entitlement, and, worst of all, began the rapid devolution of the Chinese Communist Revolution.

The US ruling class is pissing off their thugs in Israel and Saudi Arabia as they get ready to loosen the economic shackles on Iran in the hopes of wetting their beaks on the lucrative pipeline deals that hundreds of thousands of workers have been slaughtered in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere over. We have yet to see how this contradiction will resolve, but right now, the US is taking it for granted that racist fascist Netanyahu will not rain death. Time will tell.

Either way, the bosses are planning on bringing death, ironically around the Easter holiday that celebrates death. Well, the working class will be the one to rise as The Progressive Labor Party continues to grow and organize around the world. Durruti was wrong when he poetically said that we “carry a new world in our hearts”, because we don’t. Our heart is a figment of imagination. It pumps blood. We don’t carry anything in our hearts. We carry a new world in our hands. It was, as Engels poetically said, our hands that made our minds. It was our hands that made this world. The hands of the working class build everything on this planet, and we will rebuild. Workers have built this world once, and as the bosses try to tear it down and bring death, chaos, terror, false promises in the guise of religion, racism, nationalism, sexism, and the horror of the daily struggle to put food and clean water in our bodies, we have the hope that we can make a better world with our hands. We can work together under a Communist economic system where our hands collectively rebuild from the ashes. This Easter, as the bosses both celebrate and rain death on us workers all over the world, know that the real rebirth will be our class, with our hands, using our minds to make a world that will meet all of our needs. That is the vision of The PLP.

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Random Rant on Sexism

A young comrade wrote, “perhaps you can create a blog out of the raw ideas here”.  It was a poem in the voice of the oppressed, the exploited, enraged in Red Communist fury.  The Red Flag flies in our young comrade’s struggle against the special oppression of women under capitalism — due to her class, her race, and her sex based gender social constructs.  Communist revolution will sweep away gender roles by creating a struggle for an egalitarian society that meets all of our needs regardless of anatomy.  It will be from each according to ability and commitment and to each according to need.  


alienation. stripped from the expression of my human essence. fetishization of bodies, in every sense..

I write this as I am listening to a prostitute song The U.S. has stripper songs. but Bollywood goes straight to the core of things: using and disposing of bodies for money. 

Bollywood and media in general has hit an all low in terms of consciousness.  in the form of blatant sexism. 


when are people online? when they are lonely and seek human interaction. so they substitute. and what do they get? flashes of mass images of girls shaking their ass, men’s wild eyes whistling, because you know, “bands make ‘em dance.”

how do we deal with our own alienation and dispossession? projecting it on others.

preparing the masses for fascism. 

drink. party. fuck. regret. repeat. 


girls dancing, shaking in ways. this specific video does it so well. I am feeling inadequate as I watch the woman jump and bang her hips and hands at the same time, while this glorified cop and his entourage of armed men dance with this one woman. that’s when I know they are winning. sexism is internalized, i think even the strongest anti-sexist carry it on…


and blurred lines…


“you know you want it.” when no doesn’t really mean no. complete commodification of sex, bodies, gender…is this just capitalism at work? or it creeping/preparing for fascism?


all this comes in the context of woman ablaze. on fire. I can’t get away from that image. the biggest textile exporters are Bangladesh and China. who makes our clothes? who holds the ground for the bosses to walk on? women. working women. the face of the proletariat is a seven year old girl in Bangladesh or Haiti.


and then back to the division of unwaged waged labor. work in the textile factories, come home and raise kids. this militarization — essentially fascism — is global. an all-women UN force from BD sent to HAITI. easier to control, says the colonel. sites of mass violence and war are all sites of sexism. sometimes even that word doesn’t fully convey the rape, displacement, dispossession of women and kids…these sites of war are sites of resistance…


if we fought sexism in our classrooms and workplaces more, perhaps these videos would repulse as a bit more. if we talked about war and violence (physical, verbal, emotional, all) more gendered terms..


how tired am I of being called cute? being whistled at? that’s what my headphones are for while walking to and from the train station

fuck intersectionality; only descriptive power but not explanatory.

intertwining capitalism.  parasite.  needs to be killed by us.


