A Tale of Five Shootings

Four Shootings have happened in the recent past that have had seismic effects on the working class.  Though many other of our working class brothers and sisters have been shot due to rotten capitalist ideology or the kkkops’ bullets, these five bring out the contradictions of contemporary capitalism in relief.  The first two are young Black males, one in Florida and one in the Bronx.  They were the victims.  One was shot by a group of kkkops in his home, the other was shot by a fellow member of the working class who was the leader of a fascist organization.  The other three did the shooting.  One was a White Christian White Supremacist trying to spark a race war by killing Socialists.  One was a US Marine slaughtering women and children in Afghanistan echoing Mai LaiThe other is a young Muslim shooting Jewish students.

All of these shootings show how Capitalist ideology and state violence brutalize the working class.  The young man who was saturated with Al Qaeda’s rotten ideology is the perfect bogeyman for the French ruling class to wield against the French Working class as it revives the specter of terrorist bombings that marked the uprisings in Algeria.  Even though their intelligence agencies are coming under fire for not being effective enough, this criticism will be the backbone of further attacks on Middle Eastern and North African workers in France.  Sarkozy is wasting no time in making this a part of his platform and is whipping up a frenzy of racism within the working class.

Parallel this to the young shooter who killed or wounded over 90 young adults and children at a Socialist youth camp in Norway.  Where was the outcry and the cracking down on White Supremacist and fascist organizations around the world?  This is not some example of white skin privilege; this is racism.  Racism is used to divide the working class, and this murderer is part of an ideology that the ruling classes can use to preserve their power.  It is advantageous for them to use organizations to divide the working class.  The ruling class media fell all over themselves to paint this murderer as a mentally unstable “lone wolf”, while ignoring his ties to fascist organizations, yet they are doing whatever they can to dehumanize the French shooter and tie him in to Al Qaeda.  Whatever ideological slant the ruling class needs to spin their information to help their wars is what they’re going to do.

The US Marine had served 3 tours in Iraq and was then on his 4th in Afghanistan.  This illustrates the crisis that US rulers find themselves in – lots of wars and not a whole lot of workers to fight and die in these wars.  The children and women that he murdered, most likely with help and air support, are part of the vast number US imperialism has murdered in its quest for oil and resources.  His bullets echo the cries of the innocent in Mai Lai, where US soldiers gunned down a village as punishment.  The US doesn’t just kill innocent children in Afghanistan though.  Their thugs also kill young men in their homes in the Bronx.

The young man killed in Florida causes a difficult paradox, as many well-meaning people are calling for the arrest of the man who did the killing.  The fact that the man who did the killing was Hispanic is an example of how racism isn’t about who pulls the trigger, but who is affected by the action.  The working class must not be lead into believing that we can ever have some form of “Community Control” of the police.  Their job is to oppress us and brutalize us in order to protect the social order.  Though justice is a great ideal, it cannot be gained in the capitalist’s courts.  This outcry is part of the larger outcry against the growing fascism in Florida and the brutal manner that the kkkops and their paramilitary lackeys are attacking the black workers in Florida.

These shootings, theses murders, these young people who either had their lives snuffed out or did the snuffing are all interwoven in the web of capitalism’s violence.  Capitalism needs violence against the working class in order to sustain itself.  It uses its ideologies, particularly racism, to divide the working class and get us to kill each other.  We must fight racism with multi-racial unity.  PLP is organizing within these struggle so that we can grow and end racism once and for all with Communist Revolution.

