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Snowden Aided the Working Class by Exposing Fascism

The US ruling class is pissed. They really really want to get Snowden, the brave worker whose deep- seated loyalty to the working class led him to expose the fascist machinations of the US’s despotic ruling class. Snowden said that he specifically got a job at a military subcontractor so that he could get access to the NSA. When he got that access, he exposed what those fascists were doing. Snowden was being loyal to the working class when Kerry called him a traitor to his country. In a show of how a great many people consider Snowden to be a hero, Pelosi was booed for calling him a traitor.

The ruling class isn’t just pissed, they’re also terrified that there is no reason for anybody to be loyal to them. Their silver bullet panacea of Obama hasn’t brought them anything but failure and disillusion. Everywhere, from the Syria fiasco where the Al Qaeda aligned militants are syphoning off US arms to them having to negotiate with the Taliban to their own workers licking their chops at a chance to betray them, the US ruling class is in decline. The economic crisis is not abating and more cuts are coming to the working class.

As of this article’s writing, Russia is giving the US the finger. The US bosses are trying to pressure Russia to give up Snowden, and Russia is playing the “we don’t know anything” game. It’s surprising that they didn’t say, “Who? Snow White? That’s Disney. This is Putin.”

What can the US possibly do to Russia to get them to give him over? China, working through Hong Kong didn’t just pass the buck when they sent him to Russia; they basically washed their hands while intensifying the contradiction. However this Snowden Affair resolves, the US is in a world of hurt — and they know it.

In response, the US is intensifying fascist state repression by now trying to get workers to rat on each other in order to stem other whistleblowers. They know others will follow their conscience and expose the evil machinations of the imperialists. They know they have no moral ground to stand on apart from the mythological epic struggle against the bogeyman terrorists — terrorists that they don’t mind arming, funding, training, and sic’ing on the workers in Syria if it’s politically advantageous enough for them to do so.

The angry dogs are now barking up Russia’s tree. They can’t hide everything forever. The conspiracy theorists should take note of the fact that the government can’t keep secrets to save their lives. Workers everywhere should show Snowden support for his bravery and do whatever they can to fight the fascism being built in the US, Russia, and all over the world. PLP applauds workers who put everything on the line in order to fight imperialism and fascism. 

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We Stand With The Protesting Workers and Students in Brazil

The Rising Cost of Living in Brazil

Que Vive! Que Vive! Que Vive Communismo! All Power to the Working Class; Kick the bosses in the Ass!  Although the first chant is not ringing off the streets of Brazil, the second one is clearly being carried out in practice.  The Working class in Brazil is fighting back against the forces of Imperialism and Capitalism.  The immense gains and economic boon that the wealthy in Brazil have enjoyed for the past decade has not been enjoyed by the working class.  A brief glimpse at the Rising Cost of Living in Brazil shows that all of the costs have gone up by almost 200%! The fare going up 20 cents was the straw that broke the camel’s back as quantity turned into quality and millions of workers and students have taken to the streets.


PLP applauds the brave protesters that have taken to the streets in Brazil, just like we applaud them in Turkey.  We support their struggle for a better world and urge them to join the PLP.  The fake left parties in Brazil have lost control of these protests; of course, it’s debatable whether or not they had control of them to begin with.  One positive example of this lack of “left control” is that the workers smashed the tolls on a bridge.  They are taking wield their anger against the state and reapropriating the fruits of their labor from markets, which the bosses are calling “looting”.  Under capitalism, it’s only a crime to steal if the workers do it.


Mao said that it only takes a spark to start a prairie fire, and that spark has instigated mass protests.  There will not be a revolution in Brazil due to the fact that there isn’t a Communist Party that is organized and ready to take power.  The best that can happen out of this is the reforms that were demanded are met.  The former Leftists Guerilla and current president is now rolling back the fare raises and promising other concessions to the workers.  

