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The National Question Has Already Been Answered

Revisionists, particularly Maoists, love to sound sophisticated with the highfalutin’ language that they cloak their rotten ideas in. They say, “The National Question” when they discuss the reactionary ideology of nationalism. There is no national question. It is obsolete. It has already been answered. It is the definition of absurd and insanity to keep asking a question when an answer already exists or to keep doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different outcome. The current sectarian civil war raging in Syria is a perfect illustration of the obsolescence of the role of nationalism. Because of their fixation on nationalism, Maoists and their ilk have no theoretical method of analysis that will give them an answer to what is going on in Syria or what is to be done. Only PLP’s dialectically based theoretical framework of inter-imperislist rivalry can illustrate the balance of forces that do not have the working class’ interests at all.

The obsolete question these traitors to the Red Flag constantly phrase is, in general, “what is the role of nationalism in the revolutionary movement?” It should be better phrased, “what is the role of reactionary rotten divisive ideology that strengthens capitalism while dividing the working class and inducing them to fight and die for our master’s profits in the struggle for an egalitarian society?” There is no role for nationalism in the Communist struggle for working class liberation. None. All borders must be smashed. Workers must not be led to fight to create artificial borders that divide them. Racism is the filthy underbelly of nationalism. Nationalism will never lead to anything other than a new capitalist state apparatus brutalizing the proletariat — whether it is a Red bourgeoisie like China or Vietnam or brutal dictatorships or bourgeois liberalism. National liberation is future economic, political, and exploitative enslavement by a new set of parasitical bosses who may look, pray, speak or whatever like the local working class, but with clearly different economic interests. Nationalism clearly illustrates two dialectical categories: appearance vs. essence and form and content.

Appearance and Essence

The protests in the Ukraine clearly illustrate several dialectical categories. The most apparent category illustrated is appearance vs. essence. The primary contradiction that has steered these protests is the sharpening inter-imperislist rivalry. Though they have protestors battling cops and taking over buildings, the protestors represent one imperialist camp, and the state represents another, US and Russian imperialism respectively. How can protestors who tore down a stature of Lenin be considered any revolutionary force?  Which is the progressive nationalism? Should we respect a sovereign Ukraine? How absurd is it for people who mouth that they support Communism to support one imperialist camp or another?

PLP doesn’t support the imperialist centered politics of the Ukrainian protests at all. We do not support fascists, instead we smash them when we get the chance.  We do like the fact that angry workers are battling the police, yet we also know that there is a lot of choreography going on in order to manipulate us into seeing a facade of class struggle.

This is also illustrated in Syria. Assad’s regime is a repressive brutal weapon wielded in the interests of the wealthy Syrians and the Russian imperialists. Many on the left herald him. It is absurd to see such a butcher as any kind of pro-working class force. Opposed to him are a gaggle of rotten opportunists and a few secular nationalist militias. The Islamist fascists are all enemies of the working class too, whether they are moderate Islamists or radical Jihadists. They wield the rotten weapons of religious ideology, racism, and nationalism in the interests of one set of bosses or another — rich non-royal Saudis who bankroll Al-Qaida, rich royal Saudi Wahhabis who bankroll Islamist mercenaries, the imperialists in “socialist” led France and the liberal led US, or the Kurds. Not a single one of these myriad forces are aligned in the interest of the working class and none are fighting for Communist revolution.

Form and Content

There are many revisionists who hold up the Kurds as a potential revolutionary force. This is also illogical and wrong. The form of the Kurdish struggle is also shaped by the nations that the Kurds are in — Iraqi Kurds, Syrian Kurds, and those in Turkey. The Soviet Union helped to form, organize, and arm the PKK and it was one of the last Marxist guerilla parties. The political content of their struggle was saturated with the imperialist old line of the Soviet Union that opportunistically took advantage of the old Communist Movement’s fixation on the national struggle.

The Kurds are being coopted by Assad in one area where they have set up an autonomous zone and seized an oil well. They are now actively looking for international partners to develop and sell the oil to. These partners are going to be capitalists that support one imperialist camp or another. They will be parasites that will enrich one minute section of Kurds while the Kurdish working class will be exploited. How would a sovereign Kurdistan be any better for the working class there? Either way, whether the form be a nation or an organization actively engaged in the armed struggle for national liberation, the political content will not allow for the economic emancipation of the working class. The workers in a future Kurdistan can only be truly liberated by Communist revolution. Liberating the nation from the domination of an external force only further indemnifies the workers to a new set of bosses and a new form of exploitation.

