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In the decades since the defeat of the first communist revolutions, the major imperialist powers have sharpened their attacks on each other. This rivalry between imperialists underlies and drives world events and will do so until the working class, under communist leadership, again takes the world stage to fight exploitation and racism and make revolution.


Capitalist society is an unstable tension between two great opposed social classes: the tiny capitalist class that owns everything important and runs the government and the huge international working class, whose members survive by selling their labor to a capitalist for a wage. Capitalists and workers constantly struggle over wage and social benefits versus profits; they are locked together in a class society until revolution destroys the bosses. This fundamental tension between unity and conflict in a class society is a contradiction, a unity of opposites that is by its very nature unstable.

Contradictions don’t stay the same. They drive development, turn one thing into another, and get resolved. The contradiction in our class society gets on the side of unity in boss-worker relations, if workers are willing to take the class struggle only so far, if our unified ability to struggle is blunted and diverted by racist ideology or other pro-boss ideas. In that case capitalist society continues with all its horrors, because workers, however reluctantly, still accept capitalism because they feel they simply aren’t strong enough to “fight city hall” or have no vision of an alternative to the capitalist snake pit.

The contradiction can get resolved on the side of the workers, on the side of conflict in boss-worker relations, with revolution to abolish the class of bosses, the racist divisions among the workers, and the entire exploitative system.

Today, unity between the two opposed classes prevails and capitalism continues despite its constant wars, racism, financial crises, and all our efforts for change. But conflict between the two classes will re-emerge and sharpen. Workers with communist leadership can resolve the contradiction in favor of the working class and all humanity by abolishing capital itself and its many harsh conditions including poverty, racism, brutality, and war for profit, as our predecessors did for many decades in the Russian and Chinese revolutions.

Communist Revolution: Resolve the Contradiction

Communist revolution means that we workers form a new kind of government and use our new state power to abolish the capitalist class, the wage-and-profit system, and all aspects of racism, from material differences to ideology. Revolution abolishes capitalists and transforms the working class from the slaves to a wage into the creative producers of all social value building a new society of egalitarian communist sharing where all can contribute mightily to each other.

It may seem that capitalism will go on forever and survive every crisis. But the secret of class contradiction is that its resolution depends mainly not on the capitalist class but on us, the working class. The capitalist class is dominant now, but the working class, and only our class, does have the ability to break their grip and transform society. We do have a future without capitalism, “a world to win.” We will have to pass through the fires of war and revolution to get there. We will have to make conflict with the bosses primary over unity with them. But if we succeed in winning millions of workers to this communist vision, we will have that future.

Imperialist Bosses Fight among Themselves

Right now we are a long way from our revolutionary goal because the working class is weak and disarmed, having lost much of its communist leadership and party organization when the Soviet and Chinese revolutions turned back to capitalism. The basic overall contradiction in capitalist society—bosses v. workers—has temporarily faded as the main thing driving world events. Now, the battle among the imperialists for profit and power (using workers for cannon fodder in their wars) has become the main contradiction in the world. Capitalists always compete (GM fights Ford). But what is really determining events now is the contradiction between the major capitalist countries (Ford/U.S. fight Toyota/Japan). That is inter-imperialist rivalry. Major capitalist powers became imperialists over 100 years ago as they extended their power and control far beyond their own national borders seeking profits, markets, and sites for investment, dividing up the entire world into competing spheres of interest. They used to call these zones their colonies and empires (British, French, Japanese, or Russian). Now imperialists dominate whole economies and governments without making them into colonies, but it’s the same thing: the biggest capitalists use their corporations, armies, and governments to win away from other capitalists as much of the world’s resources, markets, and labor as they can. Workers won’t remain quiet forever, but for now, the battle among imperialists conditions all world events.

