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Capitalism Creates Homelessness

Every moment that the working class can’t afford to live where they work or to raise their children in the safety of a stable home is another moment that the working class is open to communist ideas. Capitalism and imperialism need homelessness. By driving rents higher and higher, capitalists increase their profits and then blame the victims for the conditions that their system creates. Many of the workers who can’t afford their rent or want to eventually be able to have a place of their own end up joining the bosses’ military. There are more than enough resources to build structures for every worker to have a home already, yet many of the most massive buildings are used as office buildings to directly generate wealth for the capitalists while millions of workers are homeless.

Communism would focus solely on meeting the needs of the working class all over the world. Providing shelter for all workers would be the primary focus. We would not need to build office buildings in order to generate profit because wages, currency, and profit would all be abolished. We would use the resources of the world to meet the needs of the workers in the world. Since the capitalist ruling class rules the world, we won’t get our needs met. They care more about producing profit from rent than building housing for the working class.

Homelessness is also very sexist and racist. It is sexist because it directly contributes to millions of women staying in unsafe conditions and abusive relationships due to the fact that they can’t afford to move out and find a home for themselves and their children. It is racist because of the disproportionate number of Black workers who can not normally get the best mental health care or due to the wage discrepancy Black workers are paid far less than other workers and so have a much more difficult time making rent, let alone buying a home. Imperialism causes homelessness due to the bombs and wars actually destroying the structures that the workers live in causing them to become desperate refugees seeking solace and receiving racism at the hands of the bosses.

In India “If you travel through the suburbs of the Indian capital, Delhi, you will see miles and miles of built homes with nobody living in them.” because many of these homes have been built to house vast amounts of money that the rich try to hide. In New York City, one can walk by countless new luxury Condos being built that the working class just can’t afford. Outside of the buildings in the capital of world capital, there are homeless asking for money to just eat. There is no greater condemnation of capitalism than its refusal to provide housing for those who produce its wealth.

A vast amount of homelessness was created during the crisis of overproduction of homes that the bosses called “The subprime crisis” that started in 2007. Capitalism always has periodic crises when they produce more of a product than they can sell for an ever-increasing profit. A point was hit whereby the working class was unable to buy all of the homes that were built, and, though it devastated the home owning working class, it was used by many capitalists to increase their wealth – as the banks got bailed out, the working class got sold out. Instead of Obama just paying off all of the mortgages and allowing the working class to keep their homes, he bailed out the banks causing millions of white and Black workers to lose their homes.

The only reason that capitalists build anything is to generate profit. Housing is a means to profit for them. As China has more and more billionaires with money to hide from the anti-corruption witch hunt going on there, they are driving up the housing prices all over major US metropolises such as NYC and LA. This affect of empty apartments that can not be used by the workers, since they are owned by some rich boss burying his cash so he doesn’t have to pay taxes or so he can evade anti-corruption probes, illustrates the maxim that what affects the workers anywhere affects our class everywhere. Imperialism is the stage of capitalism where capital has hit the limit of maximum growth in the home country and so looks for other borders to invest in. The outflow of capital from the rich in China as they look for safe places to generate profit directly hurts the working class in the US. Well, how did these rich Chinese get their money in the first place – by directly exploiting their own workers! The ability for them to brutally exploit their own working class to generate surplus value allowed them to exploit workers elsewhere.

Homelessness will end with the destruction of the need for profit. We will organize society to provide for the working class. We will build a society based on communist economics according to “from each according to commitment to each according to need”. Instead of having miles and miles worth of empty housing while there are workers desperate for that housing or vast buildings used only to generate wealth, we will build the housing that the working class needs.

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Capitalism Continues to be the Dark Ages for Women

The growth of fascism is being illustrated by the rapid increase in the special oppression of women. The hypocrites in the US Supreme Court making religion more important than law, the world’s newest “Nation” The caliphate of the Islamic State, and the rape and lynching of women in India are all a part of the dark ages the working class is forced to live under due to the defeat of the Old Communist Movement.

