The Whole Damn System Is Guilty!!!!!!

Michael Brown laying dead on the road after being murdered by the racist pig Darren Wilson isn’t enough. The lies that the media constantly push aren’t enough. The KKKop was doing his job and his job is to kill Black Workers for capitalism. The Ferguson grand jury decided that the kkkop wasn’t guilty. How dare the capitalist misleaders beg for peace after they let a murderer go. No justice no peace! No racist Police!

In the USA, the center of world reaction, it is not a crime for a pig to kill a young Black man. A young child was killed two days ago for holding a toy gun. A young man was killed the day before that for walking in his own stairwell. Mike Brown was murdered with his hands up.

A Communist Revolution is needed to drive away all of this racism, to make these racist kkkops get the justice they deserve at the hands of the working class, and to ensure that the ideology of racism dies with the profit system. The whole damn system is guilty. They will not charge a kkkop for doing their job. We didn’t get it, so it’s time to shut it down!

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