Did Russia interrupt an attempt to frame or goad Syria?


This morning, quite a coincidence occurred. Israel denied firing a missile which looks like an Iranian missile. Russia picked up the ballistic missile on its radar and asked what it was. Reuters news agency quoted an Israeli army spokesman who denied Israel’s responsibility for the missile attack. Could they have caught the US in the middle in a smoking gun set up? The US is desperate to wrest control of the natural gas, oil, and pipelines that will run through Syria.

Looking at how things developed, and at how the bosses’ press manipulated the story, one can’t help but suspect that a Gulf of Tonkin-esque set up was under way until it was exposed by Russian radar. Israel then tried to explain that it was a military exercise — yeah right. Just like the 20,000 marines in Jordan are part of a military exercise. Just like the aircraft carriers and battleships are all part of a military exercise.

Things are heating up between the imperialists and it will be the working class doing the dying. The PLP only stands on the side of the working class and staunchly opposes the Nobel prize winning war monger and the sexist fascist Putin and his puppet the butcher Assad.

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