Brazil has spent millions and millions of dollars getting ready for the FIFA World Cup and does not want to jeopardize that cash cow. They just want the working class to calm down and go back to being servile and passive.  The workers are sick of the effects of the capitalist system.  They may not be voicing this explicitly, but their actions speak louder than words.  They need a Communist Revolution led by the PLP in order to end the hell of capitalism once and for all.

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Update on Turkey and Syria 6/4/13

Update Turkey:

We must temper our enthusiasm for the intense class struggle in Turkey.  Keeping in mind the dialectical category of appearance vs. essence, the parallel to Egypt is quite palpable. Like Egypt, there is a succession struggle between the rival political parties, neither of which has the worker’s interests at heart. There is a political narrative of the downfall of Mubarak that makes it look spontaneous, yet, in essence, it was a carefully mediated transition guided by the military and with the force of the working class ousting an entrenched leader trying to build a dynasty.

In Turkey, Erdogan is trying to pull a Putin Medvedev game of musical chairs. By trying to change the constitution, Erdogan is trying to pave the way for him to circumvent the term limits on being Prime Minister by becoming President. So, the crackdown on the peaceful sit in against the tearing down of trees in an urban green space and its subsequent uprising, are now being co-opted by political opportunism.

Though there are revisionists and Anarchists at the center of the protests, the liberal party and disaffected angry youth fighting against the creeping Islamism of the AKP and a growing perception (that) has developed among a growing number of Turks that the party is pursuing an aggressive form of capitalism  will not be able to topple the state itself. With Erdogan in Tunisia, the genesis of the Arab Spring of two years ago, this is an opportune time for a good old-fashioned Turkish coup.  With opposition leaders now openly saying that the protests were justified and criticizing Erdogan, there seems to be a developing front to topple him.

With the sectarian lines dividing the working class based on religion and nationalism, the secular parties with their roots in the urban centers and the Kurdish Parties will challenge the more fundamentalist countryside. The major question is if Turkey will go the way of Syria? If it does, then this means that there are imperialist forces at work with a stake in Turkey’s downfall. Without Turkey to the north sheltering much of Syria’s rebel leadership because it’s mired in its own civil war, Assad will be able to move to an endgame even faster.

Will the US allow their staunch ally and model of a workable Islamic government to topple? Will Saudi Arabia allow the moderate Islam of Turkey and their rivals in the Moslem Brotherhood to challenge their Wahabiism? It is up to the workers to decide. There is a long history of Communist organizing in Turkey and the Red Flag can rise again by the workers and students joining PLP and overthrowing capitalism.

Update on Syria:

The US is now putting Patriot missiles and F-16’s in Jordan. This could signal that they don’t want to use their bullyboy thugs in Israel to bomb Syria’s air defenses and arms caches. With Russia adamant that they will it surrender their last warm water Mediterranean port, the US is escalating the conflict to protect their investment in the Al Qaeda saturated co-opted rebel movement that is a warning to other insurrections as to why a The Revolutionary Communist Progressive Labor Party is needed to smash the state and not allow the uprising to be hijacked. 

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Uprisings in Turkey, Cambodia, Germany, and South Africa

Uprisings in Turkey, Cambodia, Germany, and South Africa

Workers in Cambodia, Turkey, Germany, and South Africa are rising up in rebellion against imperialism’s economic crisis. Thousands of striking workers in Cambodia confronted scabs, soldiers, pigs, and the organized force of the state as they wielded sticks and stones to smash the Nike factory that exploits them. The protesters in Turkey are fighting against the reactionary Islamist tinged government that is meddling in their private lives by now making public displays of affection illegal. The Blockupy movement continues to rage against the ECB and either the pigs or the Yellow Union’s thugs in South Africa murdered another miner.

The rise in protests around the world should inspire workers to know that they can fight back. These struggles are challenging the state, but they are not a challenge for state power.