Inter-Imperialist Rivalry Means World War

Imperialists try to limit their conflicts to economics and politics (e.g., through the UN and bilateral negotiations), but military conflict—all-out war to resolve their differences and redivide the world—is on the rise. The many wars being fought today mean that the major imperialists are more and more resorting to military means to secure their empires. It is likely that there will be a world-wide war with major groups of imperialists and their allies on opposing sides, just as happened in the 20th century. Such a third world war would end with yet another capitalist “new world order” if we workers fail to rearm ourselves with the international revolutionary communist party, PLP. But, if workers build the PLP internationally, a third world war will also see another great wave of the communist revolutionary movement, ending capitalism altogether. The end of the story of inter-imperialist rivalry therefore depends on us, on the working class rising again, restoring the primacy of that main contradiction in capitalist class society—workers’ conflict with bosses—and resolving it by revolution.

The World of Imperialism—and How to Change It

The U.S. has been top dog among imperialists since they came out stronger than the others after World War II, and since communist anti-imperialism ended with Russia and China’s return to capitalism. By 1999 the U.S. ruling class faced the fact that they were declining relative to their major rivals. The bipartisan Hart-Rudman Commission that year foresaw a 9/11-type attack and advised the ruling class to use it to build patriotism and support for permanent war and a centralized police state. The U.S. military budget, with 700 bases in 130 countries, is still more than that of the rest of the world combined. But though still top dog militarily, the U.S. is weakening rapidly, its military forces stretched thin without a draft and its economic power being challenged throughout the globe by the EU, China, Russia, Japan, and lesser opponents including Iran and Venezuela. The EU and NATO are no longer automatic supporters of U.S. imperialism. China and Russia have formed an alliance called the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which in 2001 linked them to four Central Asian states (and more in line to join), challenging U.S. and its allies’ power in the oil-rich region. Capitalist states including Iran, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, India, South Africa, Australia, Argentina, and Pakistan, can now try to play one imperialist power or alliance off against another to their own advantage. Venezuela is beginning to sell more oil to China instead of to the U.S., and the EU, Japan, and China are rapidly increasing investment in South America at the expense of U.S. market share. Not so long ago, the U.S. might already have invaded Venezuela or changed its regime as they used to do all over South America as they did in Chile in 1973, for example, but they simply cannot take military action yet against Iran or Venezuela because they are too weak. Australia withdrew its tiny military support of the U.S. in Iraq and is growing ever more closely tied to China economically. South Africa has increased ties to China and India at the expense of the U.S. and the EU. Pakistan no longer automatically dances to the tune of the U.S. military. Saudi Arabia refuses to help out the U.S. by increasing oil supplies. This brief glance yields the same picture as our look at the major imperialists: an unstable, shifting, dangerous moment in history, when the U.S. is being driven back and will have to take desperate drastic action to stay on top.

The capitalist future is bleak, especially for the international working class, which suffers the brunt of war, racism, and economic crisis. So we return to the burning need of the moment. We must strengthen the working class side of the class contradiction by joining and building the PLP, fighting racism, struggling against the bosses, and heating the class struggle to a white hot intensity so that we can overthrow capitalism and create a communist world that meets the needs of our class.

Contact the Progressive Labor Party at,

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Right Opportunism in The Trayvon Martin Tragedy

There is a constelation of contradictions intertwined within the Trayvon tragedy. It is a case that is laying bare the growth of fascism in the US and its assault on the working class. Due to the racist nature of US capitalism, Black workers bear the brunt of any intensification of state violence first. It should be of no surprise that a scared Black male teenager was murdered by a paramilitary extension of the state apparatus paradin about as a “neighborhood watch”. This type of organization divides the working class as it organizes one group of workers to help the state apparatus oppress other workers.

Community control of the police department was one of the central myths of the Black Nationalist movement. It is not possible for those who are brutally oppressed to control the agentso of the state that oppresses us. It is absurd to think otherwise. With Obama and his tears jumping on board the Trayvon Martin tragedy, a moment of objectivity must be sought.

Obama is a deadly enemy of the working class who specializes in betraying us to his capitalist masters. When he shows his sympathy, then something truly murderous is afoot. Why is it that he didn’t say that Ramarly could have been the son that he never had? There are many examples of young Black males in their youth being murdered by this nation’s finest killing machine. Why didn’t Obama have a public outpouring with Ramarly like he did with Trayvon? Could it be that one was done by a worker who is expandable, whereas the others were done by a police officer and the US needs to deflect criticism of the police and rehabilitate Obama’s image. In one fell opportunist swoop, the US ruling class is beginning to create a public outcry that is distracting the working class from the murderous rampage in Afghanistan and the brutal police murders.