It is hard to imagine the Supreme Court in the ’60’s and 70’s within the context of mass protests, international Communist struggles, and being forced by a mass movement into Roe Vs. Wade, pushing the kind of fascist assault on women as it just did. Workers now have their reproductive rights decided by the religion of their bosses; religion trumps the law according to The Supreme Court. The beliefs of those with capital trump the needs of the working class. Capitalism privileges the rights of those with wealth and state power is determined particular to the amount of capital a person has. As fascism continues to grow in the United States, it will be women who will feel the intense attacks of the requisite ideology.  

The genocidal sexists of The Islamic State are pushing their rotten, sexist, ideology in every place they conquer with the most brutal aspects falling on women just as the US attacks women. Each step of the terrorist upstarts trying to grab the oil Exxon/Mobil and the US bosses have claimed dibs on in the Levant as the dream of a medieval caliphate is drenched in the blood of the working class. The disgusting Islamism that they advance is a religious ideology. Religious ideology is useful to the ruling class as it divides the working class and gets them to focus on the next promised world instead of this material world that we live in. The working class in the Levant, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran are being divided on sectarian lines based on the lie of religious ideology. They are killing themselves in order to benefit some group of capitalists.

When a concerned father went to the police in his town in India, he was cuffed soundly, reminded of his low caste born state, and then sent away. Later, his daughters were found lynched and hanging from a tree after they were raped by the highborn caste. The sick ideology that would justify this dehumanizing and anti-working class sexist violence is part and parcel of the superstructure of capitalism. Capitalism needs sexist and racist ideology to survive. How there can be millions and millions of people in India who claim to be Marxists and Communists, yet have not engaged in violent struggle against the brutality inflicted on women there is a condemnation of revisionism and why workers everywhere should join The Progressive Labor Party. PLP calls on all of its friends in India to continue on in our commitment to eradicate sexism, class, caste, and all forms of violent brutality against women.

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FIFA Spells death for workers in Qatar

Workers are being callously murdered in the name of profit and soccer in Qatar. More than 500 workers from India have been murdered over the past 14 months, with over 20 in the past month of January alone, in the name of profit. It is not enough that Qatar has been running guns and mercenaries to Syria and has contributed to tens of thousands of deaths there in the name of US sponsored imperialist regime change, but they are also ripping profit from impoverished workers from India and Nepal.

 Working in squalid conditions with little water in a desert heat for over 12 hours a day is the culprit. 

Qatar’s ministry of labour and social affairs told the Guardian: “With specific regard to these new figures, we were aware that local media had previously reported some of these headline numbers, and we are clarifying them. … Qataris … welcome guest workers to our country to perform valuable jobs. We are working to understand the causes of these deaths – as these statistics could include a range of circumstances including natural causes, and road safety incidents, as well as a smaller number of workplace incidents.”

 These workers are brutally exploited and the ministry is saying that “a smaller number of workplace incidents” has killed hundreds and injured how many unknown thousands more?!? If we include the hundreds of dead workers from Nepal and then wonder how many of the other 1.2 million workers are unhealthy, near death, indebted, desperate and unable to leave due to the capitalist’s and their underlings’ “kafala system” of domination that these workers are exploited under. The state apparatus has formalized the usually informal structures of control that workers are daily exploited under. These kafalas mirror the feudal structures of control and tie the workers to their bosses. The US would love to copy this system as part of their guest worker program.

The spreading of PLP’s revolutionary Communism among the guest workers in Qatar would help to permanently end the slaughter the workers are now brutalized with, but only a Communist revolution can ultimately end these for profit death camps in the interest of capitalism’s entertainment industry.  There are revisionist groups fighting in India and Nepal who claim to be Communist. They may also be organizing in the work camps, but they won’t bring Communism. Only the Progressive Labor Party can.

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Random Rant on Sexism

A young comrade wrote, “perhaps you can create a blog out of the raw ideas here”.  It was a poem in the voice of the oppressed, the exploited, enraged in Red Communist fury.  The Red Flag flies in our young comrade’s struggle against the special oppression of women under capitalism — due to her class, her race, and her sex based gender social constructs.  Communist revolution will sweep away gender roles by creating a struggle for an egalitarian society that meets all of our needs regardless of anatomy.  It will be from each according to ability and commitment and to each according to need.  


alienation. stripped from the expression of my human essence. fetishization of bodies, in every sense..