There is no longer a national question any more than a law of gravity question, a Pluto question, or a creationism question. Why aren’t the revisionists asking an earth is flat question? The theory of relativity, modern astronomy, and a basic scientific approach negated those anti-scientific questions. The science of Dialectical Materialism applied by PLP to the old movement clearly illustrates the absurdity of maintaining a “national question” when there’s already an answer. The answer is that all Communists must struggle against the rotten ideologies of nationalism, racism, and sexism and smash all of the borders that currently exist. We must fight to build the PLP so that we can end the hell of capitalism once and for all, not just get new capitalists that look like us.

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Basta Ya! Armed struggle comes to Michoacán!

The PLP applauds the angry workers in Michoacán that have had enough of the Cartel’s violence and picked up guns and fought back. In an inspiring example of working class rage, many members of the working class not only picked up the gun, not only attacked the criminal cartel, but also attacked the police and federal agents. The armed struggle is the intensification of the conflict between the exploited and the exploiter. There is another contradiction.  This contradiction illustrates appearance vs. essence. It appears that this vigilante uprising against the cartels is spontaneous and fully rooted within the working class, but in essence, there may be another cartel arming and directing this movement as well. There may also be opportunist elements within the Ruling class in Mexico helping them as well.   They are attacking a symptom of capitalism, and not the cancer of capitalism. Either way, the fact that many workers have turned to the armed struggle, challenged the cartel that was brutally dispossessing them, and also challenged the capitalist state apparatus is a very positive development.

A major question is, where did these vigilantes get their guns? Their narrative is that they, paralleled Mao’s tenets of guerrilla warfare. A small group began with a few hunting rifles and shotguns, they then raided the police stations and some of the cartel’s arms caches. If this is the actual way that they acquired their guns, it is even easier to see a method of how PLP will be able to arm ourselves, develop a Red Army, and seize state power. Though our primary way is by organizing directly in the bosses military. The vigilante armed workers now have automatic weapons and armored vehicles. Needless to say, much of the ruling classes are worried about lots and lots of armed workers taking power into their own hands and acting as an example to workers all over the world — from Cambodia, to Bangladesh, to France, to The United States — armed struggle against capitalism!


PLP also recognizes that politics are primary. Though the armed workers have had enough, Basta Ya! (enough is enough), they are not fighting to seize the means of production, institute the dictatorship of the proletariat, or transform society through Communist revolution. We must recognize that there is a contradiction occurring there between the positive aspects of elements of the working class arming and organizing themselves against a ruthless oppressor and the fact that without negating the systemic structures of capitalism, they are just either putting a new boss in charge or preserving the social order that allows the ruling class in Mexico to rule. In fact, the cartel they are deposing actually started as an armed reaction against exploitation! We applaud the armed struggle, but we are critical of the lack of a political thrust apart from a populist reaction to the terrible exploitation and brutal violence that the cartels enact upon them. The armed workers also recognize that the Mexican police and agents, despite the millions that they receive in aid from the US, are ineffectual in stopping the cartels.

The police, the agents, the bourgeoisie, the banking system, the DEA, and a whole line of federal agents all make some money off of the very lucrative drug trade. The poisoning of the working class is big money that flows into a lot of pockets. A scandal is just now breaking of how the US directly helped the Sinaloa Cartel and there is another scandal, Fast and Furious, where the US directly supplied weapons to the cartels themselves. PLP recognizes that the cartels are part of the exploitative apparatus of capitalism because they divide the working class, brutalize the working class, and make vast profits for the bosses either indirectly through money laundering or directly through kickbacks, bribes, or outright gun sales that echo the British gun running in Africa during slavery.

The PLP, both in Mexico and around the world, will continue to struggle to bring Communist politics to the armed struggle taking place. This group of vigilantes, though it may dismay some elements of the ruling class in Mexico, may also be a godsend to other elements. The Knights Templar Cartel had been ruling their territory like a feudal fief. They extract extortion on every sale and confiscate farmer’s whole crops for a price of their choosing. They may be just too abusive for some elements of the bloodthirsty ruling class, so the armed workers may have elements of another cartel that may not be as medievally brutal in their exploitation of the working class. Either way, the vast majority of the vigilantes appear to be workers who were deported from the US and are refusing to passively accept the burden of brutality that the workers in Michoacán have stoically accepted up until now.  This illustrates a consequence of the US deporting so many workers into Mexico and destabilizing the extortion rackets that the ruling classes of The US and Mexico have been enriching themselves on.