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An International Communist Movement is Necessary!

Though there has been an upsurge of workers fighting against the direct force of the state, it is not a threat to state power. Thousands of workers, mostly teachers, directly confront the police in Mexico and up to a hundred thousand battle the forces of the state in Bangladesh. The workers fight back in Sudan. The bosses shoot 70. The workers are angry and lack direction. Why, why is there no clear-cut direction in a land with constant wars for liberation and a whole lot if armed groups the phony left fawns over? Simple. There is no Communist center, no principled movement dedicated to the ruthless smashing of the profit system and the construction of a Communist economic system under the dictatorship of the working class. 

The failures of the Old Communist movement abound in both of the Sudans, once where one of the largest Communist Parties existed. China is investing billions in an imperialist resource grab — offer billions in loans, take the raw resources, and then take the tax dollars to pay the loans. China was once a beacon of hope to the world with millions of workers dedicated to smashing U.S. imperialism and the setting up of a new society. Well, that socialism that they attempted to build is really a choice between capitalism and capitalism. Despite Mao’s leadership, the great sacrifices, the great victories, and the unfurling of the Red Flag, the incorrect politics and the multi-stage approach to communism doomed them and all future revolutions that fight for socialism and national liberation instead of Communism.

The U.S. is really trying to deny China all of Sudan’s oil resources. They would love to topple the pro-Chinese government of North Sudan and control the pipelines that take South Sudan’s oil to port, either outright or by denying China access.

While the forces of imperialism are slaughtering the workers in Khartoum in the streets, they also butcher them in Bangladesh. The racism of students in almost every high school in the U.S. being taught about the horror of the Triangle fire, and how it sparked revolts and protest that led to safety laws while hundreds and hundreds of workers in Bangladesh either are murdered by the deadly conditions in the factory or outright by the state in the streets as they fight back against the conditions that are killing them.   

Class struggle alone will not ever bring liberation to the working class. All the solidarity that unions can muster forever will never liberate our class from the profit system and exploitation. Only a Communist revolution will. The working class is screaming out for Communist leadership, and PLP will one day lead them.

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Rivalry With China Behind Bush’s Africa Trip

(This part of the series on Africa will review Bush’s current trip to that continent –– the first was in 2003 –– which took him to Tanzania, Rwanda, Liberia, Ghana and Benin.)

Bush’s trip was supposed to highlight U.S. “aid” to fight AIDS, Malaria and poverty in Africa. This “aid,” like all imperialist aid, mainly helps pharmaceutical corporations and other businesses making big bucks from selling drugs and helps local bosses who profit from the misery of Africa’s super-exploited masses. But that’s only a sideline. Bush’s main purpose is fighting China’s growing influence on that continent.

In 2007, oil represented over 90% of SubSahara Africa’s exports to the U.S. Today, 10% of all U.S. oil products imports come from Africa, mainly from the Gulf of Guinea region. By 2015, it’s expected to grow to 25%. That’s what’s behind the formation of AFRICOM, the Pentagon’s newest command center, which now operates from U.S. bases in Germany but which the U.S. wants to transfer to Africa itself.

Presently, the U.S. only has a base in Djibouti, in a former French colonial outpost. Bush’s Ghana speech denied that the U.S. is aiming to build military bases in Africa, trying to placate key countries (Nigeria, Algeria, and South Africa) which object to U.S. troops on that continent. Only Liberia — just recovering from a bloody civil war over diamonds — has offered itself for U.S. bases, which is why Bush included it in his visit. Liberia was founded in 1847 by freed U.S. slaves, but for a long time was basically a colony of the Firestone Tire company.

Bush also labeled as “bull” the charge that the U.S. was competing with China in Africa. (Reuters, 2/20) But that’s exactly the reason behind his trip. China has become a key player in Africa, investing billions, particularly in the oil-rich Sudan.

