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The Common Core Learning Standards are Helping to Build Fascism

The Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) reinforces and reintroduces alienation at the point of production while also intensifying elitist capitalist ideology. When it comes to education under capitalism, ideology is the name of the game. The ruling class needs a working class capable of producing for their needs. They need us to have enough rudimentary skills to do work that is profitable, they need another smaller group to be more advanced in order to handle their complex tasks, and then they need a subset of intellectual workers to produce the ideology capitalism requires to exist. As Lenin said, “For who? Which class? Why?” The contradiction of public education is that though it is for the working class, it is in the interest of the ruling class, and it is primarily for ideological production.

The CCLS reinforces and intensifies racism in the United States. It unilaterally posits a group of standards that are out of reach of the paltry amount of resources that the bourgeoisie are willing to spend on educating us, and then they blame students for not meeting them and teachers for not getting said student to reach them. Capitalism lives to blame the victim for his or her own victimization by obscuring the actual process of that victimization. The intense systemic oppression that the working class is under due Capitalism’s non-stop crisis is not a factor in the assessment of the CCLS. This is primarily an attack on the students and secondarily an attack on the teachers. Black and Hispanic workers who are hyper-exploited under capitalism are feeling the brunt of the CCLS. Meanwhile, the ruling class and their puppets, including the union leadership of the UFT, mouth the lie that it is racist to oppose the CCLS. These lying, deceitful parasites, and their labor lieutenants, are obscuring the fact that capitalism and its requisite inequality, its brutal exploitation, its living conditions where students may not even have food at home, is the real reason for why public education isn’t meeting the needs of a declining US imperialism.

Teachers have been fairly in control of their subject matter and their classrooms. This gives teachers a sense of satisfaction and helps to foster unity between students and teachers because it allows them to shape and develop their lessons with their students in mind. This relative autonomy is now under attack in the classroom as the US bourgeoisie prepares for war with its rivals. This attack on autonomy is an intensification of the alienating force of production under capitalism. This intensification of the lack of control over teaching is a necessary aspect of the need to discipline the working class for the march to war and fascism.

Fascism always comes with a smile and a flag. It waves it and waves it to get the working class to not see that their needs are not getting met and that their sacrifices are only enriching the ruling class.  It smiles and says that it is only trying to meet the needs and tough times requires tough choices, while hiding the billions in profit piling up in the capitalist’s pockets.

The CCLS is being opposed from the right, liberals, and the left, but they are not pointing out that it is primarily an ideological weapon that is being used to prepare the Ruling Class’ forces for the next round of imperialist wars of aggression and, eventually, full on war with its rivals in WWIII. Communists in The PLP stress the ideological aspects of the CCLS and stress that the liberal wing of the ruling class is the real danger to the working class and the development of fascism. We must oppose the CCLS and counterpoise a clear vision of an education system that actually meets the needs of all students. An education system that does not seek to fuel the profit machine, but instead fuels the students’ desire to learn, to build a new world, to fight racism and sexism and see their fellow man as a human and not one of Capitalism’s myriad identities is only possible under Communism.

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Death To The Fascists! Power To The Workers!

Death to the Fascists! Power to the workers!

The only solution to fascism is Communist Revolution.The correct way to deal with the violent reactionary forces of organized fascism is through the organized violence of the working class united by revolutionary Communist politics. In the absence of such unity, any direct action against the fascists will not end fascism once and for all, though it may inhibit the rate at which fascism grows.

The working class in Greece has been under, arguably, the most direct assault by the forces of capital in the world.  It is bankers protecting their profits that are determining the attacks and directly instituting their rule over the state apparatus. Though other parts of the world have workers dealing with more repression, exploitation, and the direct violence of their own state apparatus, the international capitalists’ need for profit is directly controlling actual state.  It is now beholden to the direct rule of the Troika, the three bodies that fully represent the interests of Western Capital. If there were a sizable mass of people dedicated to Progressive Labor Party’s direct struggle for Communism and the dictatorship of the working class, then there’s a very good chance a revolutionary situation would develop, but, “Without the Party, there can be no revolution”.