Would convicting that fascist dog Zimmerman really bring justice, or would a group of angry workers led by Trayvon’s parents with some pitchforks, knives, and flames getting medieval on him? The capitalist injustice system is not dedicated to solving racist inequality and police brutality. They have no interest in stopping the stop and frisk law that cost Ramarly his life. No. They are interested in co-opting this movement into carefully managed avenues of discontent while creating sympathy for the murderer and casting doubt on the victim.

PLP recognized the injustice of these attacks from when they first happened, participating in and organizing marches and rallies, and, most importantly, pointing out the need for an armed revolution where we will make the pigs and their assistants pay, but we will not misled into the bosses’ camp by the liar in thief.  We know capitalism is in crisis and will use any opportunity to mislead the working class.  There is no end to the political opportunism of the capitalist class.

A Tale of Five Shootings

Four Shootings have happened in the recent past that have had seismic effects on the working class.  Though many other of our working class brothers and sisters have been shot due to rotten capitalist ideology or the kkkops’ bullets, these five bring out the contradictions of contemporary capitalism in relief.  The first two are young Black males, one in Florida and one in the Bronx.  They were the victims.  One was shot by a group of kkkops in his home, the other was shot by a fellow member of the working class who was the leader of a fascist organization.  The other three did the shooting.  One was a White Christian White Supremacist trying to spark a race war by killing Socialists.  One was a US Marine slaughtering women and children in Afghanistan echoing Mai LaiThe other is a young Muslim shooting Jewish students.

All of these shootings show how Capitalist ideology and state violence brutalize the working class.  The young man who was saturated with Al Qaeda’s rotten ideology is the perfect bogeyman for the French ruling class to wield against the French Working class as it revives the specter of terrorist bombings that marked the uprisings in Algeria.  Even though their intelligence agencies are coming under fire for not being effective enough, this criticism will be the backbone of further attacks on Middle Eastern and North African workers in France.  Sarkozy is wasting no time in making this a part of his platform and is whipping up a frenzy of racism within the working class.

Parallel this to the young shooter who killed or wounded over 90 young adults and children at a Socialist youth camp in Norway.  Where was the outcry and the cracking down on White Supremacist and fascist organizations around the world?  This is not some example of white skin privilege; this is racism.  Racism is used to divide the working class, and this murderer is part of an ideology that the ruling classes can use to preserve their power.  It is advantageous for them to use organizations to divide the working class.  The ruling class media fell all over themselves to paint this murderer as a mentally unstable “lone wolf”, while ignoring his ties to fascist organizations, yet they are doing whatever they can to dehumanize the French shooter and tie him in to Al Qaeda.  Whatever ideological slant the ruling class needs to spin their information to help their wars is what they’re going to do.

The US Marine had served 3 tours in Iraq and was then on his 4th in Afghanistan.  This illustrates the crisis that US rulers find themselves in – lots of wars and not a whole lot of workers to fight and die in these wars.  The children and women that he murdered, most likely with help and air support, are part of the vast number US imperialism has murdered in its quest for oil and resources.  His bullets echo the cries of the innocent in Mai Lai, where US soldiers gunned down a village as punishment.  The US doesn’t just kill innocent children in Afghanistan though.  Their thugs also kill young men in their homes in the Bronx.

The young man killed in Florida causes a difficult paradox, as many well-meaning people are calling for the arrest of the man who did the killing.  The fact that the man who did the killing was Hispanic is an example of how racism isn’t about who pulls the trigger, but who is affected by the action.  The working class must not be lead into believing that we can ever have some form of “Community Control” of the police.  Their job is to oppress us and brutalize us in order to protect the social order.  Though justice is a great ideal, it cannot be gained in the capitalist’s courts.  This outcry is part of the larger outcry against the growing fascism in Florida and the brutal manner that the kkkops and their paramilitary lackeys are attacking the black workers in Florida.

