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Rebellion is the Answer to Racist Police Murder

First Ferguson. Now Baltimore. It was a rebellion. Not a riot. Politicians, preachers, cops and the media all labeled the militant youth everything but what they are — rebels that have lead a powerful and inspiring uprising. On the whole, the youth targeted the racist bosses and their goons.

The anti-racist rebellion shows us that when push comes to shove, the racist police are no match for a united and fighting working class. Youth are fighting against tear gas, The National Guard, and over 7,000 kkkops, all while defying the orders of the mayor and other capitalist officials. We have a lot to learn from them.
The cold-blooded racist police murder of Freddie Gray was not an isolated event; the cops killed them, and continue to target Black workers and youth because the vicious racist ruling class needs to terrorize us into accepting a future of poverty and imperialist war. We refuse to accept it!

We don’t accept a life where being Black means you can be gunned down at any moment with little to no consequence. We don’t accept a system where the lives of Tyrone West, Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Freddie Gray, Shantel Davis, Kyam Livingston, Kimani Gray, Eric Garner, and Rhamarley Graham mean nothing to these killer kkkops! There are too many names! This system doesn’t deserve to exist! The bosses call for “bringing order” and “life back to normal.” This “normal” is racism in our schools, in hospital, and in the streets! A rebellion was long coming! To anti-racists everywhere — protest in solidarity with the rebellion started in Baltimore at your schools, at work, in your churches, unions, and in your neighborhoods.

The rebels broke capitalist laws, the same laws that protect mass murderers that are responsible for millions of deaths from racist profit wars, global drug cartels, mass poverty, and unemployment. These gangsters in suits walk free, run businesses, command armies, and hold government power. The ruling class tries to paint Blacks, Latinos and the immigrant working-class as criminals. The real criminal is this racist system. The bosses close hospitals, schools, and keep people unemployed. They also murder workers and children in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, and Pakistan for oil.

Only a revolutionary communist society where the working class has power can rid the world of racist killer kkkops. The capitalist courts encourage and tolerate cops who murder Black, Latin and immigrant workers. Meanwhile, five million Black and Latin workers and youth are forced into the criminal injustice system, either imprisoned, on probation or on parole. Seventy percent of the 2.4 million in U.S. prisons are Black and Latin. And if cops do get punished, it’s a slap on the wrist.

Join and build the revolutionary communist Progressive Labor Party (PLP) and build an international multi-racial movement to crush racism from New York City to Ferguson to Gaza with armed revolution! Progressive Labor Party is a revolutionary communist party dedicated to eliminating capitalism with communist revolution as the only way to end imperialism, terrorism, racism, sexism, and class inequality.

The growth of a fighting PLP is the only way to guarantee that the bosses won’t get away with racist police murder. PLP fights to lead the working class to smash the bosses’ cops and courts and establish a communist society worthy of every worker struck down by capitalism worldwide.

Join us as we march on May 2 against this racist system and celebrate the militancy of the rebels in Baltimore and Ferguson. Celebrate the working class’s history to overcome divisions the bosses put in our way, to fight back, and our potential to win the war against capitalism! March for a communist world!

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The Working Class in Egypt Rises Up!

The Progressive Labor Party applauds the workers in Egypt who are rising up again by the millions to overthrow the Islamist government that is now in power.  Though it is inspiring to see millions of people in the streets and battling against the forces of religious superstition dominating a state, they are not fighting for an ultimate solution to the economic issues that they are complaining about.  Only a Communist society organized to meet the needs of the working class can meet the demands of the millions of workers that have taken to the streets.  They are protesting on the anniversary of the last wave of protests just two short years ago.  We were right then and we will be right now – without a Communist Party dedicated to seizing state power and extending the demands of the working class in order to transform society into a Communist economic system, there can be no revolution.


Though it is inspiring seeing the wave of religious fundamentalism getting beaten back by the masses and Muslim Brotherhood offices get firebombed, attacked, and the rabid sexists being put on the defensive, it isn’t enough to end all forms of false consciousness.  The liberalism and the phony left in Egypt are descendants of Nasser and many of them see the army as a neutral tool or, even worse, as the defender of the secular state.  The army in Egypt, like all the bosses’ armies, is a tool of class domination to be used against the working class in order to maintain the rule of the few over the great masses of workers.