The Prime Minister, Erdogan, in Turkey is a self-righteous twit who made the absurd statement that anybody who drinks alcohol is an alcoholic.   Like all religious ideologues that are saturated with superstitious ideology, Erdogan is hopelessly disconnected from material reality and thinks the absurd is real.   Communist Dialectical Materialism is the antidote to all forms of religious ideology as religion is little more than organized ignorance in the interests of the ruling class.  We must keep in mind though, that the extreme gutter sexism an Islamic fundamentalist society is trying to creep into place will not be defeated by the everyday liberal sexism under the bourgeoisie.

You know things are getting bad in Turkey when Syria is saying that it’s a dangerous place…

Progressive Labor Party salutes the Brave workers and students who are standing up to the state apparatus in Turkey and helping to topple The Islamic ruling class’ ruling party, the AK Party or AKP.  The fact that demonstrations are raging in over 40 cities in Turkey as a response to the brutal crackdown by the police is truly inspiring. 

PLP stands applauds the rebels who have challenged the building of a barracks and a mosque in a Taksim Square as a symbolic gesture against a place where protests have historically gathered.  PLP applauds the workers who are striking against the state in solidarity with the protesters.  PLP knows that the workers and students rebelling against the state need Communist Revolution.  Friends in the Middle East and Turkey should take full advantage of the situation to build PLP.       

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Blockupy and Kyrgyzstan Protests Should Inspire Us

Blockupy in Europe and Villagers in Kyrgyzstan both have been fighting against the effects of capitalism. The intensifying crisis that is the effect of the big boss imperialists need to maximize profit in their international rivalry with each other is causing an intensification of the boss worker class struggle. Though the parasite vs producer is the fundamental class struggle that is the engine of history, at this moment of the dark night of human history, arguably the darkest, the struggle between the largest imperialists is the primary contradiction steering world events.

Workers in Europe, especially Southern Europe, are fighting back against the Troika imposed budget cuts. The Troika is composed of the European Union (EU), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the European Central Bank (ECB). Workers in Kyrgyzstan are fighting against the profits from one of the most profitable gold mine in Central Asia going into the pockets of the Canadian Bourgeoisie. The working class in Eurasia is locked in a death struggle with the forces of Imperialism.

The unemployment rate in Europe is hitting record highs. It is between 40-65% for youth and the bosses’ media laments a lost generation occurring. It would be a great victory for the working class for this lost generation to find the Communist PLP.  The villagers in Kyrgyzstan are fighting to use the profits from the factory to build schools, roads, enhance the hospitals, and to nationalize the factory. This reform movement smacks of the old Soviet Socialist line and nationalizing a factory will not end the exploitation of the working class, as it will just give a bigger piece of the pie to the local bosses.  But, they are still a threat to the bosses’ profits and the state as over 50 workers were wounded and 80 were detained in the violent clash with the pigs as the workers tried to shut down the mine.   

The contradiction of reform vs revolution is playing out in the Occupy Wall St (OWS) movement inspired Blockupy movement and in Kyrgyzstan. The Blockupy movement might have the same level of “Success” as OWS did, a pan, a flash, a little bit of hope, and a lot of disillusionment, but though Blockupy asserts that it is anti-capitalist in orientation and is symbolically attacking the heart of the Troika, the ECB, it does not have the politics, the organization, or the ability to seriously challenge the bourgeoisie for state power, let alone initiate a systemic transformation to a need based, egalitarian, society that eliminated wages and profit. Their actions, like the Naxalites successfully ambushing and killing members of congress, inspire us, but they can not win the struggle against capitalism.

In Kyrgyzstan, the state has used brutal force to smash the workers and their inspiring struggle and in India, thousands and thousands of soldiers are now saturating the jungles to obliterate the Maoist Naxalites. The Naxalites are fighting a revolution that they can not win, and even if they did, the Maoists in Nepal next door show their revisionist politics in action as they sold out.  The Blockupy movement appears to be inspiring, and it should, as it is indicative of the working class beginning to fight back, but we can’t have any illusions.  It will take a mass Party with a dedicated cadre and the correct political line of fighting directly for Communism in order to destroy capitalism once and for all.  The recent uprisings and fight backs should inspire us, but without a Communist Party, there can be no revolution, and that Party is the PLP. 

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