These shootings, theses murders, these young people who either had their lives snuffed out or did the snuffing are all interwoven in the web of capitalism’s violence.  Capitalism needs violence against the working class in order to sustain itself.  It uses its ideologies, particularly racism, to divide the working class and get us to kill each other.  We must fight racism with multi-racial unity.  PLP is organizing within these struggle so that we can grow and end racism once and for all with Communist Revolution.

Mai Lai 2012 from Zuccotti Park to Afganistan

When images of US soldiers slaughtering hundreds of innocents in Mai Lai resonated around the world, there was an outcry. The US media is in whitewashing mode now as it simultaneously attempts to rehabilitate the soldier by saying he had done four tours and had a misdemeanor while singling him out as the only one who attacked two villages with one assault rifle and within about an hour.

Recent news that he had  15-20 buddies helping rape and kill villagers as a Nazi style reprisal for an earlier attack fits the bill. These soldiers do not belong in Afghanistan and are not there fighting terrorism. The US is negotiating with said terrorists since they already lost the war and are now negotiating their retreat. The only thing left for the US to do is try to hide the fact that this was not an isolated incident, but business as usual for conquering armies that defend dying empires.

Afghanistan is where empires go to die. The British and Soviet empires have led the way for the US.

US bosses aren’t just exploiting workers in other parts of the world.  They are also attacking their own workers.  While US bullets were ripping flesh and bone, NYPD truncheons were splitting skulls and doing what NYC’s finest swine does best. Not only did they enjoy the show of a kid having a seizure while wearing handcuffs, they did their best 3rd world dictator impression on the rest of the OWS protestors. This attack on the protestors parallels the US trying to get Assad to stop his attacks.

As the nightmare scenario from Afghanistan unfolds, and the protests increase in size and militancy against finance capital’s fascist needs, more and more workers will find PLP and we will bury this system and it’s pigs.

Update:  Russia has sent troops to Syria.  Things are heating up in the Levant.  The US is not happy about having Russia usurp their anti-terror line.  Now, Russia will directly help Assad.  Things are moving quickly.

U.S. Imperialism’s Racism Nurtured Afghan Slaughter

Account of an Iraq War veteran:

On March 11, at least one U.S. Army Staff Sergeant walked off his base, entered three separate homes and killed 16 unarmed Afghan civilians in cold blood before returning to his base and turning himself in. Some witnesses report they heard multiple troops. However, the U.S. military insists it was only one soldier. Until now, the U.S. military has not released any details about the intent behind the killings. But from my experience in the U.S. military, I’m sure that racist indoctrination by U.S. imperialism is at the heart of it. 

When I deployed to Iraq in 2004, the instructors taught my unit to call the local workers “Hajji.” The word is actually a religious title for Muslims who completed their pilgrimage to Mecca. But, the military used it as a racist slur to breed hostility between coalition troops and civilians. It is comparable to the racist term “gook” the U.S. military used during the Vietnam War.  

Our trainers told us it was okay to run over children on the roads or to shoot someone throwing an object, even if it was a rock. These Iraqis, my instructors explained, would use kids strapped with bombs to attack convoys. Since “you never know what hajji may do,” you should use lethal force if you feel threatened. 

An Army friend of mine, James, was on a Small Kill Team (SKT) that followed orders to shoot and kill anyone outside after the U.S.-imposed curfew. Many people in his unit believed that the SKT would help the Iraqis “remember” not to plant anti-U.S. roadside bombs.

Most troops in James’ unit had lost buddies to insurgent attacks. Almost every anti-U.S. attack fed the rage-filled racist lie that all of the Iraqis were responsible because they knew who the anti-U.S. forces are. But James understood racist lies because he knew lots of people in PLP and actively fought against putting the racist blame on the working class in Iraq. 

Like myself, James avoided using the term “hajji.” Instead we spoke to our fellow troops about how imperialist rivalry is to blame for all the bloodshed on all sides. In one instance James, a medic, actively worked on an Iraqi National Guard soldier that his fellow medics refused to work on because he was an Iraqi. Keens, one of James non-medic friends pitched in to try to save the Iraqi soldier’s life even though Keens generally followed the Army’s racist script.

