Won’t Believe The Bosses’ Fascist Lies!

Won’t believe the Bosses lies!


The new film being produced by the arch-fascist who also made the deceit infused “mis”-documentary “Waiting for Superman” is called “Won’t Back Down”.  This fascist film has a parent and a teacher unite to fight.  This, in and of itself, should be lauded, but the enemy that they fight is the teacher’s union.  The film has workers and parents unite to fight against their own interest in the interest of the bosses.  This is the basis of fascism.


This film portrays teachers as the problem of schools and that by uniting parents and teachers to get rid of unions, salaries, tenure, and institute corporate backed charter schools, the education system can be fixed.  This is the pipe dream of the capitalists in their current assault on education.  This film has minority actresses and is a classic example of reactionary ideology attempting to wear the clothing of the left.


This film played at the Republican and Democrat primaries.  Democrat Party PACC master flash Rahm Emanuel is Obama’s henchman carrying out the aspirations of this film against the teachers in Chicago. Both the Republican Party and The Democrat Party are the party of the bosses, and this film is a part of their arsenal against the working class.


We need to fight back and organize against this film.  We should protest outside theaters that are playing it, and point out that it is capitalism that is wrong with education today.  The needs of the capitalist class to steal money from our children in order to pay for their wars and increase their profit margins is the real problem with education.  In order for them to do so, they must make the workers do more and more with less and less.  We should do everything we can to make sure that people don’t watch the fascist propaganda of “Won’t Back Down”.

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4 thoughts on “Won’t Believe The Bosses’ Fascist Lies!

  1. Jan says:

    wOW…That sounds like a movie which could really propagandize the gullible American population into further supporting the union-busting; which is downright fascist!

    But, always remember; to beat the modern fascism of today, which is mostly based in Libertarianism/Ron Paul Economics/Austrian School of Economics, we need to support antifascist economics that smash all of these and bring a prosperous society.

    The most latest example of “antifascist economics” was the economic policy of the American gov’t from the 1930s-late 1960s; New Deal Economics, you could say.

    And, the most “New Deal” type economics which are being supported right now is by the United Front Against Austerity. So, I welcome you to go to their website, and see the method to beating fascism!!!

    Thanks for reading!



    • While PLP does agree that a fight against fascism is necessary, we have learned from the mistakes of the past and do not support capitalist economics in any form. The only solution to fascism is Communist revolution. A return to the economics of the New Deal, which was not successful in ending the depression, as it was WWII that did it, would never ever end fascism. We invite you to read more of our literature on PLP.org and join the international fight against capitalism.


      • Jan says:

        I’m familiar with those facts, that it wasn’t just the New Deal, but it was this that started a shift for the better in society; both the New Deal and the productive power that the US became during WWII; but it’s much different now.

        Now, do I support capitalism? No, I don’t. I don’t accept foreign, non-American concepts. My fight against fascism will be with the American School of Economics ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_School_(economics) ) as my shield, and the United Front Against Austerity as my spear ( http://againstausterity.org/ ).

        I’m sorry we disagree on how the system should essentially exist, but I still do think that we should, side by side, fight fascism; no matter what.

        Also, thanks for the link to PLP. 🙂

        By the way, would you know any communists who are interested in Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)?


      • Jan, the system of capitalism is going to exist the way that it does, regardless of how you’d like it to. Marx, Lenin, and the PLP have studied capitalism and understand its tendencies, fundamental need for sick ideologies, and unsustainable ecological assault on our planet. You can disagree all you’d like, but the fundamental fact is that a system based on maximizing profit to benefit a dwindling few at the expense of the great mass of humanity is not a system that needs to exist.


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