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Haiti’s Workers Battle Hanes’ Firings

PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI — Since last May, 500 fired garment workers have been fighting against a Hanes Brand (HBI) contractor, CD Apparel, in an industrial park here. CD Apparel, owned by Haitian boss Frantz Pilorge, blames the firings on problems with HBI’s two other local contractors. So in the fight among local and international bosses, workers pay with their jobs.

The contractor gave the fired workers some meager compensation, hardly more than the low wages they were already making. They’re demanding compensation comparable to the higher Hanes’ wage rates in other countries. The fired workers have been holding street protests and other actions for their demands. They’ve maintained their unity and received solidarity from other workers here and internationally.

Workers are learning, in the midst of class struggle, that a boss is a boss, whether they’re Haitian or an international corporation. Haitian workers and youth are tired of being super-exploited by capitalism and imperialism. After the U.S.-Canadian-French military invaded Haiti in 2004 and ousted President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, they left U.N. “peacekeeping” forces here led by the Brazilian army. Lula, elected President of Brazil as a “militant labor leader” but who went on to serve local and international capitalism, continues to support the Brazilian-led invasion force. This U.N. occupation army, like the drug dealers here, has just become another oppressive gang.

These militant workers must learn that capitalism and imperialism will never serve workers. They need to become revolutionary communist leaders and join the international fight for a world without bosses.
Send messages of solidarity to the struggling garment workers at ouvrierscdapparel600haiti@yahoo.fr

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