The Land Grab Genocide Rages Ahead

Bombs drop into the homes of families, into an area that’s been under siege for over half a decade, that’s been echoing memories of the Warsaw Ghetto and the collective punishment so favored by the Nazis and perfected by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).  While the bombs kill women and children in Gaza, the US has rounded up hundreds of Black, Hispanic, and White workers that once lived in Far Rockaway and other places obliterated by Hurricane Sandy and have left them with little access to food and water and virtually no medical care in hotels right in the middle of New York.  Imperialist Capitalism is the connection between these two seemingly unrelated events. 


As a small group of Palestinians have embraced the disgusting ideology of terrorism and have fired off small rockets that have injured some Israeli workers and damaged private property, the IDF masses their forces for an invasion into the Gaza Palestinian Reservation.  This ramp up to future war with Syria and Iran also has its roots in the ultra racist “settlers” that are grabbing land from Palestinian workers to enrich US and Israeli capitalists. 


Just as the rich are grabbing Palestinian land, the US is taking a page out of the Katrina response playbook where the mostly Black working class population of the 9th Ward had their land bought up at pennies on the dollar.  The ocean front properties that the displaced working class of Far Rockaway, Redhook, and other affected areas are prime real estate opportunities for profit accumulation by Baby Doc Cuomo and Billionaire Bloomberg and their cronies.  


Faithful ruling class puppet Obama defended Israel’s right to defend itself.  He left out the half-dozen children killed by Israeli’s “defensive” bombs, the screaming mothers, the tears on the fathers, the rubble covered young women, the men struggling to tear them free while other Israeli bombs rain down, and the fact that hundreds more will die as the IDF thugs prepare to slaughter Palestinian workers.


PLers in Israel are working to organize workers in the IDF to see the Palestinians as their class brothers and sisters and the Israeli ruling class who routinely invades Gaza as part of their election campaign as their true enemy.  PL recognizes that only a Communist led multi-racial struggle against the virulent ideology of Zionist nationalism can end the slaughter of Palestinian workers.


PLers are also organizing to bring relief, food, medical care, and to organize the hundreds of workers displaced by Hurricane Sandy and brutalized by capitalism.  These wars will continue as long as Imperialism is allowed to place the need for vast profits to fuel even more wars and land grabs ahead of the needs of the world’s working class.

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