A group that’s calling itself revolutionary has shot and killed a fascist member of The Neo-Nazi group Golden Dawn in retaliation for them killing an anti-fascist rapper. As far as we’re concerned, every time a fascist dies, a puppy is born, the world becomes a better place, and the fascists get the only thing they deserve: death. Direct violence against the fascists before they’re able to gain strength and state power is the correct method for dealing with them. Our criticism is simple. Is this an isolated event where an organization is substituting itself for the working class? Is this movement especially targeting racism, the Achilles heel of capitalism, and sexism? Is this an organization using direct revolutionary violence to challenge the capitalists for state power? Can the organization sustain the revolutionary struggle until the final battle with discipline and cohesion?

Lenin’s classic text “Left Wing Communism an Infantile Disorder” points out that first class consciousness, second deep links to the working class, and thirdly the correct political line are necessary, because in order to have the final “victory over the bourgeoisie (it) is impossible without a long, stubborn and desperate war of life and death, a war demanding perseverance, discipline, firmness, indomitableness, and unity of will.” Though PLP has many criticism of the text, it’s insistence on the fight for socialism for example, the essential aspects of it are still relevant.

The primary current of struggle in Greece is Anarchist. This ideology will not and cannot lead to the emancipation of the working class. It will not set up a class dictatorship that’s necessary to sustain the conquest and negation of Bourgeois political power, entitlement, racist and sexist ideology, and right. Though it is commendable to see fascists die by the armed working class taking direct action against them, PLP must take a principled Left position and point out that politics are primary. Without the correct political line, history has clearly illustrated that all the dead fascists in the world won’t lead to Communism. It is perfectly possible to defeat fascism without smashing capitalism, and capitalism can only be ended with a revolution directly for a Communist society.

A second example of the working class fighting fascism is a group of women in Kashmir fighting against Jihadist militants. Unfortunately, they are not struggling for Left ideas, let alone state power, but they are smashing sexist stereotypes of how women should behave in that area. Challenging the state itself to confront Pakistan’s proxy forces is inspiring to women all over the world.  PLP applauds these women who are willing to face death to fight fascism!


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A Typhoon Destroys the Philippines


As capitalism continues to destroy the Earth’s environment, the working class continues to suffer. Over 10,000 dead workers in the Philippines, and the survivors scrounging for food, desperate for help, are a sight that we’ve seen before way too often: Natural disasters’ destruction exponentially increased due to the inequalities of capitalism. Nature will have disasters and will whip up superstorms, but it is the racist systemic inequality of the profit system that causes so many to die and the survivors to be in such a desperate situation. How many of those that were the most affected came from the working class and how many came from the Philippines’ local bourgeoisie?

Some might question the validity of blaming Capitalism’s overconsumption and placing of profits before the environment, yet capitalism’s wanton destruction has significantly contributed to the superstorms. Let’s not forget that the largest polluter is the U.S. military. The U.S. military pollutes the planet with its radioactive depleted uranium bombs and uses vast amounts of petroleum — think how many gallons it takes to move a battleship just one mile! This pollution causes greenhouse gasses and global warming.

This same U.S. military has been trying to engage with Asia and encircle China strategically. There is potentially more oil in The East China Sea than the Middle East. Now, it may not be as easy to acquire, and profitable, as the light sweet crude in Libya just bubbling below the surface, but China is hungry for oil and the U.S. has no intention of letting a major rival have unfettered access to development. The U.S. is sending 9 warships, one being an aircraft carrier, to the strategic area of the Philippines. Once they are there, there’s little chance that those imperialist parasites are leaving. The U.S. didn’t want to leave in the late 19th century when they inflicted genocide on the workers there. The U.S. has a long history of imperialist brutality on the workers in the Philippines, and it wouldn’t be surprising if they took advantage of the devastation to improve their geo-strategic position.

