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Big Terrorists and Small Terrorists

Boston Bombing  Whoever planted the pipe bombs that killed three people at the Boston Marathon and injured more than 150 is a terrorist who committed a heinous act of murder.  We must understand that this tragedy is just one example of many in the world.  Everyday people in Iraq, Afghanistan, India and in several African countries, routinely experience urban bombings.   Even wealthy cities, such as London and Tel Aviv, have experienced urban bombings.  They have become part of life in our unequal, unjust world. 

Capitalism Kills  The root of terrorism worldwide is the anger and suffering generated by poverty and inequality.  Capitalism is a truly brutal system, causing massive war, starvation, and racist inequality throughout the world.  This deadly profit system causes horrific destruction and loss of life from Haiti to Greece.  The U.S. has the productive capacity to produce enough food to feed the whole planet.  However, 40 million people worldwide die every year due to starvation.  This, too is a kind of terrorism, where innocent lives are lost needlessly.  Even in the U.S. today, we experience economic terrorism in the form of huge cuts in workers’ wages and benefits and massive unemployment.

US Government is one of the biggest Terrorists    One of the biggest perpetrators of terrorism is the very person who claims to be our protector, President Obama.  Obama and the US government claim that “surgical” drone strikes, using unpiloted aircraft, avoid civilians.  They say that drones offer a low-cost, politically low-risk means of prosecuting their “war on terror” without engaging U.S. troops.  However, of the untold hundreds of innocent people killed so far by drones, nearly half are children, according to a recent study by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism. Moreover, hundreds of thousands of mostly noncombatants have been killed by the US military in Iraq and Afghanistan alone as it fights to control the most plentiful supplies of cheap oil in the world.  These are examples of state sponsored terrorism.

Bombing and Fascism   Since 9/11, the bosses have been monitoring all workers more closely.  Although they do this in the name of security neither the country nor the world is safer today.  Similarly, the Boston bombing tragedy, will be used to win people to accept more centralized government control over our lives.  Under Obama, Supermax prisons continue to lock up 1000s in complete isolation, driving many insane. Many of these prisoners are completely innocent. Under Obama, we have more racist cop terror.  Under Obama, we have drone surveillance inside the US.  Under Obama, we have more FBI wiretapping and more cameras watching us. As the manager of the US profit empire, Obama is leading us down the path of fascism (i.e. police state). 

The working class worldwide suffers from U.S. imperialism’s march to wider wars.  Our class’s answer remains to intensify class struggle against these murderous rulers and their poisonous profit system. We can see this happening in Pakistan’s mass strikes, and in workers’ mass protests in Greece and Spain. We see renewed struggle beginning to emerge in the U.S., with the fight -backs against racist cop terror and anti-Wall Street demonstrators in cities across the country.

The only solution is communist revolution  Progressive Labor Party is a revolutionary communist party dedicated to eliminating capitalism as the only way to end imperialism, fascism, racism, sexism, exploitation, poverty, and terrorism.  If we want peace in the world, we must eliminate the war-makers.  We are fighting for communism—a society run by workers where the wealth is distributed according to need not profit.

March on May Day  May Day is a holiday celebrated worldwide.  It was inspired by a massive general strike for the eight-hour work day organized by workers in Chicago in 1886.  On Saturday, April 27th, in Brooklyn NY, Progressive Labor Party will march to fight to smash all forms of terror including imperialist war and racist police terror, and to end racism, sexism, and wage slavery.  Join us! 

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