Protest Imperialist War in Syria on August 31

“Same Enemy, Same fight; Workers of the world, unite!”

This chant illustrates why the Progressive Labor Party is bringing our message of the need for Communist Revolution to the working class in Brooklyn.  The PLP will be rallying against the US protecting its dying empire by murdering workers in Syria just like their police murdered Shantel Davis and other workers in this neighborhood.  The police protect the private property and enforce the laws that protect the bosses’ profits.  

Fascism at home helps to build imperialism abroad.  The PLP stands against the bosses and their constant class war against us workers.  We want to resolve the class war so that the working class is victorious.  That message is going to resonate off of the buildings as we link the fact that the police are brutalizing and murdering the black working class in the US just like they are going to try to justify their bombing of the working class in Syria.  

If you can organize a protest against the war in Syria, then you should do so.  If you can come to Church ave and Nostrand tomorrow at 1:00, then you should as well.  Spread the word.  We must fight against imperialist war!

update: Today is a day of action against war in Syria. If there is an event nearby, we need to bring the need for Communist Revolution as the only solution to imperialist war. Here’s the link to see if there are any events near you.

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4 thoughts on “Protest Imperialist War in Syria on August 31

  1. For PL 8-30-13
    It’s going to take more than demonstrations and chants to effect history at this moment. On the other hand one must preserve oneself in order to destroy the enemy. The mathematics of sociocultural evolution (See ABC’s of Communism, Bolshevism 2013, Kindle Books could describe this historical point as “the Syrian conundrum” where the General Crisis of Capitalism in its terminal imperialist phase meets the General Contradiction of the Servitude Epoch and must find a proletarian revolutionary resolution. Good luck in working out the mechanics. Whoever does will seize the leadership of the US proletarian revolution and thereby much of the worldwide proletarian revolution.


    • You are correct that it’s going to take a lot more than demonstrations and chants to stop the imperialist war of aggression that the US is getting ready to enact against Syria. It is going to take state power and Communist Revolution for that.
      As per your other analysis about the intensification of the contradictions facing the crisis of capital and the decline of the US as an empire, the sooner the Communist Revolution the better. Mao Said that Dark night shall have its day. The quantity of actions that The PLP does now will have a qualitative change and allow us to lead the working class to state power. Thank you for your positive comments and we hope that you help us on our road to revolution.


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