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There Are No Shortcuts On The Road To Revolution

There are no shortcuts on the road to revolution, neither are there detours. Voting for socialists will not bring about communism, not will an election convince the ruling class to surrender state power. Elections do not force the ruling class to do anything, with a good case in point being that some of the greatest advances the working class made were under the Nixon administration. He was no friend to the working class and an ardent racist, yet the militant fights in the street, armed guerilla struggles around the world, and a communist, albeit revisionist, center to the movement forced the capitalist class to make concessions they didn’t want to. The elections masked the true force of the class struggle. Murderer in chief Obama is now removing those concessions.

Workers in France thought they were voting in progress when they voted in the socialist Hollande. They are getting a solid lesson in how well Hollande’s socialism serves the interests of French capitalism. French armed forces are now back in the Central African Republic and their former colonial area in West Africa. He was chomping at the bit to send forces into Syria; it was a colony and has always been a French colonial ambition. Now, they have even more of an excuse with the murder of their reporters in Mali.

The Progressive Labor Party does not run in elections and does not support any of the bosses’ politicians. We point out the fact that the bosses’ elections are a choose your own dictator puppet show. Even red diaper babies like the current NYC mayoral candidate will serve the bosses. Some crumbs may fall to us, but the sharpening inter-imperialist rivalry around the world, with its internal contradictions paralyzing the US congress, will ensure that the bosses will choose to use the aegis of discipline over bribes during this time period.

Kerry is saying that he wants to pivot towards Asia. He is going on a whirlwind tour of Japan, South Korea, and Japan in the first week of December to stress this point. Relative to the constant decline if the rate of profit and the normal degeneration of capitalism, China has more constant concrete capital due and the US has more abstract capital. Though the US has a military, the constant internecine capitalist class rivalry is threatening their ability to find the necessary mass military their imperialist empire needs. In fact, Obama was supposed to make the trick but the bickering between the capitalist factions kept him rooted in Washington. A military that cannot be quickly replenished is one Pyrrhic victory away from defeat.

We workers have to see every reform victory as just one more skirmish in the class war. The class war is not being fought to lighten our burden, but to emancipate us, our class, our children, and eventually the whole human race from exploitation.  In other words, we need to throw our burden of exploitation and oppression off forever by organizing a Communist society. 

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Socialism a false hope for the Working Class in France

Francoise Hollande, the first Socialist to be elected president of France in decades, has defeated Sarkozy.  Does this mean that the working class has won state power and that private ownership over the means of production is now being socialized as an aggressive state apparatus attacks and disciplines the national bourgeoisie while simultaneously removing French Imperialist forces from Africa?  Nope.  The capitalists will never surrender state power.  The major European capitalists will wring their hands a little bit and discuss the fact that the austerity is necessary while preaching impending economic doom.

Hollande critiqued Sarkozy on mismanaging the crisis.  He is looking forward to “fixing” the capitalist economy mired in a crisis of over-production and drowning in fictitious capital.  The Eurozone is like the Titanic hitting the iceberg of capitalist economic production.  As it sinks like that luxury ship, the only main difference is that it should change its name to “The Ponzi Scheme”.

The elections in Europe, like all elections under capitalism, will not fundamentally alter the systemic oppression of the working class.  What these elections do is cast a light upon the fact that the political system of the Eurozone is having a difficult time democratically installing the austerity programs that the world’s capitalists need in order to protect their profits.

Only a Communist revolution that transforms the actual economic foundation that the whole economy is based upon can stop the austerity programs by eliminating the need for profit and basing production on need.  The working class will never be able to vote in a Communist economic system.  The bosses won’t allow it.  They control state power and will never surrender it peacefully.  Hollande, like Zapatero in Spain before him, will loyally serve his capitalist masters while misleading the working class.  The question isn’t “Will Hollande sell out” so much as “how will Hollande be able to get the working class to sell out”.

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