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Capitalism Is Holding Us Back: The Stars Should Be Ours

Each year brings more advances in science that shed light upon how much capitalism is retarding the development of the human race and acting as a chain on our potential. The god particle was discovered. A substance that repels water was discovered. Water was found in the polar regions of Mercury. Yup, Mercury has Polar Regions.

The whole universe beckons to us. The stars would be ours already if it were not for the limits that profit places on human development. Marx said that war is like taking all of the productive capabilities of a society and then dumping it in the ocean. We have the technology today due to advances in Nano technology to begin to build mining operations in space, to begin constructing things that seem far out and fanciful — like a moon bridge or space elevator.

Instead, the capitalists are more concerned with funding terrorism in Syria (either the butcher Al Assad or Al Qaeda); assaulting our ozone and environment with the Keystone pipeline; destroying the working class’ access to quality education by the Troika in Greece or Obama’s Race to the Top in the US; or outright murdering us as factories kill us by the thousands in Cambodia and Bangladesh. The need for capitalism to increase the profitability of capital through maximum exploitation of humanity and the Earth is now plowing ahead with a full head of steam towards World War 3 and our possible annihilation instead of taking ourselves to the unlimited resources that we could have from the Solar System around us.

Instead of designing and building floating cities in Venus, we’re designing weapons to destroy cities and kill innocent workers. Instead of building massive coral reefs as a counterbalance to Global warming, Obama and company are getting ready to build a pipeline that will wreck environmental havoc on our world, as if superstorms like Hurricane Sandy are not enough. What was once only dreamed of in science fiction is quickly becoming scientific fact, yet our ruling masters would rather kill each other, and get us to kill each other in their interests, rather than allow us to achieve our historical moment.

The revolution just can not come soon enough for us to throw off the yoke of their exploitation driving us to slave for our annihilation. These parasites, the capitalist bosses, inhuman garbage that they are, need to be thrown off of the proletariat’s back. A world that is sustainable, green, healing, feeding us and clothing us all, meeting the needs of all, can only be built by a Communist Revolution led by the Progressive Labor Party. Our advanced line of fighting directly for Communism, a society based on meeting the needs of the working class by our class struggling together, will break the shackles on our development. We will inherit the Earth and the stars, the ability for us to feed every human being 20 times over and educate every worker to be a leader, the death of exploitation, sexism, nationalism, ideology, and racism with the ascendancy of scientific thought based on the power of Dialectical Materialism.

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Over 500 Dead in Bangladesh

The capitalist class loves to go on and on about the war on terror. But their class is the real terrorist organization. Imagine the effects of the fertilizer factory that blew up half a small town in Texas on the school around it and everyone around if it had blown up in the middle of the day. It would have dwarfed the Boston attack even more than it already has. The terrorism of the capitalist class continues.

A building complex collapsed in Bangladesh due to the lax building codes and the need to maximize profit.  Over five hundred dead. Let that number sink in. How many thousands and thousands of children, of brothers, sisters, mothers, lost a child, a sister, a friend, a wife or a husband? How many?

Capitalism. The need to take capital and make profit out of it. Maximum profit is the name of the game. Any less than maximum and the capitalist will get eaten by a more ruthless capitalist.

Over five hundred dead workers with more being pulled out of the rubble every day is what happened when capitalists in Bangladesh put profits before the working class. The workers died being overworked producing cheap clothing for clothing chains in Europe and North America.

The US is ratcheting up fascism as a response to three dead from the Boston bombing, yet how many does capitalism kill every day. These workers died so that that profit could be made for the bosses and retail chains that peddle the clothes.

As workers in Bangladesh die by the thousands every year in the interest of profit and affordable fashion, the war in Syria rages on. Obama is now conveniently discussing the fact that chemical weapons have been used in Syria. This was his red line that Syria was not to cross. There is the coincidence that this allegation is coming as Russia and China backed Assad’a forces are in the process of rolling back the Al-Qaeda saturated “rebel” ironically named Free Syrian Army. The other dilemma is that it may have actually been the rebel forces that used the gas. 

The dilemma of arming and training the Al-Qaeda in the Levant, formally Al-Qaeda in Iraq and Syria but now merged, is patently absurd. The US should have learned their lesson in Afghanistan and then again in Libya, but this is not the case. It is interesting that Assad is inviting the UN inspectors in, because that does imply that it may have been the US backed “good guys” who did this. The same scum who use car bombs in crowded areas to hit one target. Following the blue prints of the biggest terrorist organization in the world, the US, why shouldn’t the FSA wantonly blow people up in order to hit one possible target?  The US does it all the time as they double tap civilian targets with their drone bombings.

This May Day saw millions around the world march as a sign of the working class’ might and against the constant injustice, exploitation, brutality, barbarism, and sheer absurdity of Capitalism. Unfortunately this May Day did not see a Communist revolution. PLP in the US, the Levant, and in Bangladesh will continue to build. The mass protests that have shaken BD to the core need PL’s Communist leadership in order to fight back against the imperialist needs of Capitalism’s hyper profitable fashion industry. 

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