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Russia’s New Pogram

In the land of Lenin, of Stalin, of millions of workers sacrificing everything to smash fascism, in the land where the first dictatorship of the proletariat was set up. In the land where billions of the laboring masses lifted their eyes to it for hope, a beacon, a joy that rivaled the lies of the cross and the crescent.

In this land where fascists went to die, race riots occurred. Thousands of young men and women, echoing the Tsarist programs of old, set fire to non-white business while chanting “White Power”!

Modern Russia is what happens when Communist Parties go revisionist and betray their principles due to the rotten politics that comes from advancing the wrong theory. Socialism will never lead to Communism. Now, Russia is having race riots. The land that Paul Robeson first felt like a human being in, that led the world in fighting racism, is now so reactionary that yesterday sexists attacked gays and today racists attack non-whites.

Communist revolution needs to return to Russia. The Progressive Labor Party will ensure that the fascists once again will get smashed in the land where our class first took state power.

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More workers dead in Bangladesh and Afghanistan


The revolution cannot come quick enough. Though thousands of workers from all over the world are organizing and fighting back but without state power and a Communist Party to take it and provide leadership. More workers have died in Afghanistan, this time by a mining accident that the state’s playing pass the buck with. Meanwhile, the need for maximum profit continues to murder our working class brothers and sisters in Bangladesh.

The U.S. government is still shut down due to the internecine capitalist class rivalry. They’re squabbling over profits is keeping science from advancing, keeping over a million workers from a pay check, and eroding the image of the U.S. overseas. How close is the U.S. ruling class from a Caesar moment? The moment when the republic becomes the empire, the moment when congress doesn’t work?  The moment when the imperialists wonder if they can allow their democracy to inhibit their needs to develop and build the fascistic discipline that they need the smaller capitalists and the working class to follow? The moment when full blown fascism comes to the U.S. will be a qualitative shift in the amount of surveillance the state does to us, the violence the police use against us, the amount of laws the law breaks to protect their system of profit and exploitation, and may not look much different than the U.S. that wantonly murders workers all over the world with impunity.  

Each and every day the absurdity of capitalism’s anarchic production completely baffles the mind.  It is the working class that continues to suffer the shutdown that internecine capitalist rivalry promulgated.  Science is halted, disease tracking and food inspections are offline, basically what little protection the capitalist state did provide for the working class is now being halted due to the needs for the parasitical capitalists to suck their profit from our veins.

These imperialists are pushing their position around the globe like a game of chess.  They will spend our lives, our blood, our children’s blood, anything, so long as they can preserve their power and profit.  The need for a mass Communist movement led by the Progressive Labor Party fighting against all forms of false consciousness like nationalism, racism, and sexism is more important than ever.  Join us! 

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Following the racist tradition of police brutality in DC and Prince George’s County, cops have killed two unarmed suspects in two days. In Prince George’s County, the cops chased a man through woods and shot him as he tried to climb over a fence. The 7 year veteran of the police force claimed he feared for his life.  Of course!  No weapon was found at the scene—other than the cop’s gun.

In a gross display of brutal overkill, the Secret Service and the Capitol Police shot 17 times and killed an unarmed mentally ill young black woman who apparently tried to first crash the White House and then tried to crash the Capitol. The cops declared that there was “an active shooter incident”, but the only shooters were the trigger-happy cops. In fact, the chief of police boasted that the bollard barriers to both the White House and Capitol, put in place after 9/11, worked perfectly.  If that was the case, there was absolutely no reason to gun down the erratic driver. But in the Washington area, it seems that if you’re black, the cops shoot first and ask questions later.

The “war on drugs” by the government and cops made blacks an even bigger target of police repression, and the “war on terror” has unleashed military style attacks against any “threat to the homeland”. The working class is enduring ever greater fascist terror.  It is time to resist and fight back!

Workers and students in the Peoples Coalition in Prince George’s County recently rallied to demand the indictment of the Prince George’s cops who killed Archie Elliott, 3rd as he sat handcuffed in the front seat of a police cruiser in 1993. The States Attorney finally agreed to meet with the Peoples Coalition, but brought the message that there was no way that her office would re-open the 20 year old case. Now there are two more bodies that the killer cops have given us.  The struggle will continue, and workers’ revolution will finally bring justice that can never be attained in a racist capitalist system!

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Internecine capitalist class rivalry shuts down the U.S.

As the U.S. continues to build fascism, one thing is becoming very clear, democracy is getting in the way for the old money US imperialist wing of the ruling class. The contradiction within Inter-imperialist rivalry is between the capitalists who possess enough capital to export it, the imperialists, and those who do not want to sacrifice for the imperialists, notably the Tea Partiers.  The Republican are part of the new money ruling class and have allies with the domestic capitalists.  Basically, any capitalist with enough money to buy a congressman can get in and mess things up for the big guys. 

Are we quickly approaching a Caesar moment when the popular ruler transformed Rome from Republic to Empire?  Is Obama going to curb the democratic process that is inhibiting the floundering US Empire?  We do know that the U.S. needs to construct fascism as fast as possible.  Fascism, capitalism in crisis, is what occurs at home in order to fuel imperialism abroad.

As Obama seeks to curb the amount of money outlaid by the state to pay for the medical needs of the working class, a lie the charlatan is packaging as healthcare, rival capitalists who are little itty bitty guppies in the great pool of imperialism and some of their new money allies are trying to preserve their capital and narrow ideological interests.

This government shutdown clearly illustrates the concept of rich man’s war — poor man’s fight. Tens of thousands of workers are now going to go unpaid as the ruling class factions peacock and maneuver and primp and pose and thumb their nose at our needs as they point fingers and throw up their hands and just don’t do us the favor of ending their own miserable parasitic existence in our lives. That’s our job.  A Communist revolution led by PLP will not shut down arguing over profits and access to health care.  We will build a society that meets the needs of the workers, not like the  money grubbing, greedy, parasitical bosses who are stealing from over 1 million workers!

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