the iPhone 5, obsolescence, and capitalism

Enforced obsolescence, the iPhone 5, and capitalism. Capitalism gives us new reasons to hate it every day. Each momet that we’re stuck living under the state apparatus, we see the absurdity of the logic that the need to generate maximum profit creates. The newest macabre example of capitalist logic coming on the heals of a massacre of striking workers by a black president in South Africa and the strike of thousands and thousands of teachers united with parents and students against the educational policies of a black president here is the release of the new iPhone. Not only is the new iPhone saturated with the blood of the laborers that work in hell-like conditions, but it is indicative of the profit-driven insanity that is capitalism’s core.


A whole industry of products has been built up around the iPhone’s docking station mechanism. Stereos, alarm clocks, and other doohickeys that capitalism makes us think we need. Well, the new iPhone has changed the docking station to make it incompatable with any of the existing gadgets that exist. Under communism, we’d have taken the scientific approach and built upon the existing technological strata to create a device that would meet the needs of the working class. Capitalism wants to negate a whole industry and collection of goods so that people have to buy more shit. These masters of war constantly create to destroy, constantly produce for profit, and then drop bombs on workers with the vast profits that they do create.


The fact that millions of older model iphones aremeow going to be thrown away as people upgrade and Apple is not interested in recycling or adapting them.  The enforced obsolescence of capitalism is a wasteful element that it needs in order to maximize profit. It is not a bad habit of capitalism that can be reformed, as it’s just as intrinsic to it as racism. The primary need of capitalism is profit. Capitalism is not addicted to profit anymore than we are addicted to food. We need food just as much as capitalism needs profit. The only way a rationally planne society can exist is under communism, as socialism is nothing more than capitalism with some red paint. 

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One thought on “the iPhone 5, obsolescence, and capitalism

  1. Greg says:

    Good points in this post. We need to do more writing on topics like this–things that the “man on the street” might be thinking about whether or not they have a background in political thinking. I also liked the analogy at the end comparing humans’ need for food to the need by capitalism for profits. This is how we differ from liberal and reformist activists–by showing that no matter how many reforms we call for, capitalism still screws people over.


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