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Greek Workers lead the way!

Over 100,000 angry workers decided that there’s no reason for them to bail out capitalism.  They have had street battles with the police that have included molotov cocktails and rocks against rubber bullets and flash grenades as well as a large water cannon.

The need for capitalism to protect the profit of capitalists at the expense of the working class is at the heart of the attack on the working class in Greece.  Imagine the possibilities if there was a mass PLP organized in Greece and ready to seize power.  That’s the goal.  A communist world without the need for capitalist crisis.   

Chicago Teachers: Battle Racist Education

CHICAGO, September 18 — The strike of 26,000 rank-and-file teachers who broke the bosses’ law in fighting to defend their students was suspended today after a vote of 800 delegates in the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU), pending a membership-wide vote over the next several weeks.

This was a strike for the students and their parents. The teachers’ fight is one which opposes the school bosses racist oppression of the students. The teachers are fighting for better learning conditions for students and better working conditions for themselves. Many were open to Progressive Labor Party’s ideas and leadership shown by over 2,000 CHALLENGES and tens of thousands of fliers were distributed, and several teachers’ agreed to work more closely and learn more about the PLP.

The strike demonstrated that workers, united can defy the bosses’ laws. When teachers strike they openly defy the state’s plan to indoctrinate the next generation of workers in the classroom.

The teachers struck against racism. More than 80 percent of Chicago students are black and Latino and the school bosses run a system founded on racist discrimination that drives students into low-wage jobs, mass unemployment or the military, to kill our sister and brother workers in imperialist wars.

During the strike, the rank and file picketed every one of the system’s 585 schools, every day. Daily rallies of tens of thousands of people, including parents, students, and workers from other unions backed the strikers. Members who had formerly been inactive learned what it means to fight back against the boss. Others stepped forward into leadership roles. A strike changes people!

Smash the Bosses’ Dictatorship

This is only one battle in a long class war of workers against bosses that can be won only when the rulers’ state apparatus is smashed by a communist revolution led a by PLP.

The bosses are pushing their agenda to indoctrinate working class students and blaming teachers for capitalist failures. The leaders of the national unions are helping them; while the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) president Randi Weingarten reluctantly came out in support of the strike. The fact is the trade unions as a whole, including the AFT and the National Education Association are partners with the bosses in opening the door to “reforms”. This will break seniority by re-writing tenure and starting the process to make teacher evaluation dependent on phony test scores.

The strike has already inspired millions of workers and youth and set an example of what kind of fight-back is possible. The experience of defying the bosses’ laws must be extended to a strike against their closing of even one school.

With the national elections just weeks away, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel reminds us that we live under a class dictatorship and that the state apparatus (the government) serves the ruling class of billionaires, bankers and school reformers no matter which party is in the White House. The bosses and their politicians may disagree on how to save the U.S. empire but they are united on keeping their class in power and terrorizing workers and youth into accepting a future of racist terror, poverty and war. And part of the bosses’’ purpose in cutting back school budgets is to use these resources to fight their continuing imperialist oil wars.

The legal system that attacked this strike is the same court system and ruling class government that has:

• Enacted laws in Illinois, backed by both parties and signed by a Democratic Party governor forcing teachers to have a super majority (70 percent) to call a strike but CTU members smashed that barrier with a 90 percent vote;

• Passed another law that if a teachers’ strike “presents a clear and present danger,” the Mayor and school bosses can use the courts to force them back to work;

• Created the world’s largest prison population, over 2.4 million, 70% black and Latino;

• Deported over 400,000 immigrants last year alone, with tens of thousands more sitting in immigration jails, separated from family and friends;

• Foreclosed the homes of millions of workers and their families since the economic crash of 2008;

This ruling-class dictatorship must be smashed and replaced by dictatorship of the workers, in which millions of workers and youth will serve the needs of the international working class.

The strike helped expose the Democratic Party and its revolving door between the White House and Chicago’s City Hall. This includes Emanuel, Obama’s former Chief-of Staff (who was replaced by William Daley) and now head of Obama’s political fund-raising committee; Arne Duncan, national education Czar and former Chicago school boss; and Obama himself, former Illinois Senator.

Part of this bosses’ dictatorship is the use of their election circus in which both political parties are used to divert workers from looking to revolt against the ruling class that exploit us. By continuing the fight, the teachers will continue to get the support of parents, students and workers from all industries, in Chicago and beyond. PLP can expose the bosses’ class dictatorship, point workers in another direction, off the treadmill of endless reform and onto the road to revolution, a vital lesson that educators can learn on and off the picket lines!

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the iPhone 5, obsolescence, and capitalism

Enforced obsolescence, the iPhone 5, and capitalism. Capitalism gives us new reasons to hate it every day. Each momet that we’re stuck living under the state apparatus, we see the absurdity of the logic that the need to generate maximum profit creates. The newest macabre example of capitalist logic coming on the heals of a massacre of striking workers by a black president in South Africa and the strike of thousands and thousands of teachers united with parents and students against the educational policies of a black president here is the release of the new iPhone. Not only is the new iPhone saturated with the blood of the laborers that work in hell-like conditions, but it is indicative of the profit-driven insanity that is capitalism’s core.


A whole industry of products has been built up around the iPhone’s docking station mechanism. Stereos, alarm clocks, and other doohickeys that capitalism makes us think we need. Well, the new iPhone has changed the docking station to make it incompatable with any of the existing gadgets that exist. Under communism, we’d have taken the scientific approach and built upon the existing technological strata to create a device that would meet the needs of the working class. Capitalism wants to negate a whole industry and collection of goods so that people have to buy more shit. These masters of war constantly create to destroy, constantly produce for profit, and then drop bombs on workers with the vast profits that they do create.