Problems with access to areas affected by the typhoon should not be a bother to a super power that’s had a decade of experience fighting in harsh mountainous conditions. How many high tech stealth helicopters do the U.S. bosses have that can drop on a dime? The desperate workers in there are not their priority. Killing and slaughtering families by remote control is their priority. Wars for oil and domination are their priorities. Where’s the profit in mobilizing millions and millions of workers and shipping them to the to help those affected?

Under communism, the world’s working class would directly organize to meet the needs of those affected by the disaster. Instead of the priority being the continuation of wars without end, there would be help provided, not just amphibious warships and aircraft carriers! A massive rebuilding effort would accompany the massive supplies of food that would be freely given to the affected workers, not the cash loans the World Bank (WB) is hungering to lend the workers in the Philippines. The WB claims it is looking to make only a modest profit from the massive amount of rebuilding that’s going to be needed. Whatever they claim, even if they give the money away, it will not emancipate the working class; it will possibly rebuild some of the houses, but what about the next greenhouse gas accelerated superstorm?

The Philippines has revisionist parties that have been fighting for various strains of socialism for decades. Hundreds of thousands have grasped the ideas of Marxism and the need for revolution. They need Communism. There is a long Red tradition in the Philippines, from the Huks up until today. The only way of truly rebuilding in the Philippines is to build The Progressive Labor Party there. The masses of workers joining PLP will be a superstorm for capitalism sweeping away exploitation and its irrational destruction away with it. The struggle for Communism is paramount to ending the misery and desperation of workers in the Philippines and all over the world. 

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There Are No Shortcuts On The Road To Revolution

There are no shortcuts on the road to revolution, neither are there detours. Voting for socialists will not bring about communism, not will an election convince the ruling class to surrender state power. Elections do not force the ruling class to do anything, with a good case in point being that some of the greatest advances the working class made were under the Nixon administration. He was no friend to the working class and an ardent racist, yet the militant fights in the street, armed guerilla struggles around the world, and a communist, albeit revisionist, center to the movement forced the capitalist class to make concessions they didn’t want to. The elections masked the true force of the class struggle. Murderer in chief Obama is now removing those concessions.

Workers in France thought they were voting in progress when they voted in the socialist Hollande. They are getting a solid lesson in how well Hollande’s socialism serves the interests of French capitalism. French armed forces are now back in the Central African Republic and their former colonial area in West Africa. He was chomping at the bit to send forces into Syria; it was a colony and has always been a French colonial ambition. Now, they have even more of an excuse with the murder of their reporters in Mali.

The Progressive Labor Party does not run in elections and does not support any of the bosses’ politicians. We point out the fact that the bosses’ elections are a choose your own dictator puppet show. Even red diaper babies like the current NYC mayoral candidate will serve the bosses. Some crumbs may fall to us, but the sharpening inter-imperialist rivalry around the world, with its internal contradictions paralyzing the US congress, will ensure that the bosses will choose to use the aegis of discipline over bribes during this time period.

Kerry is saying that he wants to pivot towards Asia. He is going on a whirlwind tour of Japan, South Korea, and Japan in the first week of December to stress this point. Relative to the constant decline if the rate of profit and the normal degeneration of capitalism, China has more constant concrete capital due and the US has more abstract capital. Though the US has a military, the constant internecine capitalist class rivalry is threatening their ability to find the necessary mass military their imperialist empire needs. In fact, Obama was supposed to make the trick but the bickering between the capitalist factions kept him rooted in Washington. A military that cannot be quickly replenished is one Pyrrhic victory away from defeat.

We workers have to see every reform victory as just one more skirmish in the class war. The class war is not being fought to lighten our burden, but to emancipate us, our class, our children, and eventually the whole human race from exploitation.  In other words, we need to throw our burden of exploitation and oppression off forever by organizing a Communist society. 

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