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Capitalism Murders in Turkey and Imperialism Divides Ukraine

Imperialism today

Lenin was clear when he wrote about imperialism, the highest stage of capitalism, leading to war. Imperialism today has a few new names, neo-colonialism, neo-liberalism, globalization, and hegemony, to name a few, but in the end, these are just names of the same general concept comrade Lenin advanced over a century ago: capitalism, when it hits one set if limits, must constantly expand into new markets — especially the markets of rival capitalist hegemons. This causes rivalry and alliances, which is why “Russia has plenty of reasons to invite Chinese investment in Crimea, but ultimately Moscow wants to create a sense of strategic solidarity.” Regardless which mega-capitalist is driving the investment it will be workers doing the suffering, fighting, and dying.

The working class is being mobilized by phony Communist leaders functioning as the pawns of either Russian imperialism in Ukraine or, possibly more tragically, US imperialism in Vietnam against China. The US has no problems using Nazis in Ukraine.  As Russia is threatening US Imperialism in Europe, China’s imperialists are making moves into the South China Sea by building an oilrig in the contested waters. The Chinese imperialists sense an opportunity and are trying to exploit it.


The Death of Hundreds of Miners in Turkey Causes Outrage

At least 274 workers have been murdered by capitalism in Turkey. Furious workers in Turkey have just finished “heckling Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan and jostled his entourage on Wednesday May 14, 2014 as protests erupted in several cities over a coal mine disaster …” which is “the worst industrial accident in the nation’s history.” Erdogan led a campaign to privatize the mines, read make them more profitable to the capitalists and dangerous to the workers.

PLP is happy to hear that the many unions in Turkey are going to strike over this disaster and that many protests are breaking out.  Thousands of protesters have already clashed with the police.   Our friends in that area will continue to build The PLP in order to turn working class anger like this into the storm of revolution.

Make no mistake it is capitalism that murdered those workers in Turkey, and it is capitalism that is creating a war in Ukraine. This war already allegedly has the mercenary outfit formerly known as Blackwater there. There may be up to 400 US mercenaries in Ukraine. The war that is coming will slaughter workers until we unite and destroy imperialism by killing its source, capitalism, once and for all.

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Death To The Fascists! Power To The Workers!

Death to the Fascists! Power to the workers!

The only solution to fascism is Communist Revolution.The correct way to deal with the violent reactionary forces of organized fascism is through the organized violence of the working class united by revolutionary Communist politics. In the absence of such unity, any direct action against the fascists will not end fascism once and for all, though it may inhibit the rate at which fascism grows.

The working class in Greece has been under, arguably, the most direct assault by the forces of capital in the world.  It is bankers protecting their profits that are determining the attacks and directly instituting their rule over the state apparatus. Though other parts of the world have workers dealing with more repression, exploitation, and the direct violence of their own state apparatus, the international capitalists’ need for profit is directly controlling actual state.  It is now beholden to the direct rule of the Troika, the three bodies that fully represent the interests of Western Capital. If there were a sizable mass of people dedicated to Progressive Labor Party’s direct struggle for Communism and the dictatorship of the working class, then there’s a very good chance a revolutionary situation would develop, but, “Without the Party, there can be no revolution”.

A group that’s calling itself revolutionary has shot and killed a fascist member of The Neo-Nazi group Golden Dawn in retaliation for them killing an anti-fascist rapper. As far as we’re concerned, every time a fascist dies, a puppy is born, the world becomes a better place, and the fascists get the only thing they deserve: death. Direct violence against the fascists before they’re able to gain strength and state power is the correct method for dealing with them. Our criticism is simple. Is this an isolated event where an organization is substituting itself for the working class? Is this movement especially targeting racism, the Achilles heel of capitalism, and sexism? Is this an organization using direct revolutionary violence to challenge the capitalists for state power? Can the organization sustain the revolutionary struggle until the final battle with discipline and cohesion?

Lenin’s classic text “Left Wing Communism an Infantile Disorder” points out that first class consciousness, second deep links to the working class, and thirdly the correct political line are necessary, because in order to have the final “victory over the bourgeoisie (it) is impossible without a long, stubborn and desperate war of life and death, a war demanding perseverance, discipline, firmness, indomitableness, and unity of will.” Though PLP has many criticism of the text, it’s insistence on the fight for socialism for example, the essential aspects of it are still relevant.

