Fighting Wall Street is Good Capitalism Must Be Destroyed

NEW YORK CITY, October 2 — Occupy Wall Street (OWS) has spread to more than 20 U.S. cities, from Philadelphia and Dallas to Seattle and Los Angeles. It adds a significant marker to the growing list of places where the working class is fighting back against the horrors of capitalism. In an era commonly defined by the lack of militant class struggle, recent events in the U.S., Greece, Egypt, Spain, England, Syria, Israel/Palestine and Pakistan are to be celebrated.

But as we celebrate we should be clear: The ideas behind these struggles are overwhelmingly reformist. Most of the participants are fighting to maintain capitalism in one form or another, with disastrous results for the workers in these places.  Without communist ideas in the lead, the battles, won or lost, will pave the road back to capitalist oppression.

The ruling class continues to provide opportunities for us to bring communist ideas to the forefront. In New York, the ruling class pulled back the mask of “democracy” yesterday when more than 700 OWS protestors were arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge. After having been lured onto the bridge by the cops, the protestors were surrounded with netting and taken away on city buses, over the protests of union drivers.

More than two weeks in, OWS has survived nearly a thousand arrests. It has captured the imagination of both workers and students. Watching more than a hundred transit workers march into Zuccotti Park near Wall Street was inspiring.

Police Action Backfires

The NYPD has been trapping and arresting hundreds at a time in order to identify as many dissenters as they can. The KKKops meant to intimidate the protestors, but the police action may have backfired. Most of the youth seem even angrier and more committed to build their movement. Today, protesters were back at Zuccotti Park in full force.

There are many good things about the ongoing OWS struggle. It includes a growing number of young people, workers (employed and unemployed) and students. For many, this is their first taste of fighting back. They show some understanding of why the ruling class needs racism, sexism and wars for oil. Many of these protesters will be faced with a future draft and a decision either to fight in these wars or to resist them. Some are discussing the role of imperialism. The most prevalent chant is “We are the 99%,” making clear the opposition between the wealthiest 1% and the rest of us.

But there are a number of critical weaknesses that reflect OWS’s lack of communist leadership. The movement lacks black and Latino participation. Amid the push for “fairness,” many fail to understand that capitalism cannot possibly be fair. Inequality is essential to the bosses’ system.

Racism Fundamental to Capitalism

The rule of the capitalist class rests firmly on a foundation of racism. All around the world, the bosses make super-profits from the exploitation of sections of the working class, usually defined by race, ethnicity or religion. In the U.S. this primarily means black and Latino workers. The bosses also rely on racism to divide workers and weaken class struggle. Although the OWS movement claims to be a revolution, it has yet to enlist the most oppressed and exploited sections of the working class. Party members have been raising these and other communist ideas at the OWS protests.

There is a long way to go. A recently released statement from the protest organizers says nothing about capitalism or imperialism. The document urges workers to exercise your right to peaceably assemble; occupy public space; create a process to address the problems we face, and generate solutions accessible to everyone. This is not a political strategy to end the suffering of the worldís working class.

PLP’ers and friends must inject communist ideas into OWS and explain how the police serve the rulers under capitalism. We must show the absolute need to fight to destroy the profit system and to produce for workers’ needs, instead. In the heat of struggle, these ideas will move us one day closer to revolution.


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2 thoughts on “Fighting Wall Street is Good Capitalism Must Be Destroyed

  1. The One says:

    Basically, as far as the far left in America goes, the party’s over. Obamaturd is out in November and with him his fascist minions. There are so many things about communism that are just plain retarded. You can just pick a few out of a hat randomly so that’s what I’ll do. Now: I have an unfair advantage over you because my I.Q. is 143 (which I think is a little low- I’m sure its more like in the 155 range) and because of this I am able to understand things in a way in which you are not. Now- please don’t be discouraged by this because as I’ve stated many times- genius is a state of mind. This means that even someone like you if he was willing to work hard could achieve an enlightened state.
    To return to the topic; Basically socialism doesn’t work because it is based on false premises. Society is not divided between the oppressed and their oppressors. America is an upwardly mobile country in which anyone can achieve anything if they choose to work for it. One of the greatest examples of this is Richard Nixon. Nixon was from a dirt poor family but he had a genius level I.Q. and he had ambition and he became one of the two or three greatest presidents of the twentieth century.
    Now: The Obamaturd is a liar and he is a fabrication of the radical left which has taken over the Democratic party. The radical left is, of course, a religion. This is why lefties hate Christianity so much because it is a competing doctrine. At the same time the left embraces Islamism because it knows that it can manipulate the irrational fears and prejudges of the Muslims who follow the most evil ideology around today. Of course it is true that the left has murdered way more people ( close to 100 million in the 20th century) but they had the benefit of Western weapons and technology. The Islamists are trying to close this gap with Iran’s nuke program which they will use against their fellow Muslims as well as Christians but especially against the Jews whom they want the honor of wiping off the face of the earth although now Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood will try to beat the to it. There’s a little problem though- Israel, the only free state in the entire Middle East (and the only state in the Middle East where an Arab population actually enjoys human rights) will defend itself and it will completely destroy and humiliate all the cowardly Islamist states that will mass on its borders and try to perpetuate another holocaust.
    Wait- I’m way off topic here. What I wanted to say about useful idiots is this- About 85% of those people who call the selves socialists are dupes or “useful idiots” because the really believe that they are, for example, helping poor people by giving them access to more food stamps ( which they trade in for 50 cents on the dollar so that they can buy more beer and crack). Of course what they have done is they have corrupted poor people and turned them in to slaves of the welfare state. The other 15% of lefties are oligarchs who plan to take over the country and rule it on a permanent basis. Now they feel they can do this because they know more than the little people and so they must control their pathetic little people lives. Also it is their duty to remove from society the counter-revolutionary elements and isolate them and attempt to re-educate them if possible and if not well- there’s other things that can be done.
    Obviously I could go on for pages and pages completely destroying every argument that you present. What you have to do is this: I want you to think hard about whether you are an a) lifelong dupe or b) an oligarch. Then I want you to write a piece and prominently publish it on the web it which you state why you were wrong and what you are going to do to inform others of your mistakes. I expect you to have this done by the end of June 2012. I know you both admire and thank me for helping you and I want you to know I acknowledge your efforts to right all the wrongs you have done.


    • This is a classic study in the absurd logic that is the foundation of fascist thought. It doesn’t have to make sense, nor does it even have to be either coherent or logical.

      First off, Obama is NOT the Left, whatever that term means. He is a fascist puppet of the US ruling class.
      It’s a good thing that you have such a genius IQ. We have an article on our webpage which discusses how the ideological construction of “The Genius” is artificial. This diatribe of yours may have considerably helped our cause.

      The PLP is not a socialist organization. It should be known to you that you should know who you are posting about before you post. We are a Communist organization. Now, as far as the racist filth that you advanced that all people on foodstamps buy crack and beer, that’s quite as wrong as the rest of your argument.

      The US is far from upwardly mobile and has actually proven to be quite downwardly mobile recently. Are you paying attention to the financial crisis, austerity, and the effect that it’s having on the international working class as a whole and the US in particular?

      Society is divided between those who own the means of production and those who must sell their labor for a wage in order to gain their necessities. In effect, that makes one class the exploiter and the other the exploited, though various elements of the working class are co-opted by the state apparatus in order to maintain their dominance over the working class. You then follow up your argument with Richard Nixon. One cannot make up this level of absurdity.


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