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Snowden Aided the Working Class by Exposing Fascism

The US ruling class is pissed. They really really want to get Snowden, the brave worker whose deep- seated loyalty to the working class led him to expose the fascist machinations of the US’s despotic ruling class. Snowden said that he specifically got a job at a military subcontractor so that he could get access to the NSA. When he got that access, he exposed what those fascists were doing. Snowden was being loyal to the working class when Kerry called him a traitor to his country. In a show of how a great many people consider Snowden to be a hero, Pelosi was booed for calling him a traitor.

The ruling class isn’t just pissed, they’re also terrified that there is no reason for anybody to be loyal to them. Their silver bullet panacea of Obama hasn’t brought them anything but failure and disillusion. Everywhere, from the Syria fiasco where the Al Qaeda aligned militants are syphoning off US arms to them having to negotiate with the Taliban to their own workers licking their chops at a chance to betray them, the US ruling class is in decline. The economic crisis is not abating and more cuts are coming to the working class.

As of this article’s writing, Russia is giving the US the finger. The US bosses are trying to pressure Russia to give up Snowden, and Russia is playing the “we don’t know anything” game. It’s surprising that they didn’t say, “Who? Snow White? That’s Disney. This is Putin.”

What can the US possibly do to Russia to get them to give him over? China, working through Hong Kong didn’t just pass the buck when they sent him to Russia; they basically washed their hands while intensifying the contradiction. However this Snowden Affair resolves, the US is in a world of hurt — and they know it.

In response, the US is intensifying fascist state repression by now trying to get workers to rat on each other in order to stem other whistleblowers. They know others will follow their conscience and expose the evil machinations of the imperialists. They know they have no moral ground to stand on apart from the mythological epic struggle against the bogeyman terrorists — terrorists that they don’t mind arming, funding, training, and sic’ing on the workers in Syria if it’s politically advantageous enough for them to do so.

The angry dogs are now barking up Russia’s tree. They can’t hide everything forever. The conspiracy theorists should take note of the fact that the government can’t keep secrets to save their lives. Workers everywhere should show Snowden support for his bravery and do whatever they can to fight the fascism being built in the US, Russia, and all over the world. PLP applauds workers who put everything on the line in order to fight imperialism and fascism. 

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