The Iraqi soldier died of his injuries. But what shook Keens the most was the racist behavior of the other medics. James’ anti-racist actions showed Keens there was beter way to respond to the Army’s racism and Keens apologized profusely for days to the troops in the Iraqi National Guard unit attached to the U.S. unit. It’s action around communist ideas like these that can one day transform a racist imperialist army into an anti-racist communist one.

It may turn out that the Army Staff Sergeant who committed this latest racist rampage was a long-time Nazi and has had mental problems. Early reports indicate that his current deployment in Afghanistan was his fourth, following three in Iraq. The Staff Sergeant suffered from traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress disorder, revealing that imperialism injures working-class military occupiers as well as the civilian occupied.

One soldier’s individual rampage is just a symptom of the larger rampage of imperialist rivalry. The generals, politicians, corporate bosses, mullahs, imams, emirs and sheiks ON ALL SIDES push workers — including lower-ranked enlisted coalition troops and the rank-and-file insurgents — to kill and die for the rulers’ profit. Each boss uses racism to blanket each and every one of the opposing forces’ populations as the enemy, including fellow workers. 

The imperialists’ fight to dominate energy-rich areas has launched “small wars” that have killed millions of workers over the past several decades. Workers only hope for justice in war is to organize class war for communism, especially among working-class troops. It will take troops with communist ideas like anti-racism to win working-class troops, insurgents and civilians in the front lines to unite as a class against the bosses.  

The Staff Sergeant responsible for these racist deaths hurt U.S. imperialism’s goal of cutting a deal to keep a large U.S. presence in Afghanistan past 2014. More and more Afghans now want the U.S. out. U.S. imperialism’s racist ideas helped nurture the attacks in the first place. Inter-imperialist rivalry for energy resources in the region means the occupation will continue. 

Drone strikes have killed uncounted thousands in Afghanistan, mostly civilians. But instead of prosecutions against drone commanders and ending the use of inaccurate technology like aerial strikes, U.S. bosses chalk up civilian deaths to “collateral damage.” Last month the U.S. Army admitted to burning Korans in Afghanistan, a symbol of U.S.’s racism to many workers in Afghanistan. 

Obama simply responded with an apology, not action to rid the U.S. military of racist anti-Muslim ideas. The architects of racist mass murders like the 2004 U.S. military attacks on Falluhja, Iraq, where thousands of civilians were systematically murdered, are celebrated as military leaders. But when these same imperialists face unauthorized slayings of dozens by mini-racists they put on show trials to save face.

The U.S. Army is likely to push for a harsh punishment against this soldier to limit Afghan protests to a minimum and to strike a U.S.-friendly deal with the Afghan government to maintain a long-term military presence. However one low-ranking Marine was the only troop convicted for the largest U.S. military atrocity against civilians to go to court, the killing of 24 civilians in the city of Haditha, Iraq in 2005. The convicted Marine’s punishment was a demotion and a pay cut! In the prison torture scandal of Abu Gharib, not one officer was convicted of any criminal wrongdoing.

While the perpetrator of this most recent atrocity will face some punishment, only workers’ revolution against capitalism can smash the imperialist masters that make these relatively small atrocities possible.


Capitalism’s Crisis and Obama’s Broken Heart

There’s so much work that needs to be done in this world, yet capitalism can’t afford to hire us to do the work. There is 51% youth unemployment in Greece!   Capitalism has failed them like it has continued to fail the working class.  Over half the youth are unemployed while the working class needs so much to be done.  Greece was the birthplace of “Western Civilization” with its ancient slave state of Sparta and Athens, and with the assault on it by the world’s capitalist class, massive working class anger, and even some armed struggle, the irony of it being the birthplace of a new society is quite a delicious irony.  PL friends in Greece and Spain have many opportunities to build the Party.

Obama’s hypocritical broken heart over the women and children that the young US soldier killed in Afghanistan just highlight how much of a liar he is. I guess all of the women and children murdered by US smart bombs and shrapnel from cluster bombs don’t count as tragedy. It must be that hundreds of villagers being murdered at wedding parties by a bomb dropping on them from a stealth predator drone is just par for the course of imperialist war.  Apparently, it’s only an embarrassing and tragic event when a soldier empties his clip of bullets into people. If he had manipulated a joystick like some sanitized video game and then pushed the button to blast them from an air-conditioned bunker under a beautiful blue Arizona sky, well then, that’s just the tragic cost of war.

