The former owner actually responded to a friend’s email!

The following email was sent as a response to an email that pointed out that Zaman was a racist capitalist piece of garbage.  He actually responded to a friend of The Party.  Here’s his response:


RE: Inquiry about Tazreen Fashions Limited

This message was sent to you only 
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Dear nunya Beezwax,

Firstly please be informed that I deeply mourned for the lives lost. Secondly, Tazreen Fashion Ltd does not belong to me. In 2007, the factory building was built under my supervision only upto 3 storied. That was completely complied with necessary outings. With three stairs (two of which were emergency). Due to some reason, the machienaries and nothing was there, only the 3 storied building was sold to Mr. Delwar Hossain (MD, TUBA Group). We built the building as per 5 line woven factory. if the later owner modifies the building from 3 stories to 9 stories and make it a knit and sweater factory, please explain how am I to be blamed? In 2008, TUBA Group bought that piece of land and the 3 storied building. What happened is completely disaster and I do feel sorry for the loss. But why are you all pointing fingers at me? Why don’t you just check TUBA Group’s web site and see for yourself, who is the owner and is actually responsible for such tragic act?
Our response:
This is the classic capitalist response denying culpability and trying to pass the buck.  The workers are dead.  Zaman built the building, sold it, made his money, and now claims to have had no knowledge of anything that then happened.  He then throws the new capitalists under the bus.  Meanwhile, The owner of the factory, Delwar Hossain, told AFP the cause of the fire was not yet known but he denied his premises were unsafe.
“It is a huge loss for my staff and my factory. This is the first time we have ever had a fire at one of my seven factories,” he said.  
Isn’t this capitalism?  A bunch of dead workers, a few very sad capitalists, and yet it was nobody’s fault!  It couldn’t be helped.  Factories without emergency staircases must be just as natural as toadstools.  This is bullshit.  
More and more information comes to light, like the fact that the amount being shelled out is 1,200 dollars per dead worker for their grieving families is a disgustingly paltry amount.  Not only did they roast them alive for their profits, but now they are getting away with giving them so little.  The guy owns 7 factories and he can only cough up 1,200 US dollars a head?  
This whole scenario is just another reason why capitalism has to go.  
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