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  1. Afghanistan, Mali and the New US Strategy for World Conquest
    Over the Thanksgiving Weekend of 2007 Robert D. Kaplan, long time high ranking US spy and imperialist theoretician wrote an op-ed for the Los Angeles Times in which he summarized the essence of a series of lectures he had delivered at the US Naval Academy at Annapolis Maryland in his capacity as Visiting Distinguished Professor of Political Science. The aftermath featured his bosses in the CIA and NSA extremely pissed off. What was this all about?
    In a bid to rise from being a Distinguished Professor of Imperialism to Chief Imperialist Professor of Imperialism* Kaplan had spilled the beans. Namely, he had explicitly outlined the new US strategy of using small unit special forces (comprised of CIA select teams, US Army Green Beret Special Forces, US Naval Seals, and other existing or soon-to-come units in the Marines and the Air Force) to carry out paramilitary operations against Marxist regimes and progressive forces world-wide but at that moment first in South America, and by implication (his newest book) took principal credit for this policy. In Washington it was hoped that no one would have paid special attention to this op-ed but even while giving voice to this hope the spy and war chiefs knew that in all likelihood Chinese, Cuban, and other intelligence agencies would have taken note and be in the process of analyzing these remarks. In fact, even I did so and sent my analysis at the time to Venezuelanalysis and Living in Peru because much of the immediate 2007 focus of these US counter-revolutionary thrusts were focused on those nations as well as the rest of the Andean Pact.
    *(You might think of the Pink Panther movies where Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau reaches the august title of “Chief Inspector” Clouseau, as an appropriate analog to Kaplan’s bid for respect. After all teaching as a visiting professor at the Naval Academy is not quite the same as being on the faculty at Harvard or Yale. But it is better than nothing if you are trying to emulate such sacrosanct imperialist chieftains as Henry Kissinger.)
    What switched the US imperialist focus from Latin America for the majority of their operations was the outbreak of the petty-bourgeois revolt in the Arab World. These US small unit teams have been busy everywhere in the Arab world fomenting discord in such a way as to favor the emergence of a new group of US lackey regimes to replace the in-process-of-being-overthrown US stalwarts and others making up the status quo in the Middle East, and reinforcing there indispensable fascist allies such as the regimes in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Not all is well with the strategy however as the US being desperate in Afghanistan and having lost control of its small unit killers is now squirming in the quicksand of its own creation. Afghanistan is not Libya where the unheralded success spoken of by Kaplan featured a focus on Libya and an easy target as Gadhafi was senile and incapable of leading effective resistance. Karzai although thoroughly corrupt is clever and capable of surviving. Small unit chaos creators also offered the opportunity to recruit disgruntled forces to destabilize other less supportive regimes such as the one to the south of Libya in Mali. The current coup in Mali is just the most recent result of the US small unit tactical program to sow discord and foment instability allowing the Empire to intercede as it will without taking the responsibility as the world is confused. The situation in Egypt got out of hand and the best they have been able to do is to try and stabilize the military regime that replaced Mubarak. So far Assad in Syria seems to be stumbling to defeat despite the fact that the Russians and Chinese having woken up to the fact that the US and other imperialists are using their special forces and their total control over their media to try and oust him and replace him with flunkeys of their own persuasion, and are finally fighting back.
    The good news is that we here in the Western Hemisphere, specifically in Latin America, particularly in South America, have gained a breathing space and have the opportunity to prepare to counter these US paramilitary forces when they refocus on this hemisphere. It is only a matter of time until that happens and that means it is very important for ALBA, Brazil and the rest of South America to build up their counter-imperialist intelligence and special military forces so as to send to the sewer of history the plots (such as the recent one against President Correa in Ecuador) which are sure to be launched.
    The objective situation in 2012 is that the US imperialists are broke. They simply cannot field the large land or naval forces needed to invade and occupy any nation in Latin America. So, they have no choice but to fall back on Kaplan’s new strategy. In the end the great progress made by South America over the last decade combined with an increasingly weakened US imperialism will be their downfall. But you must remain alert and constantly ready to counter any threat great or small.


    • Thank you for this very enlightening information. Challenge has discussed the use of the small killer death squad and the contradictions facing the paper tiger of US Imperialism at length. We agree that the US is an empire in decline, but they are far from defeated. If anything, they are more desperate since they can smell their doom. Now, you are implying that we should support the regimes in South America, and this is where we disagree. The governments of South America, like the governments all over the world, support capitalism and oppress the working class. We Communists and workers should not ally with them at. These small death squads are par for the course of a dying empire and have been used in all wars. Now, the US is just relying upon them more.


  2. The nature of the world-wide class war is such that we have often found ourselves allied with one group of capitalists against another group as in World War II. I sympathize with the desire to stay free of getting our hands dirty with strange bedfellows but that is the world we live in and will be for many decades to come. Frankly as long as I can get my hands on gringo imperialists and send them to hell I’ll be happy. To each his own, I guess.


    • PLP understands your position, as it was once the position of the old Communist Movement. Now, we are building a new Communist Movement that doesn’t just specialize in US capitalists, but will have no problem exterminating any South American variety as well as an other nation state’s Bourgeoisie.


      • Good. I quite concur. We have to send them all to hell wherever they are. It may be a question of which to take on first as in pick one’s battles rather than let the enemy pick them. At any rate this will be up to you and the New Communist Movement because us Old Foggies are just about gone as a natural process of the passage of time. Speaking of my generation there is a movie new to me on Netflix called A Different Loyalty about the Kim Philby, Guy Burgess, Donald Maclean escape to moscow starring Sharon Stone you may enjoy. I did. I talk about them quite a bit at my website http://www.peruvianprisonbreaks.com under the tab the Mag Five and also in the 800 page handbook ABC’s of Communism, Bolshevism 2012 at http://www.amazon.com Kindle books I mentioned in Chapters 13 and 15. Philby especially was part of my generation when I was in US intelligence in Europe.


  3. I forgot to mention that my 800 Handbook (now actually more of a textbook) is available in amazon stores in ten countries and apparently will be in even more soon. I priced it at $2.99 which is as low as you can price an e-book with Amazon and I hope that even though Marxists come in many stripes these days that most will find the first twelve chapters useful and easy enough to accept. I appreciate you making this information known to PL readers, members, sympathizers because these are the most advanced Marxists in the USA. (You can get this book instantly at http://www.amazon.com Kindle Books)


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