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An International Communist Movement is Necessary!

Though there has been an upsurge of workers fighting against the direct force of the state, it is not a threat to state power. Thousands of workers, mostly teachers, directly confront the police in Mexico and up to a hundred thousand battle the forces of the state in Bangladesh. The workers fight back in Sudan. The bosses shoot 70. The workers are angry and lack direction. Why, why is there no clear-cut direction in a land with constant wars for liberation and a whole lot if armed groups the phony left fawns over? Simple. There is no Communist center, no principled movement dedicated to the ruthless smashing of the profit system and the construction of a Communist economic system under the dictatorship of the working class. 

The failures of the Old Communist movement abound in both of the Sudans, once where one of the largest Communist Parties existed. China is investing billions in an imperialist resource grab — offer billions in loans, take the raw resources, and then take the tax dollars to pay the loans. China was once a beacon of hope to the world with millions of workers dedicated to smashing U.S. imperialism and the setting up of a new society. Well, that socialism that they attempted to build is really a choice between capitalism and capitalism. Despite Mao’s leadership, the great sacrifices, the great victories, and the unfurling of the Red Flag, the incorrect politics and the multi-stage approach to communism doomed them and all future revolutions that fight for socialism and national liberation instead of Communism.

The U.S. is really trying to deny China all of Sudan’s oil resources. They would love to topple the pro-Chinese government of North Sudan and control the pipelines that take South Sudan’s oil to port, either outright or by denying China access.

While the forces of imperialism are slaughtering the workers in Khartoum in the streets, they also butcher them in Bangladesh. The racism of students in almost every high school in the U.S. being taught about the horror of the Triangle fire, and how it sparked revolts and protest that led to safety laws while hundreds and hundreds of workers in Bangladesh either are murdered by the deadly conditions in the factory or outright by the state in the streets as they fight back against the conditions that are killing them.   

Class struggle alone will not ever bring liberation to the working class. All the solidarity that unions can muster forever will never liberate our class from the profit system and exploitation. Only a Communist revolution will. The working class is screaming out for Communist leadership, and PLP will one day lead them.

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