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The Progressive Labor Party Condemns the Murder of Striking Workers in Cambodia!

The Progressive Labor Party condemns the forces of the Cambodian state apparatus and the US and Western Imperialism that it serves.  The US and European garment industry has already murdered hundreds of workers in Bangladesh last year in fires.  This same garment industry is now exploiting the extremely poor workers in Cambodia that are willing to work for less than workers in China.  Capitalism constantly seeks to maximize profit by exploiting impoverished underdeveloped nations.  This act of maximizing profit is a race to the bottom of the wage scale.  The Progressive Labor Party applauds the workers in Cambodia for their national strike and their willingness to go back on strike, even after having the minimum wage increased, when the companies suspended some labor leaders.  Solidarity and struggle against the exploitation of capital is something that is always to be commended, but it can only take the working class so far without the fight for Communism being the primary aspect of the struggle.    

 The rival bosses’ party, The Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP), is offering the workers in Cambodia double their poverty wages to the grand sum of a $160 a month.  Going from a little bit more than 2 bucks a day to 4 bucks a day will not end their suffering – it may not even alleviate their daily existence under imperialism’s harsh lash.  Yet, this paltry amount was dismissed by the government as being unsustainable.  The garment workers provide over $5 billion dollars a year in profit to the national bourgeoisie in Cambodia, and probably 2-3 times that for their imperialist masters, the bosses of Gap, Walmart, and the others who make vast profit off of the worker’s misery and poverty.

 The CNRP is directly challenging the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP) to exploit the working class.  The workers have been on strike trying to raise the minimum wage and many joined a massive political rally organized by the CNRP.  The CPP fears the working class rising and being “messy and more complicated to control.”  They need to ensure that Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, and H&M can continue to maintain their profit margins.   

 They will not emancipate the working class anymore than the Democrats will emancipate the working class in the US or Labour will emancipate them in the UK.  Just like Hollande’s phony socialism did nothing but further sell out the working class in France and pave the way for fascism there, the CNRP will not challenge capitalism.  The CPP were always an opportunist party, and it had no problem abandoning its veneer of Marxism-Leninism when it had to.  Party’s like the opportunist CPP give Communism a bad name, but the fact that workers in Cambodia are willing to strike and fight back against their extreme exploitation should give us heart.  The other thing that should give us heart is that the PLP is not an opportunist party and it needs to be built in Cambodia.

 This violence illustrates that the bosses will use whatever violence they need to in order to protect their profits.  They may apologize or make some minor reforms.  They may even give a few more dollars as a raise, but they will not stop the mass sexist exploitation of the mostly female garment workers.  A Communist revolution led by the PLP is the only solution to the violence in Cambodia. 

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Uprisings in Turkey, Cambodia, Germany, and South Africa

Uprisings in Turkey, Cambodia, Germany, and South Africa

Workers in Cambodia, Turkey, Germany, and South Africa are rising up in rebellion against imperialism’s economic crisis. Thousands of striking workers in Cambodia confronted scabs, soldiers, pigs, and the organized force of the state as they wielded sticks and stones to smash the Nike factory that exploits them. The protesters in Turkey are fighting against the reactionary Islamist tinged government that is meddling in their private lives by now making public displays of affection illegal. The Blockupy movement continues to rage against the ECB and either the pigs or the Yellow Union’s thugs in South Africa murdered another miner.

The rise in protests around the world should inspire workers to know that they can fight back. These struggles are challenging the state, but they are not a challenge for state power.

The Prime Minister, Erdogan, in Turkey is a self-righteous twit who made the absurd statement that anybody who drinks alcohol is an alcoholic.   Like all religious ideologues that are saturated with superstitious ideology, Erdogan is hopelessly disconnected from material reality and thinks the absurd is real.   Communist Dialectical Materialism is the antidote to all forms of religious ideology as religion is little more than organized ignorance in the interests of the ruling class.  We must keep in mind though, that the extreme gutter sexism an Islamic fundamentalist society is trying to creep into place will not be defeated by the everyday liberal sexism under the bourgeoisie.

You know things are getting bad in Turkey when Syria is saying that it’s a dangerous place…

Progressive Labor Party salutes the Brave workers and students who are standing up to the state apparatus in Turkey and helping to topple The Islamic ruling class’ ruling party, the AK Party or AKP.  The fact that demonstrations are raging in over 40 cities in Turkey as a response to the brutal crackdown by the police is truly inspiring. 

PLP stands applauds the rebels who have challenged the building of a barracks and a mosque in a Taksim Square as a symbolic gesture against a place where protests have historically gathered.  PLP applauds the workers who are striking against the state in solidarity with the protesters.  PLP knows that the workers and students rebelling against the state need Communist Revolution.  Friends in the Middle East and Turkey should take full advantage of the situation to build PLP.       

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