Mai Lai 2012 from Zuccotti Park to Afganistan

When images of US soldiers slaughtering hundreds of innocents in Mai Lai resonated around the world, there was an outcry. The US media is in whitewashing mode now as it simultaneously attempts to rehabilitate the soldier by saying he had done four tours and had a misdemeanor while singling him out as the only one who attacked two villages with one assault rifle and within about an hour.

Recent news that he had  15-20 buddies helping rape and kill villagers as a Nazi style reprisal for an earlier attack fits the bill. These soldiers do not belong in Afghanistan and are not there fighting terrorism. The US is negotiating with said terrorists since they already lost the war and are now negotiating their retreat. The only thing left for the US to do is try to hide the fact that this was not an isolated incident, but business as usual for conquering armies that defend dying empires.

Afghanistan is where empires go to die. The British and Soviet empires have led the way for the US.

US bosses aren’t just exploiting workers in other parts of the world.  They are also attacking their own workers.  While US bullets were ripping flesh and bone, NYPD truncheons were splitting skulls and doing what NYC’s finest swine does best. Not only did they enjoy the show of a kid having a seizure while wearing handcuffs, they did their best 3rd world dictator impression on the rest of the OWS protestors. This attack on the protestors parallels the US trying to get Assad to stop his attacks.

As the nightmare scenario from Afghanistan unfolds, and the protests increase in size and militancy against finance capital’s fascist needs, more and more workers will find PLP and we will bury this system and it’s pigs.

Update:  Russia has sent troops to Syria.  Things are heating up in the Levant.  The US is not happy about having Russia usurp their anti-terror line.  Now, Russia will directly help Assad.  Things are moving quickly.

One thought on “Mai Lai 2012 from Zuccotti Park to Afganistan

  1. In my comment on your last lead story on US Racism and Afghanistan I concluded with the question “Why did they disarm their own troops?” with regard to Secretary Panetta’s visit and now I think we know the answer. The high command has lost control of its expeditionary force and its soldiers are doing as they please – and they are not pleased with their commanders nor their strategy. This mass murder of villagers by not one but a group of US soldiers is the most recent proof. But the gringo regime is desparate now and deathly afraid of being chased out of Afghanistan by its own people as well as by the Afghan’s that will make the US exit from Iraq and the iconic photo of shoes flying at George Bush’s head (equivalent to the US helicopter escape from their Viceroyalty in Old Saigon) pale in comparison. So they rushed their latest Lee Harvey Oswald back to the States and have him incommunicado while they pile all responsibilities on their latest patsy.


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