I write this as I am listening to a prostitute song The U.S. has stripper songs. but Bollywood goes straight to the core of things: using and disposing of bodies for money. 

Bollywood and media in general has hit an all low in terms of consciousness.  in the form of blatant sexism. 


when are people online? when they are lonely and seek human interaction. so they substitute. and what do they get? flashes of mass images of girls shaking their ass, men’s wild eyes whistling, because you know, “bands make ‘em dance.”

how do we deal with our own alienation and dispossession? projecting it on others.

preparing the masses for fascism. 

drink. party. fuck. regret. repeat. 


girls dancing, shaking in ways. this specific video does it so well. I am feeling inadequate as I watch the woman jump and bang her hips and hands at the same time, while this glorified cop and his entourage of armed men dance with this one woman. that’s when I know they are winning. sexism is internalized, i think even the strongest anti-sexist carry it on…


and blurred lines…


“you know you want it.” when no doesn’t really mean no. complete commodification of sex, bodies, gender…is this just capitalism at work? or it creeping/preparing for fascism?


all this comes in the context of woman ablaze. on fire. I can’t get away from that image. the biggest textile exporters are Bangladesh and China. who makes our clothes? who holds the ground for the bosses to walk on? women. working women. the face of the proletariat is a seven year old girl in Bangladesh or Haiti.


and then back to the division of unwaged waged labor. work in the textile factories, come home and raise kids. this militarization — essentially fascism — is global. an all-women UN force from BD sent to HAITI. easier to control, says the colonel. sites of mass violence and war are all sites of sexism. sometimes even that word doesn’t fully convey the rape, displacement, dispossession of women and kids…these sites of war are sites of resistance…


if we fought sexism in our classrooms and workplaces more, perhaps these videos would repulse as a bit more. if we talked about war and violence (physical, verbal, emotional, all) more gendered terms..


how tired am I of being called cute? being whistled at? that’s what my headphones are for while walking to and from the train station

fuck intersectionality; only descriptive power but not explanatory.

intertwining capitalism.  parasite.  needs to be killed by us.


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Communism is needed, not reform!

The reform versus revolution struggle is being played out in two particular forms as the Western world moves into the Holiday Season.  In India, a mass struggle against the most virulent sexism possible, gang rape, is underway as masses of men and women battle the police and demand justice.  The US is still reeling from the 20 children killed by a deranged lunatic in a small school.  Both of these struggles are at the forefront of the working class’ consciousness and many well-meaning revolutionaries are being misled down a reformist path.


When looking at the horrible act of an insane individual murdering children, it should be seen in the context of the over 175 children, that we know of, killed in Pakistan by remote control mainly during Obomba’s presidency, a rational head is in order.  Murdering arch-imperialist Obombthem had no tears to shed when Palestinian children were being blown up like so much chaff billowing in the wind by Israeli bombs.  So, why is he crying now?  Would it have been any different if it were a White male shooting up Brown Muslim kids?  Or, is this now his opportunity to ratchet up fascism in the United States.


A woman is raped every 22 minutes in India.  Because of the rampant sexism within that culture, many of the men are free to go.  The hundreds of thousands of protesters battling the police and trying to smash their way into the Prime Minister’s security zone are mainly fighting to give the death penalty to 6 men who allegedly took part in a gang rape on a public bus in broad daylight.  The poor woman is in critical care after she was tossed off of the bus like so much meat when the savage sexists were done. 


Crimes like this are a dual crime against the working class, as not only do they severely harm a worker, they also divide the working class by increasing sexist ideology.  The issue is even more malevolent as many of the protesters are calling for harsher laws.  The state’s injustice system is inherently sexist and racist, and any call for increasing the punishment of one section of the working class will eventually increase the ability for the capitalists to oppress the whole working class.  The contradiction is the fact that the millions and millions of workers who consider themselves Communists in India are allowing this reform struggle to stay in the narrow boundaries of the legal system.  The Communist Parties in India, from the Naxalites to the CPI, are all revisionists that are incapable of ending any of the ideologies of capitalism.   


