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Racist Lynching Must Be Punished!

ronniewhitePRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY, MD, December 22 — The People’s Coalition for Police Accountability, joined by CASA de Maryland and other community organizations rallied today at the Upper Marlboro Courthouse. The rally demanded that the State’s Attorney (the county prosecutor) Glenn Ivey indict the prison guards who, without a doubt, strangled Ronnie White in his jail cell. The medical examiner’s final report determined that he was, in fact, murdered in his cell.

The lynching of this 19-year-old black man must not go unpunished! Capitalism maintains extreme racism to keep the working class intimidated and divided, so there’s no surprise that Ivey dismissed the grand jury investigating this case, without an indictment. Under capitalism, there’s no justice in cases like Ronnie White’s. Only a revolution for communism will end racism and the ruling class’s attacks on the working class.

Anti-racist organizers leafleted hundreds of people at Metro stations and at the courthouse. White’s family stepped forward boldly to attack the media’s demonization of Ronnie. Tens of thousands of people in the Washington, D.C. area saw TV and journal news reports about the rally. The bold, loud demonstration at the courthouse made it impossible for Ivey to ignore it. He felt compelled to speak to the press and continue his lie that he was still investigating the case and just had “a few loose ends” to finish up! He spent an hour with a protest delegation trying to sweet-talk his way out of trouble. We will never let him make this lynching a “cold case”!

Mobilizing workers around the racist brutality of the law enforcement system is the order of the day. We must attack the “blue wall of silence,” the culture of racist police violence and the cops’ and guards’ ability to kill with impunity. As capitalism’s current international financial crisis intensifies, the bosses will use the full extent of their state power to terrorize workers even more.

We in PLP must bring our communist politics to the struggle against the racist brutality of the bosses’ goons (cops, guards, etc.), showing that only a society without bosses — communism — is the long-range end to this horror. CHALLENGE must become our ideological weapon in this vital task.

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Anti-Racist Fight vs. Police Murders Continues

LANGLEY PARK, MD, September 24 — “Fight Back!” chanted PLPers at a rally against police brutality today. Over 150 people gathered here, led by CASA de Maryland (an immigrant workers’ rights group) and supported by the People’s Coalition for Police Accountability. Protesters spoke out against the police murder of Manuel Jesus de Espina, the lynching of Ronnie White by prison guards (officially a homicide according to the coroner’s report), and the SWAT attack on the mayor of Berwyn Heights. Dorothy Elliott reminded protestors of the long struggle for justice, which she has been seeking for the murder of her son by police in the 1990s.

PLP members brought a message of militancy and revolution to this gathering, distributing over 40 CHALLENGES to fellow protestors. Many in the crowd appreciated the more militant spirit. A Guatemalan man eagerly took DESAFIO and said, “we need a society where everyone is equal — these police will continue the brutality until we have a new system.” He liked PLP’s international organizing and outlook, and planned to show the paper to his friends and family. A worker from El Salvador was visibly angry, declaring “the police are without shame; they come in the community and want our help, then they turn around and kill our friend. On top of that, when we stay on the corner looking to work, they kick us off the corner with threat of arrest, when I am only just trying to feed my family.”

With the exception of the poignant personal stories and the revolutionary line of the PLP, this event was only a symbolic rally that had the effect of quelling any sense of fight-back. It is almost as if the organizers were saying: “Come out, light a candle, think about the victims, then go home and continue your lives as wage slaves and you will be lucky if you are not targeted by the police.” Many workers were optimistic that the rally might lead to justice. But we need to build a fighting spirit of anti-racist militancy in the spirit of John Brown and Harriet Tubman and swell the ranks of the PLP to advance this struggle beyond symbolism.

The reality of the situation is that under capitalism, police protect the bosses and their property and use racist terror against workers. The long history of police brutality will not be ended by rallies alone. At a time when the bosses’ financial meltdown will lead to more oppression of workers, the bosses will need to control fight-back with brutality and intimidation. Only the development of a mass militant anti-racist movement, ultimately leading to a revolution against capitalism, can stem the tide of police brutality.

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