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Russia’s New Pogram

In the land of Lenin, of Stalin, of millions of workers sacrificing everything to smash fascism, in the land where the first dictatorship of the proletariat was set up. In the land where billions of the laboring masses lifted their eyes to it for hope, a beacon, a joy that rivaled the lies of the cross and the crescent.

In this land where fascists went to die, race riots occurred. Thousands of young men and women, echoing the Tsarist programs of old, set fire to non-white business while chanting “White Power”!

Modern Russia is what happens when Communist Parties go revisionist and betray their principles due to the rotten politics that comes from advancing the wrong theory. Socialism will never lead to Communism. Now, Russia is having race riots. The land that Paul Robeson first felt like a human being in, that led the world in fighting racism, is now so reactionary that yesterday sexists attacked gays and today racists attack non-whites.

Communist revolution needs to return to Russia. The Progressive Labor Party will ensure that the fascists once again will get smashed in the land where our class first took state power.

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