Instead of taking state power and instituting a revolutionary worker’s dictatorship that directly struggles against sexist ideology as well as the violent acts, the Indian Communists are in the street demanding that the capitalist state takes action alongside the angry masses. The government today faced the full blast of youth power as young men and women laid siege around Raisina Hill, the seat of power, demanding justice for a the rape victim, forcing police to use canes, tear gas and water cannons on the undeterred crowd of thousands.


The multi-gendered group of protestors battled the cops and had water canons and tear gas shells fired at them, and when that didn’t work, the kkkops clubbed them in order to preserve the social order that brutally rapes girls. 


The solution to both the shooting in Conecticut and the rape in New Delhi is a Communist society that actually treats the mentally ill and struggles against sexist ideology.  The brutalizing force of capitalist society will not be negated by any reform movement.  The thousands of young men and women fighting against sexism in New Delhi are fighting against one of the many tentacles of the sick violence capitalism uses to brutalize the working class.

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Clinton Visit to India

Red Revolution Needed to Stop Global Warming

Global warming, caused by capitalism’s mad rush for profits and devil-may-care attitude about the future, has already produced alarming weather events — increasingly violent hurricanes like Katrina, and hurricanes in the North Atlantic, where they had never been recorded. It has produced more severe droughts and flooding and the potential for a rise in sea level that will chase tens of millions from their homes in cities near coasts. So what do we make of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s recent visit to India (July 18-20), where she failed utterly in pressuring India’s leadership to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions that cause global warming?

Clinton’s approach to India was a study in the imperialist rivalry that dominates global politics. Rather than accommodate her, India’s Environmental Minister Kamesh criticized the U.S. for generating a century’s worth of greenhouse gases (GHGs) without let-up and then preaching to the developing nations that they should stop emitting GHGs.

The capitalist ruling classes of both India and China — the two most populous nations in the world, containing over one-third of the world’s working class — know that the U.S. call for capping GHG emissions is mainly an attempt to slow their growth and prevent them from challenging the U.S. economically. The World Bank and International Monetary Fund already predict that the Chinese economy will surpass that of the U.S. in the next 20 to 30 years. This is what Clinton is trying to stop, not global warming!

U.S. bosses want a new international treaty on global warming at the December intergovernmental conference in Copenhagen, Denmark (the sequel to Kyoto). But developing nations are fighting against mandatory caps placed on their GHG emissions because it would hinder their economic growth, so Copenhagen is likely to fail due to the maneuverings of competitive capitalist interests. This neglect of the future of the working class and our planet illustrates why smashing capitalism is necessary to stop global warming.

Recently, the U.S. ruling class switched gears in its position on global warming. Previously, it had encouraged media denials that global warming was a problem or that it was caused by GHG emissions. The media and government were obedient to the short-term interests of giant energy companies like Exxon-Mobil. Now the rulers are pretending that they are about to tackle the problem and decrease U.S. emissions. The Obama presidential campaign began this shift in earnest.

But the world’s working class should not be fooled. Obama remains loyal to the profit interests of the energy companies. The U.S. capitalists are merely adopting a strategy to attack and isolate their Chinese and Indian rivals. The actual changes proposed by Obama and reflected in the Waxman-Markey bill (recently passed in the House of Representatives and being debated in the Senate) are too trivial to begin to make any difference in the rising concentrations of GHGs in the atmosphere. The 17% reduction in U.S. GHG emissions by 2020 proposed in the legislation won’t even touch the problem.

Obama & Co. have no intentions of doing anything to harm the global strategic position of the U.S. ruling class. No capitalist government, no matter how worker-friendly it pretends to be, will ever do so. That’s why the world’s working class can only end the emissions of GHGs and prevent the devastating consequences of global warming by taking matters into its own hands.

