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Women Continue To Feel the Brunt of Fascism

As the world’s working class continues to feel the brunt of living in the new dark ages if late capitalism, the special oppression of women intensifies. The bombs falling in Gaza do not discriminate. The hundreds of dead children attest to that. The Islamic State just made female genital mutilation (FGM also called female circumcision) mandatory in the territory that they conquered. Obama is getting ready to send back thousands to potential sex work and violence directly or indirectly financially benefiting US capitalism. It is getting more and more clear every day that a mass communist movement led by PLP is needed.

An international communist movement of millions organized and led by the Progressive Labor Party would have seized state power in one area of the world. Like the communist lead USSR’s example in Spain, we would organize hundreds of thousands of volunteers to engage in armed struggle internationally. We would build and organize to build ties with the working class in dangerous areas like Islamic State. We would make sure that those fascists got exactly what they deserved.

Instead, the US may use this latest information to create a basis for their humanitarian imperialist intervention. Islamic State and the sectarian war now raging in Iraq would never have happened without the US invasion of Iraq and destabilization of and support for the jihadist saturated rebels struggling against the butcher Assad. In fact, the US may not even want to challenge Islamic State too much since they are also the enemies of its enemies: Iran’s puppet Iraq’s Prime Minister Malaki, Iran, and Iran’s other proxy, the butcher Assad. The US may be using the threat of and extreme violence of Islamic State as leverage against Malaki and Assad. If Islamic State takes Baghdad and begins to seriously threaten Saudi Arabia, then the US might intervene immediately, but, right now, it is only the working class, primarily women, suffering under extreme violence. Either way, PLP would not play politics, but, instead, organize to smash the special oppression of women and the religious ideology that fuels it by replacing it with a dialectical materialist outlook that shows a future where the needs of all are met by all and the working class will be the human race.

In Gaza, instead of Hamas’ rotten Islamist ideology whose logical outcome is seen in organizations such as Islamic State, we would fight sexism and seek to unify the working class against all of the bosses’ rotten ideology. The role of nationalism is that it attacks both the Palestinian and Israeli workers who don’t see each other as human, but as Israelis or Palestinians. Both of these nationalist ideologies blur the class nature of the conflict and makes the working class think they have more in common with their respective ruling classes than with their fellow workers. Netanyahu has no problem sending working class youth to murder other workers in Gaza from the safety of his post. Hamas has no problem burying their tunnels under homes of workers that will be targeted by the IDF. Again, PLP in Israel organizes against both Palestinian and Israeli nationalism. We do not support national liberation, oppressed nationalism, or lesser evils like Hamas. We know the answer to the national question: death for workers and reversal of all gains after the struggle for national liberation and the consolidation of power by the local bourgeoisie.

The same racism that allows bombs to fall in Gaza and for Obama to deport millions is the same that allows the racist pigs in the NYPD to murder black workers. The same sexism that allows for pornography to be a multi-billion dollar a year industry, countries to function as locations for sex tourism, and for women to be raped in India with impunity is, in content and essence, the same special oppression of women that Islamic State uses to justify their brutal mutilation of female genitalia. Only a communist revolution led by PLP for the total transformation of the economic base and cultural superstructure can end these rotten ideologies once and for all.

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While the liberal bosses prance around and pat themselves on the back for “making change” and proclaiming the end of racism in the U.S., three cops have been set free for the murder of Sean Bell in November 2006. Seems like the cops and the courts never got the memo.

Bell and two friends were shot at by plainclothes kkkops after leaving a bachelor party at a bar in Queens, NY. The cops claim that Bell and his friends first tried to run them over and that one of the men inside the car appeared to be grabbing for a gun in his waist. The cops then wasted no time shooting 50 BULLETS into the car, killing Bell and injuring his friends.

The bosses enlisted the ex-FBI informer and pacifier of black workers’ anger, Al Sharpton. Our class should not be led by this bosses’ agent who pervasively sells  the snake oil of justice under capitalism. He’s done it before with Amadou Diallo who was shot 41 times by the fascist police, and Patrick Dorismond in Manhattan and countless others. The cops’ main role is to protect and serve the bosses’ private property and terrorize workers, especially black and Latino youth, so that they do not turn their anger into rebellion.Bosses\' Henchmen

With the coming elections the bosses need to win black, and all  workers, to U.S. imperialism to stay ahead of their rivals like China, Russia and Europe. Barack Obama and the bosses need to give them hope that the system can work for them in the face of years of slavery, Jim Crow racism, segregation, police terror, poverty like in New Orleans and after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Workers and students should organize their friends and co-workers to expose the cops’ role in the racist system of capitalism. No court will guarantee workers justice.



MAY 3rd 12 p.m.


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Murdering Racist Cops Pump 13 Bullets into Black Teenager

BROOKLYN, NY, Nov. 13 — Last night five killer cops unloaded 20 rounds on an unarmed mentally-ill Brooklyn teen, 13 of the shots hitting their mark. Then, after being gunned down, Khiel Coppin, 18, was handcuffed and his lifeless body dragged away by the NYPD assassins and taken to Woodhull Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Coppin was carrying a hairbrush, which eyewitnesses said he dropped when raising his hands in the air in front of the cops, before being cut down in a hail of bullets. Several witnesses reported that the police fired so many rounds that one officer began yelling, “Stop, stop, stop shooting — he’s down,” but cops kept firing like they were “playing with a toy.”

Coppin’s mother had tried to have her son admitted for psychiatric treatment before the incident. After a dispute last night, she called 911 in an effort to remove him to get help for his mental illness.

The cops’ story has changed drastically several times between last night and this morning in an effort to rationalize what everyone else present at the shooting witnessed. But all their stories hinge on the claim that his mother had warned the 911 dispatcher her son “had a gun” — a charge the mother denies. Additionally, police are trying to wash the youth’s blood from their hands by speculating that Coppin was attempting “suicide by cop,” a bigoted charge commonly leveled at mentally-ill victims of cop murders.

In one police story, Coppin has a knife, in others he doesn’t. In one he drops from a window with the hairbrush under his shirt (hence their “believing” it to be a gun), and charges at the police while reaching under his shirt for the hairbrush, “ignoring orders to halt” — but in a different police narrative, he “walks across the sidewalk” to them.

But all witnesses state clearly that he lowered himself from his window to the ground, stood and immediately raised his hands up, dropping the hairbrush to the ground. Then police opened fire, murdering another working-class urban youth.

Now, as always happens, liberal misleaders and reformers will try to contain the working class’s righteous anger, channeling it instead into their reform efforts like “community policing” and “police oversight” and their election campaigns. But to fight police murders, we can’t fall into this trap!

The only way to smash the Klan in blue is to smash the racist system —capitalism — that uses them to terrorize urban working-class communities. Communism — the system of workers’ power, a society run for need, not profit — will sweep away these new night riders and their politician masters, crushing them like the cockroaches they are. But for this, we must organize!

Now, more than ever, is the time to direct our anger where it belongs: not into more dead-end reform campaigns designed solely to keep angry workers and youth under control, but into the streets and into our shops, unions, communist organizations, churches, schools and campuses.

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