The primary current of struggle in Greece is Anarchist. This ideology will not and cannot lead to the emancipation of the working class. It will not set up a class dictatorship that’s necessary to sustain the conquest and negation of Bourgeois political power, entitlement, racist and sexist ideology, and right. Though it is commendable to see fascists die by the armed working class taking direct action against them, PLP must take a principled Left position and point out that politics are primary. Without the correct political line, history has clearly illustrated that all the dead fascists in the world won’t lead to Communism. It is perfectly possible to defeat fascism without smashing capitalism, and capitalism can only be ended with a revolution directly for a Communist society.

A second example of the working class fighting fascism is a group of women in Kashmir fighting against Jihadist militants. Unfortunately, they are not struggling for Left ideas, let alone state power, but they are smashing sexist stereotypes of how women should behave in that area. Challenging the state itself to confront Pakistan’s proxy forces is inspiring to women all over the world.  PLP applauds these women who are willing to face death to fight fascism!


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Capitalism is so broken it can’t be fixed

Capitalism is so broken it can’t be fixed is the headline from The Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch.  The bosses’ pundit Paul B. Farrell, no friend of Communism, is pointing out that nothing that the bosses are currently trying to do can solve the broken system of capitalism.  He even points out that the inter-imperialist rivalry that PLP has correctly pointed out as the primary contradiction determining world events is an important determinant.  He points out that what Marx called the tendency for the capitalists to hoard their capital as they search for maximum profitability is also a major facet of broken capitalism.  The capitalists hoard their “capital” that  “sits unused on the balance sheets of corporations, and languishes inert in private equity funds.”’ because they use it to speculate, generating Abstract and Fictitious Capital to generate their profit returns as opposed to investing it in infrastructure and other elements of Concrete Capital that are actually needed to support their place as the world’s hegemon.  In other words, the US bourgeoisie use their money to make money not the roads, rails, and factories that are needed to make actual products and preserve their level of production.  This tendency of capital is mitigated by attacking the working class to extract more profit and, as Lenin pointed out in Imperialism, exporting capital to other undeveloped areas of the globe in order to produce at the highest profit possible.  The problem of exporting capital is that other capitalists in other countries want to do this as well.


The ruling class has to protect their economic investment, and they use the working class to fight their wars.  The workers who have been part of the economic draft to become US soldiers are now having Moral Injuries that tear their psyches apart.  They have nightmares and have trouble living with themselves because of the atrocities that they do for the sake of profit based on the timeworn lies of god and country. “ A moral injury tortures the conscience; symptoms include deep shame, guilt and rage. It’s not a medical problem, and it’s unclear how to treat it, says retired Col. Elspeth Ritchie, former psychiatry consultant to the Army surgeon general.”

Ritchie’s comments echo the torturers in Franz Fanon’s Wretched Of The Earth who felt uncomfortable psychological trauma from brutalizing the guerillas and didn’t want to stop torturing and killing, but wanted their psyches to be healed nonetheless.  The way to treat these nightmares is to stop these imperialist oil and resource wars and begin a rectification campaign where the US imperialists and the soldiers who killed on their behalf apologize and rebuild.  This will never ever happen under capitalism.  Only a Communist revolution can begin the healing process and rectification necessary for those who are guilty of the most brutal crimes against humanity in the name of profit can heal themselves. 


So while the working class soldiers live with guilt, the professional mercenary scum in Blackwater get all of their charges completely dropped.  Poof.  Vanished. It cost them a few million, made some rich people a bit richer, and reaffirmed that the US needs their thugs to kill kill kill!  The war on the black and Hispanic working class under the veneer of the war on drugs continues unabated with felonies handed out like party favors, yet when the thugs who murder and kill for the bosses get tried in their courts, the capitalists use their courts to preserve their power.