It is inspiring to see armed and masked workers not fighting for some rotten religious ideology, but actually fighting against elements of the state apparatus in order to improve the conditions of workers in this life. This struggle will not end the tyranny of the cartels, since too many capitalists are enriching themselves from our class’ addictions, because it lacks a Communist center, politic, and, most importantly, Party to organize it and defend the working class’ gains. That Communist Party is PLP and it needs to built in the furnace of the Michoacán uprising.

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The Progressive Labor Party Condemns the Murder of Striking Workers in Cambodia!

The Progressive Labor Party condemns the forces of the Cambodian state apparatus and the US and Western Imperialism that it serves.  The US and European garment industry has already murdered hundreds of workers in Bangladesh last year in fires.  This same garment industry is now exploiting the extremely poor workers in Cambodia that are willing to work for less than workers in China.  Capitalism constantly seeks to maximize profit by exploiting impoverished underdeveloped nations.  This act of maximizing profit is a race to the bottom of the wage scale.  The Progressive Labor Party applauds the workers in Cambodia for their national strike and their willingness to go back on strike, even after having the minimum wage increased, when the companies suspended some labor leaders.  Solidarity and struggle against the exploitation of capital is something that is always to be commended, but it can only take the working class so far without the fight for Communism being the primary aspect of the struggle.    

 The rival bosses’ party, The Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP), is offering the workers in Cambodia double their poverty wages to the grand sum of a $160 a month.  Going from a little bit more than 2 bucks a day to 4 bucks a day will not end their suffering – it may not even alleviate their daily existence under imperialism’s harsh lash.  Yet, this paltry amount was dismissed by the government as being unsustainable.  The garment workers provide over $5 billion dollars a year in profit to the national bourgeoisie in Cambodia, and probably 2-3 times that for their imperialist masters, the bosses of Gap, Walmart, and the others who make vast profit off of the worker’s misery and poverty.

 The CNRP is directly challenging the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) to exploit the working class.  The workers have been on strike trying to raise the minimum wage and many joined a massive political rally organized by the CNRP.  The CPP fears the working class rising and being “messy and more complicated to control.”  They need to ensure that Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, and H&M can continue to maintain their profit margins.   

 They will not emancipate the working class anymore than the Democrats will emancipate the working class in the US or Labour will emancipate them in the UK.  Just like Hollande’s phony socialism did nothing but further sell out the working class in France and pave the way for fascism there, the CNRP will not challenge capitalism.  The CPP were always an opportunist party, and it had no problem abandoning its veneer of Marxism-Leninism when it had to.  Party’s like the opportunist CPP give Communism a bad name, but the fact that workers in Cambodia are willing to strike and fight back against their extreme exploitation should give us heart.  The other thing that should give us heart is that the PLP is not an opportunist party and it needs to be built in Cambodia.

 This violence illustrates that the bosses will use whatever violence they need to in order to protect their profits.  They may apologize or make some minor reforms.  They may even give a few more dollars as a raise, but they will not stop the mass sexist exploitation of the mostly female garment workers.  A Communist revolution led by the PLP is the only solution to the violence in Cambodia. 

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Sotomayor Betrays Women As She Serves Her Masters

Sonia Sotomayor, widely touted by the bosses and their media as a victory for the advance of women’s rights since she’s the first Puerto Rican female Supreme Court justice, recently issued a temporary injunction barring the Obama administration from enforcing the birth control requirement against an order of Colorado nuns. The Little Sisters of the Poor and related religious groups are purveyors of false consciousness.

This injunction is an anti-woman ruling coming from a woman in support of a religious group made up of women. Capitalism will never negate sexism. Their state and system of production requires sexism for free labor in child rearing and to help drive down wages. The special oppression of women is a necessary aspect of capitalist production. Women’s bodies are the source of the next generation of workers. Less birth means less cheap labor. To feminists surprised that the first Hispanic female judge would rule this way, maybe it’s time for them to realize that all class unity political ideologies that ignore the primacy of class will always betray working class women. It also stands to reason that in a time of increasing inter-imperialist rivalry women are being denied birth control with religion as the ideological justification.

Religion teaches the working class that to use birth control is a sin, but in a time of economic instability for the working class adding a new member into a family is a decision that is harrowing and personal. Only under Communism will each child be the responsibility of the whole of society as the working class works together to meet the needs of all by all. Religious organizations are in existence to mislead the working class ideologically and this latest ruling is the latest example of how religion is a weapon against the working class with the brunt of it falling onto women. This Obamacare legislation that is an attack on working class women is disguised as religious freedom. Justice Sotomayor clearly showed her ruling class allegiance by passing this injunction. The ruling class will not allow a peaceful transition to Communism, nor will they allow for racism or sexism to be negated. They need the massive profits stolen from the wage differentials because of racism and the free child care they get from women.

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