Let “the riot be the voice of the unheard” by Rage Against The Machine is clearly illustrated by students at Murry Bergtrum high school in NYC fighting back against school security. This high school is the most crowded high school in NYC.  Capitalism is doing what it does best by blaming the students for reacting to and within the conditions that it creates, victimizing the victims of the racist attacks on education.

“The students are out of control” was batted around by the media as they try to villainize the students who are being viciously attacked by capitalism. A school security agent grabbing a young 16-year-old girl by the throat and flinging her back is part of the growing attack in the working class.  It is right to rebel against the state and its agents when the state is assaulting the working class.

Like the arorementioned song’s title, “Calm Like A Bomb”, the students appear to be passive and willing subjects within the oppressive dynamic assault on them. Yet, the students are now exploding with rage against the security being the spark.

Mao said that it only takes a spark to start a prairie fire. Let’s hope that these riots spark even more actions against capitalism’s incessant assaults on students. With PLP already organizing and building in thenyc schools, we are poised to help build this rage into a fight for communism as we recruit the students around us into the Party.

There were walkouts being led by students at John Dewey high school earlier today.  With teachers already angered by the onslaught that the bosses are slinging at them in NYC, LA, Chicago, and all over the world, the fact that students are now participating in and leading the fight back against the bosses racist fascism is inspiring.

The bosses are just getting started with their divide and conquer in New York, as they are now going to be having different high schools grade their state tests instead of them being graded in house.  Since the high schools are evaluated against each other in order to improve their school report card, it will now be within a school’s best interest to lower their competitor schools test scores.  Teachers will have to choose between preserving their jobs by ensuring that the school their competing with doesn’t get the better score and win that race to the top that Obama is pushing so hard.  Teachers need to unite with students and parents and fight back against the bosses’ attack.

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