The campaign is called “Tamarod” which is Arabic for “Rebellion”.  It is a rebellion against the rule of Mursi and his feudal aspirations for Islamist rule as a well as a venting of frustrations against the desperate economic situation that many of the workers in Egypt are finding themselves.   This desperate economic situation is rooted in capitalism and the worldwide inter-imperialist rivalry as the world’s super-capitalists are fighting tooth and nail to re-divide the world’s wealth, resources, and human capital (hyper-exploitable workers in places like Bangladesh and Indonesia).  The reform movement’s leaders have asked all groups to leave their flags and slogans at home and only march under Egyptian flags.  This is a wash of nationalism that is hobbling any potential threat to the capitalist class’ rule.


The fact is that the dictatorship of capital is not being threatened.  The last Arab Spring knocked off a dictator, Mubarak, and put in a dictatorship that ruled from behind the scenes like a parallel to Oz’s Wizard.  Now, the army has declared its intent to rule and has served Mursi notice that he needs to step down.  The capitalist backers of Mursi are not willing to go gently into that dark night. 


There is also a danger to women in the protests, as there seem to be packs of men who are attacking female protesters.  There are many men in the crowd who have organized themselves as a security against these attacks.  It is important that sexist attacks like these are smashed with the full might of the working class.  It is bad enough that the protests are already saturated with nationalism and reformist politics, but to be divided by sexist violence against women protesters is something that must never be tolerated. 

PLP stands in solidarity with those who are protesting in the streets of Egypt while also criticizing their reformist essence.  We know that the state must be smashed and a new society built on Communist principles in order for a true change to take hold.  The workers in Egypt desire Communism, even if they are not fully conscious of it yet; as the PLP grows and the capitalist crisis deepens, more of them will eventually see the need for Communist revolution. 

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Rebellion, Not Non-Violence, Is Black Workers’ Real History

1967newark-rebellion1As the U.S. government celebrates black history month this February, the bosses’ media are painting Barack Obama’s presidency as the positive legacy of a pacifist civil rights movement. But the real history of the civil rights era is militant black workers rebelling, often violently, against racism.

This is the history of the international working class that the Progressive Labor Party celebrates every day in our fight to smash capitalism — the system that gave birth to racism and continues to profit from it.

The many gains of the civil rights era — the end of legal race segregation, free breakfast programs, jobs for blacks, affirmative action — were concessions won by militant, mass working-class struggle. The civil rights movement involved thousands of black workers heroically putting their lives on the line. Many, many were killed in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and throughout the South in the fight against racism. While the movement also involved whites, including some who died, the opening of freedom schools, marching against segregation, integrating lunch counters and other struggles brought the full force of the racist system down on those black workers who stood up and fought.

Obama is part of King’s legacy of misleading working-class anti-racists into the dead end of supporting the bosses’ politicians and laws. There was tremendous political struggle within the anti-racist movement in the 1960’s. At the famous 1963 March for Jobs and Freedom where King gave his “I have a dream” speech, King and other march organizers toned down a student’s speech attacking Kennedy, the Democrats, and the Civil Rights bill itself for failing to address police brutality, racist unemployment, and low wages.

This militancy wasn’t only, or even mainly, inside the organized movement. In 1965, police harassment of a black man sparked an anti-racist rebellion in Watts, California. King went to Watts and supported the armed cops and National Guard troops, while urging rebels to be peaceful. When his pacifism was rejected, King phoned President Lyndon Johnson (who had sent him to Watts) complaining about “all of these tones of violence from people out there in the Watts” (New York Times, 05/14/02). King’s last campaign to support 1,200 striking sanitation workers in Memphis, Tennessee in the spring of 1968 is supposedly his most radical. But King fled the March 28th protest when a group of demonstrators, frustrated with pacifist leadership, smashed downtown store windows.