All the radioactive depleted uranium dust blowing down from the mountaiontops and causing unknown horrors to the working class in Afghanistan is a tragedy that is just the cost of war for conquest and strategic oil pipelines. That fascist piece of garbage lying puppet Obama had the audacity to say that the young soldier will be punished while he has death squads killing union leaders in Columbia, while he has Martelli recruiting children to fight replete with pink shirts as part of the ton ton mercouts return, while he is helping to drive how many thousands of workers out of work in order to make a more competitive workforce like his great “success” in Detroit.

The hundreds of thousands of workers taking to the streets in Greece and Spain point towards the path of resistance. Fascism’a first battleground was Spain, and now the need for Communist revolution is more urgent than ever. Obama’s alligator tears should outrage us as much as Butcher al Assad’s crimes or any other of the bourgeoisie’s thugs. They clearly illustrate the lengths the capitalists will go to in order to protect their state power.  And, this should create an urgency within all of us to tear down their state by building the PLP and starting an armed insurrection for real communist worker’s power.

Humanitarian Imperialism in Uganda

The US is taking virtually the same paternalistic posture towards Africa that Victorian Britain did. Imperialist Britain was so racist that they considered their mass murdering attacks that colonized the  African and Indian peoples to be a civilizing force.  The US, like Victorian Britain before it, doesn’t care about bringing democracy or values, it only cares about padding its pockets and selling the war to its working class.  The savage truth is that wherever there is a direct clash between US and Russian/Chinese imperialist interests, a “humanitarian crisis” occurs there. Yet, capitalism itself is a humanitarian crisis. How many workers in Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan are killed by US drones and cluster bombs? Or directly by US soldiers having a bad day?  Who has killed more children, a Ugandan strong man or Obama?

Though once of great concern to governments in the Great Lakes region of Central Africa, primarily Uganda, the LRA exists today as a low-level insurgency. The LRA is estimated to have only 200-300 fighters, and the group sustains itself by recruiting child soldiers during unsophisticated raids with machetes on villages in northwestern Uganda and the nearby corners of South Sudan, the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

The Joseph Kony campaign media blitz that was all over Facebook has already drummed up the popular support needed by US imperialism to invade a nation that has “Newly discovered oil reserves around Uganda’s Lake Albert”.  Yup, billions of barrels of oil that is just now starting to be tapped.  You could already see the dollar signs flashing on the little black and green hearts of the world’s capitalists.

“Stratfor believed that the United States had exaggerated the threat posed by the LRA.” Why would the Kony 2012 video go so viral so quickly? If the united states didn’t need a humanitarian cover to gloss over their insatiable lust for oil and resources.  Obama, willing servant of US capitalists, and bosses are no strangers to using Ugandan workers in their imperialist wars. As they used Ugandans in their wars of conquest at only a fraction of the cost that they paid to US soldiers to do the same potentially lethal jobs.

Though Kony is a terrible human being who deserves to die at the hands of the working class he exploits, how is he any worse than the US’ personal thug Haitian President Martelly who attacked his own college students in their university, smashed whatever he couldn’t steal, and basically destroyed their ability to get an education as he instilled the kind of fascist terror that the racist US bosses call business as usual in Haiti. 

The US fascist attack on workers closes hospitals, creates homeless workers, cuts to Medicaid, attacks special need children, yet they have the absolute hypocrisy to point the finger at small time dictators like Assad and patsies like Joseph Kony!  Yes, they are terrible bad people, but the only reason that they are targets by the US is because they’re somebody else’s terrible bad people.  Super thug Rahm Emanual is basically assaulting students’ educations in Chicago, US capitalists are plotting how to close more hospitals and limit health care (see the letters section in the 3/14/2012 Challenge), European capitalists are destroying whole lives in Europe, and yet we’re supposed to only concentrate on one particular bad guy?  The whole system of capitalism has to go, root and branch.

