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The Imperialist Dogfight Over Ukraine Has Nothing For The Working Class

The US has been the center of world reaction since it first took its baby steps into imperialism after it’s campaign of genocide against the Native Americans. The PLP is the center of world revolution as it rebuilds the forces of the working class. The US reversed or co-opted revolutions all over South America, Asia, and Pacifica, places where friends of PLP are now rebuilding a revolutionary movement to smash capitalism once and for all. Gunboat diplomacy, tyranny, and outright support for thugs and bandits who would protect their financial interests are the true history of the center of world reaction. Proving their reactionary streak is alive and well, not being satisfied with arming Jihadist sexists hell bent on genocide in Syria, now the US is supporting Nazis who toppled a UN monitored democratically elected president. Those hypocrites don’t even follow their own ideology.

The workers have nothing to gain from either set of bosses. They will get their pensions attacked and their subsidies slashed by the EU as part of an austerity program. Just as the Troika, the European Commission (EC), The European Central Bank (ECB), and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), destroyed the lives of workers in Greece, Spain, and ravages them in Italy and Portugal, will now rip the worker’s pensions and fuel subsidies away from them as the “price of freedom”. The Orwellian conceit of “freedom is slavery”, though originally intended to attack the USSR, is clearly being illustrated in Ukraine. Russia’s fascists will no doubt take their pound of flesh from the workers to pay for their imperialist expansion, and are no alternative to the fascists in Ukraine. The US has their fascists in Ukraine locked, cocked, and ready to rock the working class out of all of their hard earned gains.


Obama is the primary puppet that pushes the reaction the US is constantly creating. It was not reactionary enough to deport millions, terror bomb children by drones, or push the racist attack on public education in the form of Race To The Top, but the first Black president has now helped to put Nazis back into power in the Ukraine. Once again, PLP’s analysis on race is proven to be correct as racist policies are advanced regardless of the race of the person advancing them. His leadership is best illustrated in how he appears to be playing checkers while Russia is playing a chess-like game of Chicken and Russian roulette.


The militaristic rhetoric that the US is pushing is a reaction to the coolheaded way the fascists in Russia are running the table in the Ukraine. Russia is challenging the US Empire and exposing their weakness. The US is moving a missile cruiser and other warships into the Black Sea now. Russia is playing the long game since they don’t have to invade the Eastern Ukraine now, though they have over 40,000 soldiers massed on the border. They know the EU and US austerity is going to cause unrest and a backlash. They can either play to win the elections or they can invade to protect Russian citizens from the Nazi-led hoards. They also have other options that will develop as the conflict unfolds.

This backlash will force the Ukraine to use their armed apparatus, the military and soldiers, as well as the Nazi paramilitary to crush the working class. So, the Ukrainian Sabre rattling rhetoric against Russia will create a military that can be used against the working class in order to ensure that the Troika gets its money. The workers have no dog in this imperialist fight, because the EU has little to offer Ukraine besides Greece style austerity cuts that would begin with an end to fuel subsidies. Those workers who sincerely believed in the lies of prosperity that fell from the bosses’ mouths are getting nothing from either the Fascists in Russia or the fascists in the EU/US/IMF alliance. There are no lesser evil bosses and there is no lesser evil; the working class can only rely upon itself organized by The PLP as the concrete vision for a society that meets our needs.

The Eastern Ukraine is where its industrial production is located along with a majority Russian-speaking population. Russia is wielding the ideological weapon of nationalism to seize control of the minds of the workers that live there as well as the factories located in a geostrategically important location.

Germany is caught in a bind as it is the de facto head of the EU and is also Russia’s largest energy trading partner. The EU is unwilling to attack Russia to the extent the US needs (see C/D). This inter-imperialist rivalry is speeding towards WWIII and only a Communist Revolution can stop it. Communists once took power in this part of the world, and, under PL’s leadership, can do so again, but this time really build a society that meets the worker’s needs. We won’t build Socialism, which is just another form of state capitalism, but an actual Communist society. The abolition of profit and the ideologies of sexism, racism, and nationalism that nurture it will end imperialist dogfights that create the lose lose conditions of Ukraine. The ending of capitalism will end imperialism.

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Red Immigrant Underground Whipped Nazis in WWII

Throughout the history of capitalism, immigrants around the world have played an important part of the fight against the ruling class. One great example is the Communist-led Francs-Tireurs et Partisans de la Main d’Oevre Immigree (FTP-MOI) a group of about 100 fighters from all over Europe who carried out practically all acts of armed resistance against the Nazis in the Paris region between March and November 1943. In one of their most noted actions they killed the SS General Julius von Ritter, one of the main organizers of the Service d travail obligatoire (STO) (forced labor). After this, twenty-three of the group were arrested, tortured, and murdered. The Nazis distributed a famous poster calling them a criminal army rather than an army of liberators – they were responsible for 56 armed actions against the Nazis, 150 Nazis dead, and 600 wounded. This attempt to build anti-Communism backfired on the Nazis; the poster was defaced and flowers placed below it.

The group fought the Germans as part of the French Communist Party’s (PCF) pre-war organization for immigrant workers, Main d’Oeuvre Immigrée. Their actions at the beginning of the occupation consisted of carrying out sabotage against factories working for the Germans, and aiding in the return of immigrant Communists to their occupied homelands to join the Resistance. By summer 1941 (and the invasion of the Soviet Union), armed struggle became the order of the day. The FTP-MOI was at the heart of it in Paris. Arson at factories producing for the Germans; derailing of trains; attacks on German soldiers, all were carried out by these anti-fascists. Bomb factories were set up, false papers were manufactured; clandestine presses operated in Yiddish, Italian, Spanish, Hungarian, Armenian and Romanian.

The Parisian branch of the FTP-MOI Iearned a reputation for daring through such large-scale actions as the attempt to kill von Schaumburg, commander of German troops in Paris, and the successful execution of SS General Ritter. An idea of the extent of their activities can be gathered from just one day’s activities, those of September 8, 1943 (only weeks before the group’s capture): Derailing of a train on the Paris-Reims line; the execution of two Nazi police in Argenteuil; two Nazi soldiers killed at the Porte d’Ivry; a sergeant killed on the rue de la Harpe; two other Nazis shot at an undisclosed location.

But by the summer of 1943 the group was in trouble. The Nazis and their French auxiliaries were hot on their trail. The PCF removed most of the non-immigrant resistance, the FTP, from Paris, but left the FTP-MOI behind. There is some question about why the FTP-MOI was left in Paris while other groups were removed. Some historians have suggested that the PCF knowingly abandoned these fighters to be captured by the Nazis. Another analysis is that the PCF had political reasons to keep them in Paris. It was becoming clear that the Allies would eventually win the war and they needed their most effective fighters in Paris. The FTP-MOI had proven through action that they were a politically and militarily reliable force. As proof, in the last months before their capture, they carried out 40 actions in Paris and its surrounding region.

This great historical example of armed struggle against fascism should give us optimism for our current struggles against the ruling class. Even during one of the darkest periods for communists and the working class, these heroic fighters created an internationalist militia that helped to bring down the Nazis and their “Thousand Year Reich.” Although they were small, communist dedication and politics gave this meager band a great advantage. Thus, the example of the FTP-MOI should always remind us that when the international working class is organized under the banner of PLP, no force mustered by the ruling class will be able to defeat us.

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