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Religion Helps to Lower Worker’s Intelligence

A recent study has cast light on the negative effect that religion has on intelligence.  Communists have always pointed out the brain-deadening role of the ideology of religion, while also pointing out its contradictory role as a “hope in a hopeless world… the opiate of the masses” as said by Karl Marx.  A study that looks at almost a century of data illustrates the correlation of religious ideology to intelligence.  The capitalist class is desperate to maintain their state power over the proletariat, the dispossessed working class.  Any time that the capitalists can limit the proletariat’s intellectual development and preserve their state power, they will do so.  Religious Ideology is a weapon that the capitalists use to enslave the working class.  


Ideology is the primary weapon that the Capitalist ruling class uses to maintain their hold on the state.  The state is the concentration of force and power that is organized in order to maintain control over the means of production.  The primary element within the means of production is the producer themselves who have their labor power stolen through the process of the wage system where the laborer labors and is given a wage that is a fraction of the value that the laborer produced.  This process of alienation is part of the fundamental flaw of capitalism that the laborer is never able to buy back the full value of their own labor, thus causing the declining rate of profit and the need for the capitalist to keep cutting labor and wages to increase profit in the short run, while shrinking the market that realizes the value the capitalist invested in the product that the laborer produced. 


Without the role of ideology, the capitalist would not be able to so easily convince workers to sacrifice themselves against their own needs. Communism is the anti-ideology.  The more that Dialectical Materialism is developed, the less will ideology exist.  Ideology is also called “false consciousness” because it keeps the working class from seeing the true material basis of our society.  Matter is primary and it is the basis of our existence, yet the ruling class manufactures a whole smorgasbord of ideas that the working class can choose from or have directly imposed on them in order to keep them from seeing the everyday prison, the state apparatus, that we workers are imprisoned in.


Communists need to use the most scientific philosophical method possible in order to understand what exists apart from what we believe exists.  We need to look past the every day lens that capitalism teaches us to view the world through.  The ideological lens of capitalism can only be smashed as we develop our material understanding of the world around us. 


Recent research has even begun to prove that religious ideology actually inhibits the development of intelligence.  Religion has been a major weapon in the hands of the ruling class as it both divides and controls billions of workers and keeps them subservient and hoping for reward in the next life from the big boss in the sky.  Whether that boss is named Allah, Jehovah, or Krishna, the theme of religion is to make sure that the capitalist order is not threatened, the workers keep producing, and the workers deny themselves what they fundamentally need in exchange for a hyper-alienating fundamentalism. 


Science is not a “belief system”.  Science is a level of understanding of the world around us.  Dialectical Materialism is the philosophy of science.  As we understand what exists in the world, we will no longer need to rely upon what we believe that we know, but we will rely upon our understanding of what is necessary in order for us to meet all of our needs by working together.  The anti-ideology of Communism is the proverbial Red Pill that will shatter the bosses’ ideology once and for all.    

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Uprisings in Turkey, Cambodia, Germany, and South Africa

Uprisings in Turkey, Cambodia, Germany, and South Africa

Workers in Cambodia, Turkey, Germany, and South Africa are rising up in rebellion against imperialism’s economic crisis. Thousands of striking workers in Cambodia confronted scabs, soldiers, pigs, and the organized force of the state as they wielded sticks and stones to smash the Nike factory that exploits them. The protesters in Turkey are fighting against the reactionary Islamist tinged government that is meddling in their private lives by now making public displays of affection illegal. The Blockupy movement continues to rage against the ECB and either the pigs or the Yellow Union’s thugs in South Africa murdered another miner.

The rise in protests around the world should inspire workers to know that they can fight back. These struggles are challenging the state, but they are not a challenge for state power.

The Prime Minister, Erdogan, in Turkey is a self-righteous twit who made the absurd statement that anybody who drinks alcohol is an alcoholic.   Like all religious ideologues that are saturated with superstitious ideology, Erdogan is hopelessly disconnected from material reality and thinks the absurd is real.   Communist Dialectical Materialism is the antidote to all forms of religious ideology as religion is little more than organized ignorance in the interests of the ruling class.  We must keep in mind though, that the extreme gutter sexism an Islamic fundamentalist society is trying to creep into place will not be defeated by the everyday liberal sexism under the bourgeoisie.

You know things are getting bad in Turkey when Syria is saying that it’s a dangerous place…

Progressive Labor Party salutes the Brave workers and students who are standing up to the state apparatus in Turkey and helping to topple The Islamic ruling class’ ruling party, the AK Party or AKP.  The fact that demonstrations are raging in over 40 cities in Turkey as a response to the brutal crackdown by the police is truly inspiring. 

PLP stands applauds the rebels who have challenged the building of a barracks and a mosque in a Taksim Square as a symbolic gesture against a place where protests have historically gathered.  PLP applauds the workers who are striking against the state in solidarity with the protesters.  PLP knows that the workers and students rebelling against the state need Communist Revolution.  Friends in the Middle East and Turkey should take full advantage of the situation to build PLP.       

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Capitalism Is Holding Us Back: The Stars Should Be Ours

Each year brings more advances in science that shed light upon how much capitalism is retarding the development of the human race and acting as a chain on our potential. The god particle was discovered. A substance that repels water was discovered. Water was found in the polar regions of Mercury. Yup, Mercury has Polar Regions.

The whole universe beckons to us. The stars would be ours already if it were not for the limits that profit places on human development. Marx said that war is like taking all of the productive capabilities of a society and then dumping it in the ocean. We have the technology today due to advances in Nano technology to begin to build mining operations in space, to begin constructing things that seem far out and fanciful — like a moon bridge or space elevator.

Instead, the capitalists are more concerned with funding terrorism in Syria (either the butcher Al Assad or Al Qaeda); assaulting our ozone and environment with the Keystone pipeline; destroying the working class’ access to quality education by the Troika in Greece or Obama’s Race to the Top in the US; or outright murdering us as factories kill us by the thousands in Cambodia and Bangladesh. The need for capitalism to increase the profitability of capital through maximum exploitation of humanity and the Earth is now plowing ahead with a full head of steam towards World War 3 and our possible annihilation instead of taking ourselves to the unlimited resources that we could have from the Solar System around us.

Instead of designing and building floating cities in Venus, we’re designing weapons to destroy cities and kill innocent workers. Instead of building massive coral reefs as a counterbalance to Global warming, Obama and company are getting ready to build a pipeline that will wreck environmental havoc on our world, as if superstorms like Hurricane Sandy are not enough. What was once only dreamed of in science fiction is quickly becoming scientific fact, yet our ruling masters would rather kill each other, and get us to kill each other in their interests, rather than allow us to achieve our historical moment.

The revolution just can not come soon enough for us to throw off the yoke of their exploitation driving us to slave for our annihilation. These parasites, the capitalist bosses, inhuman garbage that they are, need to be thrown off of the proletariat’s back. A world that is sustainable, green, healing, feeding us and clothing us all, meeting the needs of all, can only be built by a Communist Revolution led by the Progressive Labor Party. Our advanced line of fighting directly for Communism, a society based on meeting the needs of the working class by our class struggling together, will break the shackles on our development. We will inherit the Earth and the stars, the ability for us to feed every human being 20 times over and educate every worker to be a leader, the death of exploitation, sexism, nationalism, ideology, and racism with the ascendancy of scientific thought based on the power of Dialectical Materialism.

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