The fact that millions of older model iphones aremeow going to be thrown away as people upgrade and Apple is not interested in recycling or adapting them.  The enforced obsolescence of capitalism is a wasteful element that it needs in order to maximize profit. It is not a bad habit of capitalism that can be reformed, as it’s just as intrinsic to it as racism. The primary need of capitalism is profit. Capitalism is not addicted to profit anymore than we are addicted to food. We need food just as much as capitalism needs profit. The only way a rationally planne society can exist is under communism, as socialism is nothing more than capitalism with some red paint. 

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Education, not Imperialist War!

The strike of 30,000 school teachers and education workers in Chicago is the necessary response to the attacks that students, teachers and parents have been facing for years.  It’s significant that the strike is happening in Chicago, which is the Ground Zero for fascist “educational reform.” That has the full support of the democrats and AFT president Randi Weingarten.  The charter school movement, school closings, increased testing and “data driven” teaching, the new evaluation measures, and the budget cuts have all been forced on the mostly black and Latino school population. This is clearly racist. But the working class is pushing back against these attacks in a way that we haven’t seen in 25 years.

“School Reform” Is about Control, Not Education!

 These endless changes forced down the throats of students and teachers nationwide are more about disciplining us than education.  Obama and Duncan’s Race to the Top and the drive towards standardized curriculum and testing is part of the bosses move to win the hearts and minds of our students to fight in their expanding imperialist wars.  School reform in Chicago has shown it’s racist nature from the mass firings of veteran black teachers from schools that our students never deserved, discipline policies that force our students out of school and the hiring of young white teachers into schools that are still setup for failure.

Many of the reforms involve micro managing what teachers do while giving them less and less support, supplies, etc. Obama’s team of Rahm and Duncan has shown their true colors in the dismantling of public education and their attacks on the labor movement. The ruling class in this country wants to use these reforms to crush the spirit of teachers and control the schools for the needs of the capitalists.

Money for War, No Money for Schools!

These attacks are necessary in a system that is based on the wealth of a few and the exploitation of the many, CAPITALISM.  So, while thousands of anti-racist teachers take to the street fighting for decent schools, dignity and the respect that education workers deserve billions have been spent on imperialist wars.  From Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan to propping up US military bases all over the world.  As long as the bosses are in power, we will face continous wars for profit –only a revolution for communism, workers power, can bring us the changes we need!

(More on the history of communists in the labor movement in next leaflet-Volume 3.)

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Chicago Teachers STRIKE against Apartheid Edcuation


The Chicago teachers’ strike is a fight back against the racist conditions (overcrowded classes, segregated schools, etc.) our children face every day.  Strikes allow workers to feel the power that we have as a class to stop the bosses in their tracks.  The liberal Democrats, Obama and Duncan are leading the racist attacks on students and teachers in the U.S. with their “Race to the Top”.  The anti-racist fight that 26,000 Chicago school workers are waging is an inspiration to workers around the world, like the striking Lonmin miners in Marikana, South Africa.


For better wages, working and living conditions the black mine workers have shut down the world’s third largest platinum mine.  Our working class sisters and brothers in South Africa are waging a strike against the mine owners and the racist liberal African National Congress (ANC).  The response of the liberal black led ANC to these workers demands was the racist police massacre of 8 miners on August 8th and 34 striking miners on August 16th.



Chicago school workers are fighting for the schools our children deserve, as workers in South Africa are fighting for the lives they deserve.  The fact remains that capitalism can never provide the quality of life our class deserves.  The liberals Obama, Duncan, Emmanuel & Co. just like the ANC politicians are doing the bidding of their billionaire masters.  These liberals are leading the racist attacks on workers from the U.S. to South Africa.  To get the lives that our class deserves we must fight to take state power away from the bosses and their puppet politicians.  The working class (more than 99%) produces EVERYTHING of value in the world, yet the ruling class (less than 1%) controls it all.  Under communism racism would have no place in our society.  Communism, unlike capitalism, needs unity not division of our class. A communist society will utilize the potential in all workers and students to build the world the international working class deserves.

JOIN PLP!! FIGHT FOR COMMUNISM!!     P.O. Box 204 1634 E. 53rd St. Chicago, IL. 60615

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Won’t Believe The Bosses’ Fascist Lies!

Won’t believe the Bosses lies!


The new film being produced by the arch-fascist who also made the deceit infused “mis”-documentary “Waiting for Superman” is called “Won’t Back Down”.  This fascist film has a parent and a teacher unite to fight.  This, in and of itself, should be lauded, but the enemy that they fight is the teacher’s union.  The film has workers and parents unite to fight against their own interest in the interest of the bosses.  This is the basis of fascism.


This film portrays teachers as the problem of schools and that by uniting parents and teachers to get rid of unions, salaries, tenure, and institute corporate backed charter schools, the education system can be fixed.  This is the pipe dream of the capitalists in their current assault on education.  This film has minority actresses and is a classic example of reactionary ideology attempting to wear the clothing of the left.


This film played at the Republican and Democrat primaries.  Democrat Party PACC master flash Rahm Emanuel is Obama’s henchman carrying out the aspirations of this film against the teachers in Chicago. Both the Republican Party and The Democrat Party are the party of the bosses, and this film is a part of their arsenal against the working class.


We need to fight back and organize against this film.  We should protest outside theaters that are playing it, and point out that it is capitalism that is wrong with education today.  The needs of the capitalist class to steal money from our children in order to pay for their wars and increase their profit margins is the real problem with education.  In order for them to do so, they must make the workers do more and more with less and less.  We should do everything we can to make sure that people don’t watch the fascist propaganda of “Won’t Back Down”.

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