We must throw the capitalists off the stage of history around the world through communist revolution, and organize a communist society in which both the short-term and long-term needs of workers (including the ecological health of our planet) will be the only considerations in determining how and what to produce.J

BOX: What Else Was Clinton Up to in India?

Clinton’s visit to India wasn’t just about global warming. Loyal to her capitalist masters, she also played the saleswoman for the big bosses. She pushed for a contract for U.S. corporations to build two nuclear power plants, and for a deal for India to buy $10 billion worth of fighter jets from Boeing and Lockheed Martin. The Indian bosses liked this part of her visit.  It’s all about the money!

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Mumbai Massacre Heats Up India-Pakistan Dogfight

The Mumbai terrorist attack is being played as a religious holy war between Moslem and Hindu fundamentalism. But behind that lies what is killing millions of workers worldwide today: the dogfight among the world’s imperialists and their lackeys for control of the energy resources, pipelines (see below article) and the right to super-exploit workers.

In South Asia, this deadly mixture has brought two regional nuclear powers, India and Pakistan, to the brink of another war, and exposed the weaknesses of U.S. imperialism’s policy towards Afghanistan-Pakistan. “The crisis…fallout may… [expand] to include the United States, NATO, Afghanistan and Iran,” reports the NY Times (Week In Review, 12/7)

The U.S.-NATO Afghan war has had a devastating destabilizing effect on Pakistan (see CHALLENGE, 12/10). A fractured Pakistani ruling class is so divided that it cannot help U.S. imperialism’s design for the region. “A collapsing Pakistan, and with it the loss of any real border separating India from Pakistan, is India’s worst nightmare,” says Robert Kaplan, senior fellow at the Center for a New American Security. “Making matters worse, every time the United States launches an air attack into Pakistan from Afghanistan, it further destabilizes the Pakistani state.” NY Times, 12/8)

Any of the many factions of the Pakistani ruling class could had been behind the Mumbai massacre — which killed 192 people and injured hundreds more — as well as the recent bombing of the Indian embassy in Kabul, the Afghan capital. Many in the ISI (Pakistan’s powerful military intelligence service) see India as the main enemy of Pakistan. Killing innocent people is business as usual for imperialism’s big bosses and their goons.

The Mumbai massacre has shaken India’s growing alliance with the U.S., enabling India’s old ally, Russia, to re-emerge. Following the Mumbai massacre, Russian president Medvedev visited India and not only made a deal to sell India 80 M1-17 helicopters but also got an extra $2.2 billion from India for an aircraft carrier.

Mumbai has not only led to Russian weapons’ sales to India but has now brought India’s bosses closer to the Russian position in Afghanistan.
During Medvedev’s visit, in a Joint Declaration, India and Russia shared their concern over the “deteriorating security situation” in Afghanistan and called for a “coherent and a united international commitment” to deal with the threats emanating from that country.

The implied criticism of the U.S.-led war is obvious as is the rejection of the U.S. strategy to retain the war as its exclusive domain. The Joint Declaration then says, “Both sides welcome Russia’s initiative to organize an international conference in the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, involving its Member states and Observers.”

Both India and Russia are derailing the U.S.-Saudi plan to make a deal with some Taliban leaders at the expense of the former’s interests in energy-rich Central Asia.

This mixture of imperialist-capitalist rivalries and their use of religious fundamentalism is deadly for the region’s workers and their allies. The urban and rural workers and youth, from Kabul to Karachi to Mumbai, have a long history of fighting capitalism and imperialism. What’s needed is a revolutionary communist outlook to unite and destroy all the bosses and their various ideologies.J

Imperialists’ Battle Over Oil Pipelines Will Widen War

The Mumbai massacre (see above) highlights the rapid, blood-letting pace of the sharpening inter-imperialist rivalry for control of the Caspian region’s vast oil and gas resources and its strategic pipeline routes to world markets. This rivalry, intensified by the worldwide, deepening capitalist economic crisis, is leading eventually to World War III.

U.S. imperialism’s seven years of indescribable carnage in Afghanistan was originally intended as a quick military operation to secure pipeline routes for transporting Caspian region resources to the Indian Ocean Gwadar port in Pakistan’s Balochistan province, by-passing Russia and Iran.

