Right Opportunism in The Trayvon Martin Tragedy

There is a constelation of contradictions intertwined within the Trayvon tragedy. It is a case that is laying bare the growth of fascism in the US and its assault on the working class. Due to the racist nature of US capitalism, Black workers bear the brunt of any intensification of state violence first. It should be of no surprise that a scared Black male teenager was murdered by a paramilitary extension of the state apparatus paradin about as a “neighborhood watch”. This type of organization divides the working class as it organizes one group of workers to help the state apparatus oppress other workers.

Community control of the police department was one of the central myths of the Black Nationalist movement. It is not possible for those who are brutally oppressed to control the agentso of the state that oppresses us. It is absurd to think otherwise. With Obama and his tears jumping on board the Trayvon Martin tragedy, a moment of objectivity must be sought.

Obama is a deadly enemy of the working class who specializes in betraying us to his capitalist masters. When he shows his sympathy, then something truly murderous is afoot. Why is it that he didn’t say that Ramarly could have been the son that he never had? There are many examples of young Black males in their youth being murdered by this nation’s finest killing machine. Why didn’t Obama have a public outpouring with Ramarly like he did with Trayvon? Could it be that one was done by a worker who is expandable, whereas the others were done by a police officer and the US needs to deflect criticism of the police and rehabilitate Obama’s image. In one fell opportunist swoop, the US ruling class is beginning to create a public outcry that is distracting the working class from the murderous rampage in Afghanistan and the brutal police murders.

Would convicting that fascist dog Zimmerman really bring justice, or would a group of angry workers led by Trayvon’s parents with some pitchforks, knives, and flames getting medieval on him? The capitalist injustice system is not dedicated to solving racist inequality and police brutality. They have no interest in stopping the stop and frisk law that cost Ramarly his life. No. They are interested in co-opting this movement into carefully managed avenues of discontent while creating sympathy for the murderer and casting doubt on the victim.

PLP recognized the injustice of these attacks from when they first happened, participating in and organizing marches and rallies, and, most importantly, pointing out the need for an armed revolution where we will make the pigs and their assistants pay, but we will not misled into the bosses’ camp by the liar in thief.  We know capitalism is in crisis and will use any opportunity to mislead the working class.  There is no end to the political opportunism of the capitalist class.

5 thoughts on “Right Opportunism in The Trayvon Martin Tragedy

  1. Joyce says:

    “Would convicting that fascist dog Zimmerman really bring justice, or would a group of angry workers led by Trayvon’s parents with pitchforks, knives, and flames getting medieval on him?”
    Yes, it would help! However we know we will not see any justice for the working class under this cesspool of a system!


  2. allanrharris says:

    Your post reminds me of what Marx said about violent revolution in England: “Insurrection would be madness where peaceful agitation would more swiftly and surely do the work.”


  3. Communism Now
    If you don’t mind me saying so, I don’t think you fully explicate the importance of your central political position that workers should be fighting for Communism now. PLP is the only Party on the contemporary scene as far as I know that understands the critical fact at the center of all Marxism, and that is the technological preparation for Communism as a sociocultural stage in our evolution must be accomplished first and before Communism can exist as a sociocultural stage. That preparation exists in North America! Whether others could have moved toward Communism sooner is rather irrelevant however you judge the past. No matter how well or how poorly one judges contemporary Socialist experimentation in backward (or what were Third World) countries such as China or Cuba or Vietnam and so forth, it is irrelevant to the tasks confronting a working class in a fully prepared industrial/agricultural situation as we have today.
    The fight for Communism now is not just another plank in an extended political program or series of policy statements. It is what it should be all about in everyday agitation and propaganda. A recent poll showed some 16 percent of the US population wanting to go to Communism right now! One thing that shows is that despite their complete control of the media and public education the capitalists have been terribly unsuccessful in their denigration of Communism. So, it is now up to you to focus, or refocus as the case may be, on how to bring the benefits of Communism home to the North American people. Working out whatever that means in strategy and tactics should be I think your central task right now. In the Trayvon Martin case that might mean being sure that cadre constantly point out that calling for reform of Florida’s pathetic legal system is fundamentally a waste of time and that only moving for state power in the hand of the oppressed will bring about a final solution.
    By the way my book on how I got involved in the Peruvian Civil War thirty five years ago is now published and available at http://www.amazon.com.


    • PLP agrees with your post. We do constantly talk about the need to build Communism where we’re at to the best of our ability and within the limits that we have. Though 16% of workers in the US want Communism now, a great piece of information, they are not organized or committed to carrying out the armed struggle necessary for the overthrow of capitalism and the creation of working class dictatorship necessary to build a Communist political-economic system.

      We do, and will continue to, point out that the reform struggle at the heart of the Treyvon case needs to be negated into a revolutionary struggle. We feel that is the essence of the blog post and the Challenge article on it.

      Thank you for the kind words that point out that we are the only party fighting for Communism now. We consider it a point of pride, and we will continue to fight for Communism because we have a world to win.


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