Meanwhile, in the Syrian arena, the Free Syrian Army, stooges of US Imperialism, have begun to bomb Hezbollah, stooges of Russian and Chinese imperialism and Iranian hegemony, in Beirut and Lebanon. The escalation of this war threatens the stability of the whole Levant, yet the US looks on with delight as they can get profitable pipelines and check their rivals.  The “Arab Spring” has turned into the Winter of Jihadism and reaction as Islamic Parties and other reactionary groups have filled the power vacuum that deposing dictators creates.  Without a Communist Party ready to seize state power and begin the revolutionary transformation of society under the dictatorship of the working class, there can be no fundamental systemic change.  Capitalism is fundamentally broken when it comes to meeting the needs of the working class.  It needs to go. 


The working class is trapped in the prison of false consciousness.  For example, thousands of workers in Bangladesh are fighting for false consciousness as they attack the police and rally in defense of Islam.  They are angry at “atheist blogs”.  This reactionary rally is a tragedy for the working class as religion is a weapon that the ruling class uses to divide the working class and get us to pay attention to the next world instead of this one.  The working class is divided by race, class, gender, and cultural structures such as religion – Christian vs Jew, Sunni vs Shiite, Muslim vs Hindu, etc.  The list goes on and on and on.  Communism is needed to wash away all of the social constructs that act as the bars in the prison of false consciousness that we live in.  The friends of PLP in Bangladesh will continue to struggle against the violent reactionaries and continue to organize for a revolution that will end the ability for religious leaders to command thousands of workers to kill. 


The fact that Capitalism is broken is inaccurate though.  Capitalism is working fine.  It is making the wealthy wealthier, concentrating power in fewer and fewer hands, facilitating the growth of fascism as the bosses need to prevent their power from flowing out of their hands and into the hands of their rivals.  Capitalism works for the capitalists.  They can maintain their state power through any natural or economic disaster.  Capitalism is a resilient system with only one fatal weakness – Communist revolution.  A Communist Party of millions, armed with Red ideas, Dialectics, and the determination to wipe capitalism off of the world once and for all is the only that thing that will break capitalism.  Capitalism will not end because of some massive crisis.  No, only we, the working class under the leadership of PLP, can end it.      






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Bolshevik Revolution:Workers Took Power; Can Do It Again

Bolshevik Revolution, November 18th

Ninety three years ago, November 7, 1917, marked the beginning of the single most important event of the 20th century, the Bolshevik revolution, which directly inspired the Chinese revolution and anti-imperialist struggles around the world from Vietnam to Africa to Latin America.

Russia’s working class, headed by the revolutionary communists of the Bolshevik Party and its leader, Vladimir Lenin, freed one-sixth of the world’s surface from capitalism. They proved once and for all that it was possible to strive for a world without exploitation, where those who produce all value, the working class, can enjoy the fruits of their labor and not have it stolen by a few parasitical bosses and their lackeys.

The Russian revolution was the first serious attempt by workers and peasants to seize, hold and consolidate state power. Even though capitalism has returned to the former Soviet Union, workers will not forget that the Soviet working class defeated capitalism in 1917; smashed the imperialist armies of 17 countries (including Japan, the U.S., Britain, France, among others) which invaded Russia in 1918 to try to crush the revolution; freed the masses, especially women, from the yoke of capitalist, feudal and religious oppression; and then in 1945 defeated the mightiest and most barbaric army the capitalists had ever organized: the Nazi Wehrmacht.

The revolution frightened the world’s bosses, who immediately sent armies from 17 countries to try — in Churchill’s words — to “strangle it in the cradle.” From 1918 to 1923, millions of workers led by the Red Army defeated the imperialists’ counter-revolution. Nearly five million died in that battle, many of whom were the most committed workers the revolution had produced. Lenin himself died because of injuries inflicted by a hired killer.

The masses showed great courage and determination to defend and build their revolution, under the leadership of their revolutionary party. They proved that the revolutionary violence on the part of the working class and peasantry were vital to the seizure of state power.

Achievements of the Revolution

The Bolshevik Revolution brought Russia to heights of productive development that capitalism, given a similar time period and circumstances, could never have dreamed of. Bringing the working class to power, the Revolution coordinated their social-economic efforts for the production and exchange of the necessities, the comforts and even some luxuries of life, making them available to all. The Soviet system of production was for use, not for profit. This can only be accomplished by abolishing capitalist profits and the private ownership of property, with its exploitation, poverty, unemployment, racism, fascism and imperialist wars.

