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Turkey Plays a Dangerous Game

Russia has sent in military hardware to Syria to consolidate its presence in the Levant. The “Carter Doctrine, the imperialist stance codified by former President Jimmy Carter in 1979: that any threat to U.S. oil interests in the Middle East would be met with a military response. Followed by every U.S. president since, this policy has cost millions of working class lives.”  The Carter Doctrine means that any threat to the US’s hold over Middle East (ME) oil is a threat to the US itself. Russia is doubling down on their base in Tartus and expanding into at least one bigger air base in Latakia. The US asked Greece to not allow Russia to use its air space to supply its forces. Russia was borrowing the same excuse of humanitarian imperialism that the US uses of fighting terror, but Greece had no problem defying the US and letting Russia use its airspace.

The simple reason why Greece was able to defy the US comes down to Russia’s TurkStream pipeline. This pipeline provides the potential of vast profit to the Greek ruling class that has been under the iron heel of the US dominated Troika(the EU, IMF, and ECB). As these wars in the Levant and the rest of the ME, like Yemen, continue to escalate, they are indicative of a more and more desperate class of international imperialists that has less and less room to maneuver and are now actively participating in the wars that they were at first fighting by proxy. This is a step towards all out inter-imperialist world war.

The TurkStream pipeline will help to alleviate the reliance on Ukraine as an oil transit route. This is a direct slap in the face of the US and its Nazi servants that overthrew the democratically elected Russian aligned government in the name of democracy. “The outbreak of the Ukraine crisis in November 2013 marked the beginning of the end for the South Stream project. Western countries responded to Russia’s annexation of Crimea in early 2014 with a series of sanctions that targeted a number of Russian officials. The subsequent crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 after being shot down over Ukraine in July 2014 led to the sanctions’ expansion, this time against the Russian banks that were financing South Stream.” The members of the working class that were killed in the plane crash became an excuse for the US led West to push its political agenda against Russia. Regardless of who was responsible for the crash, a Ukrainian fighter jet or Separatist missile, the imperialist agenda was all that mattered to the ruling capitalist class.

The danger with Turkey moving closer to Russia is that it “would be able to remove itself from reliance on Ukraine-transited gas”. Turkey is playing a dangerous game because this means that Turkey would not have to rely on US dominated sectors for its natural gas needs. This illustrates a contradiction within the contradiction, since Turkey is a NATO member, it is ostensibly an ally of the US, but Turkey has its own expansionist designs in the Levant as it is hearing echoes of its Ottoman past. So, though in the long term it may, paralleling history, rival Russia for control of the Levant, it can easily pad its coffers now at the expense of being tied to the US leash of power and control. Maximum profits today can mean much more than loyalty and will be able to provide Turkey with the financing necessary for it to carry out its expansionist designs in the Levant through a continuance of financing to the death cult Islamists that it outright supports, the useful enemies of ISIS it allegedly covertly supports, and the vast amount of economic resources that its army needs in order to secure its outright expansionism.

The imperialist proxy war in Ukraine is now in an apparent ceasefire due to the fact that Russia is doing its best to isolate Ukraine from the world’s pipeline chess board. The US and its EU allies were hoping to have the Nabucco pipeline flow natural gas through Turkey, but that project is on hold. “In fact, Russia has the opportunity to export its gas via TAP from the Turkish Stream toward Europe, without Gazprom’s presence in the TAP Consortium and without breaching the TEP rules.” These pipeline wars in the Levant, Syria and Iraq, have caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of workers, displaced over 10 million workers, and have caused the migration of millions more workers looking for shelter and safety after imperialist financed jihadists and mercenary armies have destroyed their homes.

Another intensification of the inter-imperialist rivalry is between Russia and Israel since Russia is doubling down on the coast of the Eastern Mediterranean it now has access to all of the natural gas that is there. This natural gas is a valuable asset to sell to the EU. Israel is worried since it can no longer bomb Hezbollah at will due to the anti-aircraft missiles which have already shot down at least one Israeli fighter and the interceptor aircraft that Russia has given to Syria.  Israel won’t be able to bomb Syria’s forces or Hezbollah at will if it will begin having its planes continually shot down by AA missiles and intercepter jet fighters.   Israel is now going to be meeting with Russia to discuss what is going to be done about Hezbollah, a valuable Assad ally.

Regardless of how things intensify, it will be the working class that will continue to suffer as millions of refugees continue to lose their homes due to imperialist proxy wars to dominate geostrategic resources. Capitalism needs to be smashed by Communist revolution, and only the Progressive Labor Party can lead this revolution. Our line, our analysis, our international vision of a world based on meeting the needs of the whole of humanity regardless of race or gender is the shining beacon of hope in this run up to open imperialist war. Just as at the dawn of the last world war, two roads are open to humanity, the road of barbarism or the road of Communism. The capitalists want to march us to their parasitical barbarism again and again, but PLP knows that we will be able to organize a Communist revolution to flush capitalism down the toilet of history.

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Gazans Break Out of Their Prison

On January 23, Palestinians in Gaza blew up a section of the wall that separates them from Egypt and poured out of their prison — created by Israeli rulers — to buy desperately needed goods in Egypt. The flood of people seeking food, medicine and fuel was there for all the world to see, and neither Israel nor Egypt has dared to rush in to stop it.
After 38 years of occupation and settlements, Israel pulled out of the Gaza strip in September 2005, claiming to have ended its occupation and any responsibility for the 1.4 million Palestinian residents. In reality, Israeli rulers turned Gaza into a giant concentration camp, controlling all passage of goods and people, money, access to the sea and air space.

Before the “disengagement,” 65% of Gazans lived in poverty and 35% were unemployed. Since then conditions have deteriorated markedly, with the cutoff of all trade and severe limitations on the import of fuel, medicine and other necessities. Sanitation, housing, public health and all public services are now at a disastrous level.

Palestinians’ anger at Israel and the corrupt Palestinian Fatah party allowed the electoral victory of Hamas, an Islamic nationalist party, and its takeover of Gaza in 2006. Israel used this event and the abduction of an Israeli soldier as the excuse to launch a constant air bombardment of Gaza, killing over 400 Palestinians, militants and civilians alike. Gazans have fired homemade rockets into Israel border towns, killing less than 20 Israelis. However the Western capitalist press and politicians have branded “Palestinian terrorism” as the reason a “peaceful solution” cannot be reached.

However, the real reason there’s no solution is that since 1948 Israel has seized more than 80% of Palestinian land, expelling 750,000 Arabs from their homes and subjecting them to 60 years of brutal occupation. Israel has been able to maintain this oppression only because of massive U.S. military aid, more than sent to any other country. This helps the U.S. control the flow of oil, and its profits, in the Persian Gulf area, using the powerful Israeli military to deal with any rival bosses who might threaten Exxon-Mobil’s empire.
Within Israel the status quo is justified by bitter anti-Arab racism which is drilled into all its citizens, who seem not to have learned the lesson of the holocaust about racism’s evil and murderous nature.

Unfortunately currently there is no leadership in Israel or Palestine which champions the unity of Palestinian and Jewish workers and students and recognizes the need to oppose both imperialism and nationalism. Neither secular nor religious nationalism will deliver either Jewish or Palestinian workers and youth from the grip of leaders who use them to benefit one or another group of power- and wealth-seeking ruling classes. In the recent past such multi-racial groups have existed, some with the help of our Party. We must strive to rebuild the fight for multi-racial unity and communism in this region.

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