Capitalism Murders in Turkey and Imperialism Divides Ukraine

Imperialism today

Lenin was clear when he wrote about imperialism, the highest stage of capitalism, leading to war. Imperialism today has a few new names, neo-colonialism, neo-liberalism, globalization, and hegemony, to name a few, but in the end, these are just names of the same general concept comrade Lenin advanced over a century ago: capitalism, when it hits one set if limits, must constantly expand into new markets — especially the markets of rival capitalist hegemons. This causes rivalry and alliances, which is why “Russia has plenty of reasons to invite Chinese investment in Crimea, but ultimately Moscow wants to create a sense of strategic solidarity.” Regardless which mega-capitalist is driving the investment it will be workers doing the suffering, fighting, and dying.

The working class is being mobilized by phony Communist leaders functioning as the pawns of either Russian imperialism in Ukraine or, possibly more tragically, US imperialism in Vietnam against China. The US has no problems using Nazis in Ukraine.  As Russia is threatening US Imperialism in Europe, China’s imperialists are making moves into the South China Sea by building an oilrig in the contested waters. The Chinese imperialists sense an opportunity and are trying to exploit it.


The Death of Hundreds of Miners in Turkey Causes Outrage

At least 274 workers have been murdered by capitalism in Turkey. Furious workers in Turkey have just finished “heckling Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan and jostled his entourage on Wednesday May 14, 2014 as protests erupted in several cities over a coal mine disaster …” which is “the worst industrial accident in the nation’s history.” Erdogan led a campaign to privatize the mines, read make them more profitable to the capitalists and dangerous to the workers.

PLP is happy to hear that the many unions in Turkey are going to strike over this disaster and that many protests are breaking out.  Thousands of protesters have already clashed with the police.   Our friends in that area will continue to build The PLP in order to turn working class anger like this into the storm of revolution.

Make no mistake it is capitalism that murdered those workers in Turkey, and it is capitalism that is creating a war in Ukraine. This war already allegedly has the mercenary outfit formerly known as Blackwater there. There may be up to 400 US mercenaries in Ukraine. The war that is coming will slaughter workers until we unite and destroy imperialism by killing its source, capitalism, once and for all.

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3 thoughts on “Capitalism Murders in Turkey and Imperialism Divides Ukraine

  1. Restoring the Soviet Union

    Those of you who have been reading each successive edition of my Handbook “The ABC’s of Communism, Bolshevism [year] (currently 2014)” know that I have stated in each that it was only a matter of time until the Soviet Union was restored in new form. (The first five editions were published under the title “The Fundamentals of Historical Materialism, Bolshevism [year]”)

    The reason for that prediction were:

    1) The positive history of the USSR was so overwhelmingly good.
    2) The negative history beginning with the Krushchev coup in 1953 of Modern Revisionism in power in Russia and the Socialist Republics had to become clear to the Russian and Republican peoples. Of course, the dissolution of the Old Warsaw Pact of Peoples Democracies would have to become clear in terms of cause and process to those populations also. I discuss the capitalist restoration process in Chapter 18 of ABC’s.
    3) The necessity of Socialism being restored had to become clear. Although the path to that restoration would probably come in steps. As a first step the New Class government in Russia which would finally be forced by reality to see the true nature of capitalism in its US imperialist hegemonic shape. The next step would be to move in the direction of restoring the form of the Soviet Union. Eventually the New Class and Soviet working people would have to ally and restore the positive socialist content of the old USSR and that would be the third and final step.
    4) In the meantime the People’s Republic of China was the new homeland of the global socialist stage. This too would require time for people to come to understand. Beginning with understanding the fact that there was no necessary Marxist-Leninist prescription that communists must follow the dominant state owned economy form that Stalin and Mao had had to follow. This new road was possible because the global shift in the balance of class forces was now in our favor. For example, the total boycott of Soviet industrial development that preceded the Five-Year Plans and denied Russia development capital (chapters 15 and 16 in ABC’s) was entirely reversed with the post-1975 availability of capital from the great capitalist banks for the PRC.

    I also pointed out that the USA had thrown away its opportunity to hold sway over the capitalist world with its Iraq and Afghan Wars. The fact that the US rulers bought into the thesis that far from losing they were isolating the only powers that could oppose their one nation rule over the world (the Wolfowitz Kagan doctrine) is a comment on their ignorance. Fortunately for us they have not the slightest concept of scientific history and so they are doomed to failure. We on the other hand are the sole possessors of the science of dialectical-historical materialism. That is to say we are the sole possessors of the science of society, culture and their history. The fundamentals of all of this is provided to you in the ABC’s of Communism, Bolshevism 2014 now available worldwide from Kindle books in e-book form at

    The first definitive turning point in the direction of restoring the old Soviet Union in its new form began when NATO finally overstepped its bounds. Much like the Nazi’s at Stalingrad, today’s number one enemy of the people of the world, the USA, has stepped into the trap prepared by the Russian Army. It is ironic that the current unfolding trap is only a few miles from Stalingrad (now called Volgograd). The current imperialist defeat began with the liberation of Crimea and is now going to feature the destruction of the Nazi regime in Kiev. The process of restoring the Soviet Union is now in the Second Step phase.


    • CHALLENGE says:

      A very interesting analysis, but flawed on several fronts: 1.) this is not the USSR that is forming. This is a capitalist economy fueled Russian Federation imperialistically moving against a rival capitalist hegemon. Ukraine is as important to the Russian Federation as Texas is the US. They can not allow it to fall into US Imperialism’s quiver. A negation has occurred; Russia is not building Socialism.
      2.) The modern revisionist mass Communist Party in Ukraine and in Russia are pro-nationalist and incapable of either building an armed proletariat or fighting for Communism.

      One thing that we do agree with is that the Communist movement has transcended its need to fight for socialism or the nationalization of capital, but can fight directly for Communism. Only the Progressive Labor Party possesses our line, understanding, and organization to organize, carry out, and sustain a Communist revolution to smash capitalism and imperialism — including both Russian and Chinese.


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