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More workers dead in Bangladesh and Afghanistan


The revolution cannot come quick enough. Though thousands of workers from all over the world are organizing and fighting back but without state power and a Communist Party to take it and provide leadership. More workers have died in Afghanistan, this time by a mining accident that the state’s playing pass the buck with. Meanwhile, the need for maximum profit continues to murder our working class brothers and sisters in Bangladesh.

The U.S. government is still shut down due to the internecine capitalist class rivalry. They’re squabbling over profits is keeping science from advancing, keeping over a million workers from a pay check, and eroding the image of the U.S. overseas. How close is the U.S. ruling class from a Caesar moment? The moment when the republic becomes the empire, the moment when congress doesn’t work?  The moment when the imperialists wonder if they can allow their democracy to inhibit their needs to develop and build the fascistic discipline that they need the smaller capitalists and the working class to follow? The moment when full blown fascism comes to the U.S. will be a qualitative shift in the amount of surveillance the state does to us, the violence the police use against us, the amount of laws the law breaks to protect their system of profit and exploitation, and may not look much different than the U.S. that wantonly murders workers all over the world with impunity.  

Each and every day the absurdity of capitalism’s anarchic production completely baffles the mind.  It is the working class that continues to suffer the shutdown that internecine capitalist rivalry promulgated.  Science is halted, disease tracking and food inspections are offline, basically what little protection the capitalist state did provide for the working class is now being halted due to the needs for the parasitical capitalists to suck their profit from our veins.

These imperialists are pushing their position around the globe like a game of chess.  They will spend our lives, our blood, our children’s blood, anything, so long as they can preserve their power and profit.  The need for a mass Communist movement led by the Progressive Labor Party fighting against all forms of false consciousness like nationalism, racism, and sexism is more important than ever.  Join us! 

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Capitalism Murders in Bangladesh and All Over the World

Capitalism is murdering workers all over the world.  It is slowly grinding us to death under the weight of starvation wages that don’t cover the costs of living within their sick twisted system.  The profit system also literarily flares up and murders workers outright as they produce the material that those who die the slow death must sell for a living wage.  Hundreds of Women, children, and men have been burned to death over the past five years in Bangladesh so that rich capitalists can rake in huge profits.  The most recent factory fire in Dhaka where over 100 of our working class brothers and sisters were burned alive, many beyond recognition, as the factory didn’t have fire escapes or enough emergency exits, is just another example of how capitalism brutalizes the working class. It would be great if strikes that have shut down the ports in LA would happen every time that workers were killed.


As the New Depression rages and arch-racist puppet Obama attacks our social safety net and tries to install a new war budget with the bogeyman of the “fiscal cliff”, and the capitalist’s media trumpets that we need to shop shop shop on Black Friday, workers all over the world are fighting back.  Workers in McDonalds are striking for a better wage.  Workers in Wal-Mart and their allies are also striking to organize a union and fight back against the starvation wages that cause them to have to accept social services in order to have access to health care and to make ends meet.  We must not forget that Obama, on behalf of his finance capitalist masters, is attacking these very same social services that so many depend upon.


Thousands and thousands of refugees from Hurricane Sandy are scattered in hotels all over New York City.  Many of them don’t have ready access to food, and virtually none have access to new homes.  While hundreds of empty luxury condos are all over Brooklyn and New York City gentrifying the neighborhoods, capitalist Bloomberg sheds tears that they are doing all they can and then pats themselves on the back for what they have done.  The Red Cross abandoned so many refugees that they had to protest in front of them in order to get a promise of aid. Illustrating the intense racism and nationalism at the heart of capitalism, even though these workers have been brutalized, the plight of the undocumented workers is even worse as they aren’t getting anything from whatever relief is available.


The fires in Bangladesh are fueling the worker’s rage.  Thousands and thousands of angry workers have taken to the streets demanding that safety regulations are met.  Thousands of workers in Greece, Spain, Italy, and Portugal are battling the austerity programs that Capitalism is using to rip billions of dollars from the working class to ensure the profits of the rich capitalists. 


The fires in Bangladesh, the bombs falling in Palestine, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, the strikes in Wal-Mart and McDonalds, the refuges of Hurricane Sandy who are abandoned, the families of those who’ve been murdered by the racist NYPD, and the workers in Europe fighting austerity, are all fighting to reform some aspect of capitalism in order to try to make life under it more bearable.  Capitalism cannot be reformed to meet the needs of the working class because it must maximize profit.  Only a society directly organized to meet the needs of the working class and run by the working class can alleviate the grinding death of capitalism.  That system is Communism.  Communism will eradicate money, racism, and sexism while building a world that meets the working class’ needs.    Join the Communist Progressive Labor Party to fight for this world.  WWW.PLP.Org for more information. 

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