Sotomayor Betrays Women As She Serves Her Masters

Sonia Sotomayor, widely touted by the bosses and their media as a victory for the advance of women’s rights since she’s the first Puerto Rican female Supreme Court justice, recently issued a temporary injunction barring the Obama administration from enforcing the birth control requirement against an order of Colorado nuns. The Little Sisters of the Poor and related religious groups are purveyors of false consciousness.

This injunction is an anti-woman ruling coming from a woman in support of a religious group made up of women. Capitalism will never negate sexism. Their state and system of production requires sexism for free labor in child rearing and to help drive down wages. The special oppression of women is a necessary aspect of capitalist production. Women’s bodies are the source of the next generation of workers. Less birth means less cheap labor. To feminists surprised that the first Hispanic female judge would rule this way, maybe it’s time for them to realize that all class unity political ideologies that ignore the primacy of class will always betray working class women. It also stands to reason that in a time of increasing inter-imperialist rivalry women are being denied birth control with religion as the ideological justification.

Religion teaches the working class that to use birth control is a sin, but in a time of economic instability for the working class adding a new member into a family is a decision that is harrowing and personal. Only under Communism will each child be the responsibility of the whole of society as the working class works together to meet the needs of all by all. Religious organizations are in existence to mislead the working class ideologically and this latest ruling is the latest example of how religion is a weapon against the working class with the brunt of it falling onto women. This Obamacare legislation that is an attack on working class women is disguised as religious freedom. Justice Sotomayor clearly showed her ruling class allegiance by passing this injunction. The ruling class will not allow a peaceful transition to Communism, nor will they allow for racism or sexism to be negated. They need the massive profits stolen from the wage differentials because of racism and the free child care they get from women.

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