Religion Helps to Lower Worker’s Intelligence

A recent study has cast light on the negative effect that religion has on intelligence.  Communists have always pointed out the brain-deadening role of the ideology of religion, while also pointing out its contradictory role as a “hope in a hopeless world… the opiate of the masses” as said by Karl Marx.  A study that looks at almost a century of data illustrates the correlation of religious ideology to intelligence.  The capitalist class is desperate to maintain their state power over the proletariat, the dispossessed working class.  Any time that the capitalists can limit the proletariat’s intellectual development and preserve their state power, they will do so.  Religious Ideology is a weapon that the capitalists use to enslave the working class.  


Ideology is the primary weapon that the Capitalist ruling class uses to maintain their hold on the state.  The state is the concentration of force and power that is organized in order to maintain control over the means of production.  The primary element within the means of production is the producer themselves who have their labor power stolen through the process of the wage system where the laborer labors and is given a wage that is a fraction of the value that the laborer produced.  This process of alienation is part of the fundamental flaw of capitalism that the laborer is never able to buy back the full value of their own labor, thus causing the declining rate of profit and the need for the capitalist to keep cutting labor and wages to increase profit in the short run, while shrinking the market that realizes the value the capitalist invested in the product that the laborer produced. 


Without the role of ideology, the capitalist would not be able to so easily convince workers to sacrifice themselves against their own needs. Communism is the anti-ideology.  The more that Dialectical Materialism is developed, the less will ideology exist.  Ideology is also called “false consciousness” because it keeps the working class from seeing the true material basis of our society.  Matter is primary and it is the basis of our existence, yet the ruling class manufactures a whole smorgasbord of ideas that the working class can choose from or have directly imposed on them in order to keep them from seeing the everyday prison, the state apparatus, that we workers are imprisoned in.


Communists need to use the most scientific philosophical method possible in order to understand what exists apart from what we believe exists.  We need to look past the every day lens that capitalism teaches us to view the world through.  The ideological lens of capitalism can only be smashed as we develop our material understanding of the world around us. 


Recent research has even begun to prove that religious ideology actually inhibits the development of intelligence.  Religion has been a major weapon in the hands of the ruling class as it both divides and controls billions of workers and keeps them subservient and hoping for reward in the next life from the big boss in the sky.  Whether that boss is named Allah, Jehovah, or Krishna, the theme of religion is to make sure that the capitalist order is not threatened, the workers keep producing, and the workers deny themselves what they fundamentally need in exchange for a hyper-alienating fundamentalism. 


Science is not a “belief system”.  Science is a level of understanding of the world around us.  Dialectical Materialism is the philosophy of science.  As we understand what exists in the world, we will no longer need to rely upon what we believe that we know, but we will rely upon our understanding of what is necessary in order for us to meet all of our needs by working together.  The anti-ideology of Communism is the proverbial Red Pill that will shatter the bosses’ ideology once and for all.    

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