China’s support for the Sudanese government is the reason for the “Free Darfur” campaign in the U.S., including liberal entertainment stars like George Clooney, Mia Farrow and Steven Spielberg. (Bush repeatedly blamed the Sudanese government for the massacres there, while ignoring the 5.4 millions slaughtered in the Congo since the 1990s as well as massacres in Ethiopia and other pro-U.S.-ruled countries).

Imperialism and capitalism have meant endless bloody wars in Africa, like the recent one in Chad where Exxon, Chevron and PetroChina operate while the French Army keeps the bloody Déby regime in power (see CHALLENGE, 2/27). No “aid” from any imperialists will liberate Africa’s masses. The only long-range solution is for workers, students and peasants to unite, breaking with all tribal and national divisions and building a revolutionary communist movement. Communists must concentrate on the huge proletariat of South Africa, Nigeria and Egypt, which can lead the way. That’s what PLP fights for.

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‘Reforms’ Prepare China’s Rulers for Showdown with U.S. Bosses

The “Communist” Party of China’s (CCP) 17th Congress on October 15 was scheduled to discuss its program for the next generation of leaders as put forward by Hu Jintao, CCP General Secretary and the country’s President and commander-in-chief. The Congress is occurring during China’s emergence as a more powerful imperialist country challenging the U.S., Japan and India. The Congress will concretize a “new stage” of China’s reforms, which — according to Hu Jintao — will generate a new model of “harmonious” and “scientific” development.

Jintao, in control since the 2002 Congress, will remain in power for a second and final term. His second in command, Wen Jiabao, will also retain his post. But a shake-up looms in the Politburo’s Permanent Committee, with Jintao possibly reducing the top leadership group from nine to five. Even Jintao is trying to avoid a bitter power struggle with those in other top leadership factions. The NY Times (9/14) quotes China expert Bo Zhiyue of St. John Fisher College: “I think he knows that real power lies in his position….He also knows how to balance different groups.” Jintao is bringing to the top leadership Li Keqiang, Party chief in the Northern province of Liaoning, who might succeed Jintao after 2012 when he steps down. (Secretary-Generals can only serve two terms.)

In a June 25 speech at a Party Central School, Jintao outlined the second important aspect of the Congress. He stated that China is in a “new phase” of its reform process, having great strategic opportunities while confronting many internal and external challenges. China’s “reforms” began with Zhu Enlai following defeat of the Cultural Revolution, helped by the Gang of Four, which later paid for its opportunism. Deng Xiaoping, considered a capitalist roader by the Red Guards during the Cultural Revolution, accelerated the capitalist reforms in 1978 after Mao died and the Gang of Four was crushed.

U.S. imperialists were delighted with these “reforms,” seeing China not only for its investment potential but also as a counterweight to the former Soviet Union. In a way, China was the great savior of world capitalism. However, China’s new bosses would not be content to forever play second fiddle to U.S. or Japanese imperialists. China is now a more powerful imperialist country, with much money to invest in Asia, Africa, Latin America and even in the U.S. and European Union. It’s also developing its own military power, including a “blue water” navy to challenge U.S. naval power in Asia and eventually beyond. It’s also becoming a major player in space technology, just behind the U.S. and Russia.

Domestically, China is moving beyond being the “world’s workshop,” whose industries are just mainly used for cheaply-produced consumer goods for the world’s major imperialist corporations. The Congress will discuss “scientific development” to turn Chinese industry into leaders in the hi-tech, heavy industry (auto, steel, etc.) and military fields.

The Congress will also try to deal more with localized corruption, which alienates many workers and peasants — one of the main causes of protests and struggles by workers all over China. Already thousands of corrupt local leaders have been jailed. Of course, corruption and China’s gross inequality won’t be solved by capitalist reforms.

Finally, China’s main challenges include Taiwan and the need for secure oil supplies, not controlled by Exxon-Mobil, BP, et al. This will intensify inter-imperialist rivalry and will eventually impel direct military confrontation with the U.S., Japan or India.

The “C”PC doesn’t represent the class interests of China’s workers and peasants, but rather of the capitalist class enemy. There are now thousands of those enemies, bosses who are members of the Party. China’s workers need another revolution, not more reforms, but this time to eliminate all forms of capitalism.

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