Now, with the U.S. bosses bogged down in two wars — and major ones with Iran, Russia and/or China looming — while facing one of the worst economic crises in their history, they’re desperately trying to stem their rapid decline and remain the number one imperialist power. Oil, despite its sharply lower price, is still crucial to this endeavor, as it is to Russia’s and China’s rise as rival super-powers.


With the Russian victory in Georgia making it unfeasible to build new U.S. trans-Caspian pipelines, Afghanistan is again (short of invading Iran) the most realistic, practical route to transport Caspian energy to market, by-passing Russia and Iran.  That’s why the “U.S. is actively considering [peace] talks with elements of the Taliban….in a major policy shift that would have been unthinkable a few months ago.” (Wall Street Journal, 10/28/08)

The objective is to “pacify and stabilize” Afghanistan enough to guarantee safe transport of these resources, while occupying the country indefinitely. At a recent NATO meeting, “the alliance visualized a long haul in Afghanistan.” (Asia Times on-Line, 10/15/08)

U.S. bosses hope to have everything in place by 2013 when Kazakhstan oil, being developed by U.S. oil companies, will start flowing. With this outlet, U.S. imperialists hope to reverse Russia’s gains in the energy-rich ex-Soviet republics.


These plans directly threaten the geopolitical interests of Russia, China and Iran, so they’re pushing back. This fight will only lead to wider, and eventually global war.

Russian President Medvedev criticized the U.S. for creating chaos in Afghanistan. He called for a new pan-European security pact, saying NATO can’t ensure the continent’s security. He said the “United States’ desire to consolidate its global role” is unrealizable in a multi-polar world.

Defying Russia’s warning, U.S. imperialists arrogantly think they can unilaterally expel Russia and Iran from Afghanistan. But the Northern Alliance, Afghan President Karzai’s main base of support, is very dependent economically and militarily on Russia and China.

Iran also has close ties with former Afghan president Burhanuddin Rabbani, leader of the anti-Taliban coalition (Northern Alliance) in the 1990s. Kabul is courting Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, a holy warrior who fought for the CIA against the Soviet army in Afghanistan. He leads the fastest-growing insurgent group in Afghanistan.

China, a major player in the region, opposes the U.S.-NATO permanent military presence in the area. Afghanistan is being courted by the SCO to become a member. The SCO is a regional organization created by Russia and China to stop U.S.-NATO expansion in the Caucuses-Caspian regions. Since 2004,

Karzai has been a guest of honor at all the SCO’s summit meetings.

U.S. bosses are also supporting the Balochistan secessionist movement, which could eventually break up Pakistan if it degenerates into a failed state or becomes too independent. This would both deny China access to alternative energy resources and transport routes, and provide U.S. bases to further encircle Russia and China militarily.

PLP condemns the terrorists behind the Mumbai attack, along with all the capitalists-imperialists and their religious fanatics terrorizing workers worldwide. Workers need the ideas in CHALLENGE to fight all the bosses and build a mass international revolutionary PLP to fight for a communist world, without any bosses and their mass terror.

Pakistan and China in U.S. Bosses’ Sights

U.S. actions in Afghanistan and the region are also aimed at preventing China from importing 80% of its oil by skirting the Strait of Malacca, a narrow passage-way which the U.S. can block in case of war.

For China, the closest and safest sources of energy are Iran and the Caspian region, by-passing the Malacca Strait. Thus, China has signed mega energy contracts with Turkmenistan and Iran, a country the U.S. strives to isolate.

China’s other alternate routes are Pakistan’s Gwadar port in Balochistan with prospective pipelines from there to China’s remote western regions; and the Myanmar’s Sittwe port from which it will build two 900-mile pipelines to its Yunnan province.

Other possible routes for China to bypass the Malacca Strait are in the Indian Ocean. Thus, the U.S., using pirates in the area as pretext, has sent warships to “patrol” it. The U.S. is also negotiating bases there to gain full control of the Indian Ocean and adjacent seas, and temporarily thwart all Chinese solutions to their Malacca dilemma.

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