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Racism Murdered Trayvon Martin; Capitalism Let His Killer Go Free!

RACISM murdered Trayvon Martin; CAPITALISM let his killer go free!! 

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U.S. racism led to the murder of 17 year old Trayvon Martin; from the police to the courts, the capitalist system continues to protect racist murders. 

In 2012 George Zimmerman gunned down Trayvon Martin because he was a Black youth in Amerikkka.  The capitalist system has protected Zimmerman ever since.  Masses of workers wanting “justice” protested to have Zimmerman tried for the racist murder of Trayvon Martin. 

Neither Trayvon nor any worker will ever get justice through the bosses court system.  Since the beginning of the trial the bosses have made it impossible to talk about the very essence of the case, racism.  At the very beginning the judge ruled that the topic of race would be “severely limited” and discussion of “racial profiling” would not be allowed.  Capitalism can never address the issue of racism.  Racism was created by the capitalist class and is the glue that holds their system together.

Bosses profit from Racism

Since Obama was elected in 2008 he has tried to convince us that Amerikkka has entered a “post racial” society.  The truth is that through Obama’s leadership, the most vicious racist attacks have occurred. 

The only solution is Communist Revolution!!!

The working class must take the streets! We cannot allow the murder of another young Black man to go down in silence.  We must fight back against racism and the capitalist system that depends on it.  But “justice” for Trayvon and all the other victims of capitalism will only come with the overthrow of the system that creates these conditions.  Once the bosses’ system is smashed, the need to divide the workings class and super exploit some will no longer exist.  Only then will we be able to smash racism, sexism and all other anti-working class ideas.  This is the fight of the Progressive Labor Party.  Join us!  

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The Working Class in Egypt Rises Up!

The Progressive Labor Party applauds the workers in Egypt who are rising up again by the millions to overthrow the Islamist government that is now in power.  Though it is inspiring to see millions of people in the streets and battling against the forces of religious superstition dominating a state, they are not fighting for an ultimate solution to the economic issues that they are complaining about.  Only a Communist society organized to meet the needs of the working class can meet the demands of the millions of workers that have taken to the streets.  They are protesting on the anniversary of the last wave of protests just two short years ago.  We were right then and we will be right now – without a Communist Party dedicated to seizing state power and extending the demands of the working class in order to transform society into a Communist economic system, there can be no revolution.


Though it is inspiring seeing the wave of religious fundamentalism getting beaten back by the masses and Muslim Brotherhood offices get firebombed, attacked, and the rabid sexists being put on the defensive, it isn’t enough to end all forms of false consciousness.  The liberalism and the phony left in Egypt are descendants of Nasser and many of them see the army as a neutral tool or, even worse, as the defender of the secular state.  The army in Egypt, like all the bosses’ armies, is a tool of class domination to be used against the working class in order to maintain the rule of the few over the great masses of workers.


The campaign is called “Tamarod” which is Arabic for “Rebellion”.  It is a rebellion against the rule of Mursi and his feudal aspirations for Islamist rule as a well as a venting of frustrations against the desperate economic situation that many of the workers in Egypt are finding themselves.   This desperate economic situation is rooted in capitalism and the worldwide inter-imperialist rivalry as the world’s super-capitalists are fighting tooth and nail to re-divide the world’s wealth, resources, and human capital (hyper-exploitable workers in places like Bangladesh and Indonesia).  The reform movement’s leaders have asked all groups to leave their flags and slogans at home and only march under Egyptian flags.  This is a wash of nationalism that is hobbling any potential threat to the capitalist class’ rule.


The fact is that the dictatorship of capital is not being threatened.  The last Arab Spring knocked off a dictator, Mubarak, and put in a dictatorship that ruled from behind the scenes like a parallel to Oz’s Wizard.  Now, the army has declared its intent to rule and has served Mursi notice that he needs to step down.  The capitalist backers of Mursi are not willing to go gently into that dark night. 


There is also a danger to women in the protests, as there seem to be packs of men who are attacking female protesters.  There are many men in the crowd who have organized themselves as a security against these attacks.  It is important that sexist attacks like these are smashed with the full might of the working class.  It is bad enough that the protests are already saturated with nationalism and reformist politics, but to be divided by sexist violence against women protesters is something that must never be tolerated. 

PLP stands in solidarity with those who are protesting in the streets of Egypt while also criticizing their reformist essence.  We know that the state must be smashed and a new society built on Communist principles in order for a true change to take hold.  The workers in Egypt desire Communism, even if they are not fully conscious of it yet; as the PLP grows and the capitalist crisis deepens, more of them will eventually see the need for Communist revolution. 

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