Black Workers’ Armed Struggle

Black workers’ militant and sometimes armed struggle won the victories that are credited to King. In 1964, the Louisiana-based Deacons for Defense emerged as an armed organization to defend non-violent civil rights workers and spread to 23 communities across the south. Their actions helped win integration battles and fight off racist terror from the police, the Ku Klux Klan, and racist white mobs (“The Deacons for Defense,” Lance Hill, 2004).

Then, in June 1964, the first mass big-city rebellion erupted in New York City’s Harlem when masses of black workers and youth took to the streets to protest a police murder of a black teenager. They marched through Harlem’s streets, displaying the front page of CHALLENGE as their “flag.” PLM (Progressive Labor Movement, forerunner of PLP) was the only organization to support the rebellion — all the reformist black leaders and the “Communist Party” tried to cool the rebels and attacked PLM. The latter was barred from Harlem but defied the ban and held a mass demonstration, which sent several in PLM to jail. This rebellion laid the basis for many to follow, including in Newark, NJ in 1967.

The Detroit rebellion of 1967 — sparked by police harassment of a party for returning black Vietnam veterans and suppressed by 82nd Airborne troops diverted from Vietnam — led directly to 10,000 jobs in the auto industry for black workers.
When King was assassinated in 1968, anti-racist rebellions flared up in hundreds of U.S. cities. These rebellions led to an increase in jobs for blacks, especially in the public sector, although unemployment and underemployment remained (and remains) higher for black workers than for white.

Black Politicians Have Never Served the Working Class

The U.S. bosses want us to focus on political victories for black politicians (like Obama) but these black bosses are part of the same racist ruling class that is responsible for the reversal of the civil rights gains and the racist conditions today.

Despite decades of black, Latino, and Native American mayors, governors and lawmakers, racism thrives by every indicator — higher incarceration rates, lower wages, more unemployment, higher home foreclosure rates, less access to health care and fewer education opportunities for black, Latino and Native American workers. Over and over cops get away with racist terror — such as the murders of Oscar Grant in Oakland, California and Sean Bell in Queens, New York — while Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton urge us to be peaceful and seek victory in courts that acquit or slap cops on the wrist.

Like King, Obama can only offer empty hope and promises. His role is to win anti-racists to support the racist ruling class.
In referring to the “muslim world” as a “clenched fist” Obama uses anti-Arab and anti-Muslim racism to win U.S. workers to support oil wars in Afghanistan and continued occupation in Iraq, which have killed over one million Iraqis since 2003. (Opinion Research Business, Feb 2008). Obama constantly draws inspiration from racist slave-owning founding fathers who systematically committed genocide against Native Americans to increase their profits.

Obama will not wage the battle against racism. So, just as workers in the ‘60s did not rely on a servant of the ruling class to wage their battles, we can’t rely on the current servant to wage ours.

The gains won by our class in the ‘60s have been reversed. Those good-paying auto industry jobs won by black workers in Detroit have vanished. The mass anti-racist rebellions were good, but the crumbs given our class in response have been taken back. The fight against racism must take place within the context of fighting for communist revolution, the only outcome where workers can win power and establish a world free of capitalism and its racism.

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Rising Food Prices Trigger Haiti Rebellion

HAITI, April 8 — Rising food prices worldwide have triggered rebellions in many countries. Southern Haiti is the latest. Five people have been killed and many injured after several days of protests by thousands, including attacks against local cops, businesses and the MINUSTAH (the U.N. multi-national occupation force here led by the Brazilian army). Over the weekend protesters looted the MINUSTAH office in Cayes, taking weapons and other materials.

Today, UN forces shot rubber bullets and tear gas at thousands of workers and university students marching on the national palace in Port-au-Prince, the capital city, backing the rebellion and shouting, “We’re hungry!”

The U.N. occupation, which began after the U.S., France and Canada invaded the country several years ago and sent President Jean Bertrand Aristide into forced exile, has only brought more misery, drug gangs and hunger to the Haitian masses. One of every four children here is malnourished. People have resorted to eating “dirt cookies,” made from salt, oil and clay and baked in the sun. A system that has brought billions worldwide to such extremes must be destroyed.

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