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Let “the riot be the voice of the unheard” by Rage Against The Machine is clearly illustrated by students at Murry Bergtrum high school in NYC fighting back against school security. This high school is the most crowded high school in NYC.  Capitalism is doing what it does best by blaming the students for reacting to and within the conditions that it creates, victimizing the victims of the racist attacks on education.

“The students are out of control” was batted around by the media as they try to villainize the students who are being viciously attacked by capitalism. A school security agent grabbing a young 16-year-old girl by the throat and flinging her back is part of the growing attack in the working class.  It is right to rebel against the state and its agents when the state is assaulting the working class.

Like the arorementioned song’s title, “Calm Like A Bomb”, the students appear to be passive and willing subjects within the oppressive dynamic assault on them. Yet, the students are now exploding with rage against the security being the spark.

Mao said that it only takes a spark to start a prairie fire. Let’s hope that these riots spark even more actions against capitalism’s incessant assaults on students. With PLP already organizing and building in thenyc schools, we are poised to help build this rage into a fight for communism as we recruit the students around us into the Party.

There were walkouts being led by students at John Dewey high school earlier today.  With teachers already angered by the onslaught that the bosses are slinging at them in NYC, LA, Chicago, and all over the world, the fact that students are now participating in and leading the fight back against the bosses racist fascism is inspiring.

The bosses are just getting started with their divide and conquer in New York, as they are now going to be having different high schools grade their state tests instead of them being graded in house.  Since the high schools are evaluated against each other in order to improve their school report card, it will now be within a school’s best interest to lower their competitor schools test scores.  Teachers will have to choose between preserving their jobs by ensuring that the school their competing with doesn’t get the better score and win that race to the top that Obama is pushing so hard.  Teachers need to unite with students and parents and fight back against the bosses’ attack.

Dialectics, inter-imperialist rivalry, and Syria

Regardless of how much the capitalists and their pinhead academics want to celebrate the death of Communism and the poverty of Marxism, the dialectic is alive and well, reality is still material, the internal is still primary and the intertwining of class forces is still driving human history inexorably towards a world war.  Syria is a good illustration of the internal being primary.


About a year ago, Syria was a part of the upswelling that’s been dubbed the Arab spring by the bourgeois media and was even called a revolution by other idealists. Groups of soldiers joined the protestors and it appeared like an armed struggle against a tyrant and for liberation was under way. Well, that was the appearance. The essence was militant reformism and a power struggle between factions with very different political goals.


The factions organized to bring down butcher al Assad were content to remain under a big tent for a brief moment, but it was only a matter of time before PL’s maxim that politics are primary was yet again illustrated to be correct. One group organized themselves as Sunni, others as secular, some want to cut a deal with outside western imperialists, others don’t mind the status quo with Eastern imperialists (Russia and China) and just want the massive amounts of wealth that Butcher Al Assas has been enjoying.


Without a cohesive bloc to arm, fund, and place into power, the US and company are struggling to figure out how to best topple Assad, stymie Iranian Hegemony, and block Russian and Chinese power projection. This lack of a proxy isn’t too bad in and of itself to the US/Israel/France axis, as they could just choose one splinter group, back it, and ride it to the general collapse of the Syrian state in a repeat of last year’s Libyan farcical tragedy, but Russia and China aren’t letting the axis push their humanitarian imperialist agenda through the UN.


Dialectics uncovers what appears to be a local conflict involving a power struggle between a second generation dictator and a splintering of insurgent forces and illustrates that this is, in essence, an element of the intensifying inter-imperialist rivalry that is driving the US axis towards a massive war in order to preserve their empire.


Regardless of how this US vs Syria puppet show pans out, the working class’ response must be Communist Revolution. The Socialist, Anarchist, and Communist organizations in the Middle East abandoned revolution long ago. Now, they support a whole panorama of terrible positions. If the working class were to follow any of those groups, we would find ourselves right back under an oppressive regime. It is now more crucial than ever that workers in Syria, Iran, the Levant, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and all over the world build the Progressive Labor Party, learn dialectical materialism, raise high the Red Flag, and begin the process of Communist Revolution.


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