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Rage Against The Machine is still alive at XX

Rage Against The Machine dropped their first album 20 years ago. Their music from this album is still the freshest sound on the radio. While listening to what passes for an alternative rock music station, their very first song ever recorded, The Narrows, was introduced as their “new” song on their reissue titled “XX”. The echoes of anger at the injustices of capitalism and the marginalization and disenfranchisement it causes, which the bourgeois press attempts to dismiss as youthful rebellion, blared from the speakers. 

Culture is a weapon in the bosses’ arsenal. It is a fundamental element of the superstructure that preserves, nurtures, and continually rebirths the economic base of capitalism. Rage Against The Machine filled the bill for the pop alternative to the necessary act of patiently organizing a disciplined Communist movement capable of challenging and defeating the bourgeoisie, but the contradiction is that their lyrics did politicize many young people who questioned capitalism.

The bosses’ media “transmissions bring submission” since there has not been a single mainstream band or artist that has made politics the center of their music since Rage. Some have made a political song or had a posture of rebellion against Bush or even the Iraq War when it suited them, but only Rage consistently made politics the center of their music.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t Communist politics, but very reformist politics that pointed out the issues that capitalism causes without putting forward the necessity of a revolutionary Communist Party capable of destroying capitalism once and for all.

Rage’s frontman, who is also a poet, Zack de la Rocha, continues to stay abreast of organized anger against the capitalist machine.  He wrote and posted a poem celebrating and congratulating the Occupy Wall Street movement on their website.   

Though each successive album Rage released had weaker politics than the one before, their music helped to clearly point out that the forces that exploit and oppress us are systemic.  They brought voice to the voiceless from “Johannesburg to South Central” illustrating the racist apartheid that exists user capitalism is international, not just localized under the new Jim Crow penal system in the US or the blatant segregation that was occurring in South Africa. Granted, they were not even close to PLP’s politics on several points, but they did embolden and politicize millions of youth, some of whom eventually found themselves in the Progressive Labor Party.

During this time of the darkest night where the working class is under a continual assault by the Bourgeoisie’s individualist and pacifying culture that elevates brutal sexist misogyny to an art form, it is refreshing to hear Rage Against The Machine.  Our collective “anger is a gift” that will help fuel the working class to someday smash the racist and sexist capitalist machine.  But, the only way that the anger can be a threat to capitalism is when it is focused with the laser red ray of the revolutionary Communist Progressive Labor Party.

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Communism is needed to Smash the Sexist Assaults on Women in India and all over the World

All of the people that are outraged that the woman that was gang raped, tossed off of the bus, and then left for dead, has died need to join PLP in order to destroy sexism and the brutality that it engenders once and for all.  The last blog written condemned the Communist movement in India for not going far enough and channeling the rage of the working class into narrow reformist avenues of discontent instead of the road of revolution.  Exactly what would a revolutionary Communist Party, like PLP, have done had they had the mass base of the CPI and the rest of the Red Indian alphabet soup Communist left?

With hundreds of thousands of members in the student unions and trade unions already marching on the center of parliament, we would have struggled to arm them while simultaneously marching directly on the police station where the men who did the raping were being held.  We would have held a public working class tribunal where they would have been tried and punished as the working class saw fit.  We would have not sent condolences on Christmas Day to any pigs who got blasted by the working class, like the CPI had the audacity to do.    The Central Secretariat of the Communist Party of India sends its deep condolences to the family of the police constable, Tomar, who died in hospital after the police clash with protestors. It is an unfortunate incident. While CPI condemns the violence, but feels that the police could have shown more restraint.   We would have pushed the correct understanding that armed struggle is necessary in order to defeat capitalism.  We would have pointed out that this struggle isn’t about showing the poverty of one government or another, but that this is a consequence of the ideology of sexism – an ideology that capitalism needs in order to preserve its stranglehold on the world. 

 A young 19 year old attacked a police officer attempting to arrest him for jumping the turnstile. The young man’s crime of not having enough money to lay the ever increasing fare justified the pig who got a big old case of what’s what when the young man slammed him and started choking him.

 Random acts against the state’s constant dispossession and oppression of the working class will not stop capitalism in and of themselves, but they do inspire the working class to resist the state.

 The bourgeois media is trying to tie this crime into the hate crime of a woman who bought the bosses’ anti-South-East Asian racism hook line and sinker. She said she hated all Muslims and Hindus due to the terrorist attack over ten years ago on September 11, 2001, that the US capitalist class has been using as Reichtag-esque call to arms ever since. 

 A young man hospitalizing a kkkkop who was trying to arrest him for the crime of being poor and working class is not the same as the racist hate crime. This attack will hopefully make more kkkops afraid to harass our youth so that they can continue to perpetuate their New Jim Crow.

 PLP is a revolutionary Communist Party because it does a lot more than just talk a good game.  Whenever there is a way to expand the limits of the struggle past what the limits of what the capitalist state permits, PL does so.  The massive Communist movements in India, like the revisionists all over the world, are betraying the Red Flag and the working class that still holds it high and believes in fighting for an egalitarian society. 


The tragedy of the woman dying after being gang raped has been repeated how many times since her attack, as every 22 minutes a woman is raped in India?  The need to struggle against sexism is at the forefront of the revolutionary struggle for Communism. 

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