Workers Murdered in South Africa

The Massacre in South Africa


The massacre in South Africa is a testament to what happens when a Communist Party betrays the working class. The South African Communist Party (SACP) was a Communist party at the forefront of the struggle against racism. The practice and experience of the SACP helped for us in the PLP to develop our own line and practice on racism.


But here we are, 30 dead workers gunned down by Black and White cops echoing the Apartheid era’s War Dogs’ crimes against humanity. This is what the multi-racial struggle against racism has created in South Africa, a black president apologizing for the dead workers while a woman of Indian descent apologizes for the cops who she says were defending themselves as they attempted to break the picket lines.  The state is not pointing out the fact that it supports the capitalist class that owns the means of production and exploits the working class.  None of the spokespeople who are part of the ideological superstructure – the academics, the politicians, the church leaders – none  of them are supporting the worker’s right to arm themselves and fight for their economic interests against the violence of the state.


30 dead workers. This is the real price of Platinum, the tech metal that’s so valuable to industry now. The class struggle transcends race and nationalism. The ruling class can use racism or multi-racial unity to preserve its rule and profits. They can survive any catostrophe and crises except Communist revolution.


This brings us to the real tragedy — the betrayal of the SACP. They joined the ANC as part of the struggle against apartheid and have now become a part of the ruling class institutional power structure. They are misleaders of the working class.  There are some revolutionary elements in South Africa and radical workers who are willing to fight against the state and the needs of international capitalism to extract Platinum from the mines, and they need to join the PLP and build us in South Africa.

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  1. You don’t have to go all the way to South Africa to see modern revisionism betray workers. Here in the USA the outfit calling itself Freedom Road Socialist Organization on their web page called The Marxist Leninist now supports Barack Obama and continues to provide cover to the FBI by presenting Sam Webb as a legitimate leftist rather than the FBI agent he is- thinking that they can fool us by counterpoising his obvious anti-communist bullshit with ramblings from the Greek CP which provides a daily proof of its role as talker and impotent political entity as it too misleads workers with lots of talk and no action to overthrow the cap government. For those of you with electronic readers such as Kindle let me suggest you read the forthcoming 9th edition of The ABC’s of Communism, Bolshevism 2012 for more on this and in the meantime you can read this years edition there also – available at .


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