Communism and Earth Day

Is there any more hypocritical holiday that the bosses celebrate under capitalism than Earth Day? Media conglomerates either outright owned by or with deep ties to oil companies are falling all over themselves to celebrate the earth by pushing a romantic ideology of “going green” onto the working class. As if the ruling class cares one iota about the Earth.


The ruling class is destroying mountains and natural wonders in Mongolia and all over the world as they plunder resources for both profits and future wars. They chop the tops off of mountains in West Virginia, drop radioactive bombs that irradiate the sands of Afghanistan and Iraq and are also carried from Afghanistan to London to Mumbai on the high altitude winds.


They are telling workers a few tips to use less plastic, less electricity, and/or less oil, meanwhile they refuse to invest in a massive public transportation infrastructure that would ameliorate the need for so many private cars. Would the oil and auto industry allow such a public transportation network to happen?  Besides, how much oil does it take for a battleship to go one mile? What are the catastrophic consequences of the massive bombs that they fire off with a casual impunity?


The US military pollutes more than the rest of the industrial, non-military, world combined. In fact, if you add the industry of the US, the US military still pollutes more and uses more resources. What kind of green environmentalist movement can possibly coexist with a system as poisonous and parasitical as capitalism?  It is not humans who are destroying the world. It is capitalism.  We are not a class of humanity. We are a humanity of classes.  The ruling class will do any inhuman thing it needs to in order to preserve their grip on power against the needs of the rest of the world.


The capitalists want us to think that if we change our lifestyles or buy Eco-conscious shoes or clothing, then we can make a difference. If we followed the capitalist’s plan for saving the environment, we’d have as much effect as a madman yelling at the storm to stop.


The only hope for a sustainable world is a world free of the market profit system that makes up capitalism. The economic and political crisis that is informing inter-imperialist rivalry is also intensified by the environmental crisis that is under way now. A system that is specifically organized to meet the needs of humanity and clean up our planet can only be put into place when profit is no longer the primary motivating factor of society.


This Earth Day, we should fight to make a truly sustainable world that abolishes the economic basis of our planet’s destruction. We should fight against imperialist war and the militaries that kill the environment as they slaughter our working class brothers and sisters. We should recognize that we should do what we can to help our planet, but that just helping the planet is an ineffectual losing strategy so long as capitalism remains. For further reading about capitalism’s affect on the environment and a Communist analysis of environmentalism, you can go to 

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