In the 1930s, when the entire capitalist world sank into depression, and tens of millions worldwide were left jobless and starving (much like today), the Soviet Union was forging ahead building a new society without unemployment and hunger. They created some measure of a decent life for workers in an incredibly short time, transforming a 90% illiteracy rate into one in which nearly everyone was literate.

Around 1938, without any official declaration, the USSR had achieved the era of free bread. One could enter a cafeteria, order little or nothing, and receive all the bread one wanted. You needed, you received — at least to that extent. Even during a drive for heavy industry, living standards rose strikingly when the rest of the world was mired in the Great Depression.<

The Soviet Union not only freed workers but also fought against racism and sexism. The battle against racism was particularly significant. As pro-communist Paul Robeson said about his trips to the Soviet Union, he “felt like a human being for the first time since I grew up. Here I am not a Negro but a human being. Before I came I could hardly believe that such a thing could be…. Here, for the first time in my life, I walk in full human dignity.”

Heroic Fight Against the Nazis

In 1941, the bosses again tried to destroy the revolution. Hitler, using all of Europe’s resources and the largest military machine ever assembled, invaded the Soviet Union with four million troops. They discovered the Soviets were no pushover as occurred in Western Europe. Hitler’s prediction — endorsed by western military “experts” — of capturing Moscow in six weeks went up in smoke.

Nazi troops found total destruction and desolation in every captured city or town — the “scorched earth” policy. Soviet defenders burned everything to the ground that they could not take with them and then organized armed resistance behind enemy lines: the Partisans.
Over 6,000 factories were dismantled and moved east of the Ural Mountains, re-assembled to produce weapons again, a feat requiring total unity and support of Soviet workers, unmatched by any country, before or since. Soviet soldiers and workers fought for Stalingrad block-by-block, house-by-house and room-by-room to halt the “unbeatable” Nazi invaders. Workers in arms factories produced weapons 24 hours a day for the Red Army, working 12-hour shifts. When Nazi troops captured factories, heroic Soviet workers and soldiers would re-take them.

The entire German Sixth Army and 24 of Hitler’s generals were surrounded and killed or captured in the battle of Stalingrad. Never again would the Nazis mount a successful offensive against the Red Army. Stalingrad was truly the turning point of the Second World War. Not until the Nazis were on the run following their defeats at Stalingrad and in the Battle of the Kursk — the biggest armored battle in world history, involving millions of soldiers and 6,000 tanks — did the U.S.-U.K. forces invade Western Europe. It was the communist-led Soviet Union that smashed the Nazis, the largest and most powerful army ever mounted by a capitalist power.

All this was accomplished under the leadership of Josef Stalin. No wonder he is reviled to this day by world capitalism.

Lessons to Be Learned

Unfortunately, the Bolsheviks suffered from many political weaknesses which led to the return of capitalism to the USSR. From the beginning they believed that to achieve communism, first socialism had to be established, a belief Karl Marx had advanced. We have learned from that experience that socialism retained capitalism’s wage system and therefore failed to wipe out many aspects of the profit system. Socialism put forward material incentives to the working class rather than political ones as the way to win workers to communism. We must win masses of workers to abolish capitalism’s wage system and its division of labor and fight directly for communism.

Today no country is led by revolutionary communists, but this is a temporary historical setback. While this era of widening imperialist wars, fascist attacks on the working class, mass unemployment, diseases like AIDS killing millions in Africa and other areas, is upon us, every dark night has its end.

PLP is a product of both the old International Communist Movement and the struggle against its revisionism. Pseudo-leftist groups have not learned history’s lessons and continue to fight for nationalist “sharing of power” with capitalists, a la Venezuela’s Chavez, not for the working-class seizure of power and the dictatorship of the proletariat.

Our movement is daily fighting to learn from the Soviet Union’s great battles and achievements as well as its deadly errors that led to its collapse, mainly that reformism, racism, nationalism and all forms of concessions to capitalism only lead workers to defeat. Give the ruling class an inch and they’ll grab a mile.

We honor the bold fight by the workers of the Bolshevik Revolution against capitalism and for a working-class communist world. Today, we must organize workers, students and soldiers to build a mass worldwide working class Party that will turn this era of imperialist wars into a new, international communist revolution.

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