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The Imperialist Dogfight Over Ukraine Has Nothing For The Working Class

The US has been the center of world reaction since it first took its baby steps into imperialism after it’s campaign of genocide against the Native Americans. The PLP is the center of world revolution as it rebuilds the forces of the working class. The US reversed or co-opted revolutions all over South America, Asia, and Pacifica, places where friends of PLP are now rebuilding a revolutionary movement to smash capitalism once and for all. Gunboat diplomacy, tyranny, and outright support for thugs and bandits who would protect their financial interests are the true history of the center of world reaction. Proving their reactionary streak is alive and well, not being satisfied with arming Jihadist sexists hell bent on genocide in Syria, now the US is supporting Nazis who toppled a UN monitored democratically elected president. Those hypocrites don’t even follow their own ideology.

The workers have nothing to gain from either set of bosses. They will get their pensions attacked and their subsidies slashed by the EU as part of an austerity program. Just as the Troika, the European Commission (EC), The European Central Bank (ECB), and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), destroyed the lives of workers in Greece, Spain, and ravages them in Italy and Portugal, will now rip the worker’s pensions and fuel subsidies away from them as the “price of freedom”. The Orwellian conceit of “freedom is slavery”, though originally intended to attack the USSR, is clearly being illustrated in Ukraine. Russia’s fascists will no doubt take their pound of flesh from the workers to pay for their imperialist expansion, and are no alternative to the fascists in Ukraine. The US has their fascists in Ukraine locked, cocked, and ready to rock the working class out of all of their hard earned gains.


Obama is the primary puppet that pushes the reaction the US is constantly creating. It was not reactionary enough to deport millions, terror bomb children by drones, or push the racist attack on public education in the form of Race To The Top, but the first Black president has now helped to put Nazis back into power in the Ukraine. Once again, PLP’s analysis on race is proven to be correct as racist policies are advanced regardless of the race of the person advancing them. His leadership is best illustrated in how he appears to be playing checkers while Russia is playing a chess-like game of Chicken and Russian roulette.


The militaristic rhetoric that the US is pushing is a reaction to the coolheaded way the fascists in Russia are running the table in the Ukraine. Russia is challenging the US Empire and exposing their weakness. The US is moving a missile cruiser and other warships into the Black Sea now. Russia is playing the long game since they don’t have to invade the Eastern Ukraine now, though they have over 40,000 soldiers massed on the border. They know the EU and US austerity is going to cause unrest and a backlash. They can either play to win the elections or they can invade to protect Russian citizens from the Nazi-led hoards. They also have other options that will develop as the conflict unfolds.

This backlash will force the Ukraine to use their armed apparatus, the military and soldiers, as well as the Nazi paramilitary to crush the working class. So, the Ukrainian Sabre rattling rhetoric against Russia will create a military that can be used against the working class in order to ensure that the Troika gets its money. The workers have no dog in this imperialist fight, because the EU has little to offer Ukraine besides Greece style austerity cuts that would begin with an end to fuel subsidies. Those workers who sincerely believed in the lies of prosperity that fell from the bosses’ mouths are getting nothing from either the Fascists in Russia or the fascists in the EU/US/IMF alliance. There are no lesser evil bosses and there is no lesser evil; the working class can only rely upon itself organized by The PLP as the concrete vision for a society that meets our needs.

The Eastern Ukraine is where its industrial production is located along with a majority Russian-speaking population. Russia is wielding the ideological weapon of nationalism to seize control of the minds of the workers that live there as well as the factories located in a geostrategically important location.

Germany is caught in a bind as it is the de facto head of the EU and is also Russia’s largest energy trading partner. The EU is unwilling to attack Russia to the extent the US needs (see C/D). This inter-imperialist rivalry is speeding towards WWIII and only a Communist Revolution can stop it. Communists once took power in this part of the world, and, under PL’s leadership, can do so again, but this time really build a society that meets the worker’s needs. We won’t build Socialism, which is just another form of state capitalism, but an actual Communist society. The abolition of profit and the ideologies of sexism, racism, and nationalism that nurture it will end imperialist dogfights that create the lose lose conditions of Ukraine. The ending of capitalism will end imperialism.

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Racism Murdered Trayvon Martin; Capitalism Let His Killer Go Free!

RACISM murdered Trayvon Martin; CAPITALISM let his killer go free!! 

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U.S. racism led to the murder of 17 year old Trayvon Martin; from the police to the courts, the capitalist system continues to protect racist murders. 

In 2012 George Zimmerman gunned down Trayvon Martin because he was a Black youth in Amerikkka.  The capitalist system has protected Zimmerman ever since.  Masses of workers wanting “justice” protested to have Zimmerman tried for the racist murder of Trayvon Martin. 

Neither Trayvon nor any worker will ever get justice through the bosses court system.  Since the beginning of the trial the bosses have made it impossible to talk about the very essence of the case, racism.  At the very beginning the judge ruled that the topic of race would be “severely limited” and discussion of “racial profiling” would not be allowed.  Capitalism can never address the issue of racism.  Racism was created by the capitalist class and is the glue that holds their system together.

Bosses profit from Racism

Since Obama was elected in 2008 he has tried to convince us that Amerikkka has entered a “post racial” society.  The truth is that through Obama’s leadership, the most vicious racist attacks have occurred. 

The only solution is Communist Revolution!!!

The working class must take the streets! We cannot allow the murder of another young Black man to go down in silence.  We must fight back against racism and the capitalist system that depends on it.  But “justice” for Trayvon and all the other victims of capitalism will only come with the overthrow of the system that creates these conditions.  Once the bosses’ system is smashed, the need to divide the workings class and super exploit some will no longer exist.  Only then will we be able to smash racism, sexism and all other anti-working class ideas.  This is the fight of the Progressive Labor Party.  Join us!  

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