Chicago: Honor 125th Anniversary Where May Day Was Born

“The kkkops, the kkkourts and the minutemen, all a part of the bosses’ plan!” shouted high school students as Progressive Labor Party (PLP) marched to commemorate the 125-year anniversary of May Day. In this immigrants rights march, 3,000 Asian, Latino, black and white workers marched through the streets of the Pilsen neighborhood surrounded by cops. Despite the presence of the bosses’ thugs, hundreds of CHALLENGES and leaflets were distributed to marchers and workers on the street.

Fake leftist groups were there en masse. One young friend of PLP asked, “What’s the difference between those groups and PLP?” They chanted, “The people, united, will never be defeated,” while we chanted, “The workers, united, will never be defeated.” The weakness in their chant is that bosses are also “people,” but they are only interested in exploiting workers, especially super-exploiting others.

Another group opposed federal spending on war in favor of jobs and education. All imperialist wars must be opposed, but the working class needs state power, not temporary jobs or mis-education from the bosses. Yet another group pushed the line of their individualistic leader. The young friend felt more assured that he marched with the party that had the best line.

During a time of rising fascism, it was unfortunate to see so few workers marching on our holiday. This reminds us of the need for PLP. With a communist analysis, we continue to build a base in the working class to fight the onslaught of the murderous bosses.

At our May Day dinner, young comrades took leadership, organizing the event, reciting poetry and re-enacting the pro-communist Langston Hughes play “Scottsboro Limited.” Other speakers highlighted the bosses’ attacks on black and Latino communities citing the deep cuts in Chicago Public Schools and Cook County Hospital. Local mothers spoke about their continued struggle against schools CEO Ron Huberman to keep their community center open. The speakers inspired the audience with descriptions of their PLP-led fight-back against the racist attacks.

Later that night, it was announced that Osama bin Laden had been killed. Obama claimed that terrorism has, therefore, been weakened. However, the biggest terrorists, the capitalists, continue to oppress, exploit, and murder the working class. Only with international working-class solidarity under PLP’s communist leadership of an armed revolution will we ever be able to celebrate May Day with the bosses off our backs

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  1. What is the Difference?
    I was disappointed to see that someone thinks the difference between PL and other Left groups is that PL includes only “workers” as opposed to a broader definition of working people implied by the common usage of the term “people” in our country, among progressives, and, that for some reason, this should be the definition of and focus of revolutionary action by communists. Because, if the only difference is that PL emphasizes “workers” – presumably meaning industrial workers or workers for wages – then there isn’t enough difference between PL and any regular right wing trade union party or group to amount to a hill of beans. –And, that is hardly worth risking one’s life over and not much different than pissing into the wind.
    One could use the genetic definition of “people” to refer to Homo sapiens or even the entire genus Homo (only one species extant today and for the last million years but preceded by earlier species, e.g., Homo erectus, Homo australopithecus). But, no one I know of uses the term that way politically, where the idea is that in the Servitude Epoch (Slavery, Feudalism, Capitalism) there are the exploiters (classes in Marxist terms) and the exploited mass of producing working people.
    When the Chinese use the term “people” they are specific about what they mean and put it in their national flag. The large star is the Communist Party of China and the four small stars stand for the four constituents of their definition of the term people, namely: the industrial working class, the petty bourgeois farmers, the other petty bourgeoisie (including the intellectuals) and the patriotic capitalists (meaning those bourgeois willing to accept CPC direction.) No, to be a communist has to mean more, and there better be a lot more, difference than this rather silly semantic dispute.
    PL is supposed to be the Communist Party in the USA. At least that is what Milt Rosen, Mort Scheer and Frank Pestana hoped it would be when they encouraged and/or founded the Progressive Labor Movement which became the Progressive Labor Party. It is that objective Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai had in mind when they encouraged these US leaders to return home to the USA and build a real communist Party.
    The first difference between a Communist Party and every other group showing up at progressive cause demonstrations is that we communists want to build a world communist order. I hope you know what that means or I hope you will learn what that means because it is beyond the scope of this comment.
    The other groups showing up at demonstrations (or whatever) have a very broad-spectrum of objectives but without exception they do not intend to build our idea of what a world communist order should be. Let’s take a look.
    Anarchists we parted ways with a century and a half ago. What they envision as a future society is repellant to me and I think to any real communist. We would be better off sticking with capitalism if that were the only choice. For a view of anarchism in action look at the “reign of thieves” they established in Spain (1936-1939)
    Trotsky (and by implication his followers then and now) were with us communists only ten years out of the 108 years that have passed since the beginning of Leninism in the form of the Bolshevik Party in 1903. Specifically, Trotsky was with us from 1917 to 1927. He, they and a variety of other ultra-left groups have been nothing but a pain in the ass for most all of that time, in my opinion. (See chapters 13 through 16 Lenin brought Trotsky on board three months before the Bolshevik revolution and in our leadership (after Trotsky had been virulently anti-Bolshevik and anti-Leninist his entire life) because he knew Trotsky would become a spoiler in the Petrograd City Council if he did not. Trotsky agreed with Lenin and us on one critical (at that point in history) question and that was the transformation of the Russian bourgeois revolution, then in progress, into a proletarian revolution at the earliest possible moment. That was the key central and only most important question; confronting the Russians and the workers vanguard (the Bolshevik Party) thus Trotsky was brought in (even though no one really wanted him except for the Boss – Lenin). Lenin felt Trotsky worked out especially as he took over the Red Army. However, even with the beginning of the Red Army Trotsky was solidly opposed by the Old Bolsheviks in the army as I have related in The ABC’s of Communism (chapter 13) and with Lenin’s death Trotsky was on the fast train to oblivion (the four years from 1924 through 1927). Personally I wish Stalin had gotten rid of him in 1918 instead of 1940 but that is another matter altogether. At any rate whatever it is that the Trotskyists want is hard to tell because nowhere in the world have they ever been able to take power. (A sad comment on them as even the anarchists had areas of Spain they ruled for two to three years.)
    –And, finally there are a broad spectrum of petty bourgeois organizations showing up at these demonstrations which ally themselves with the modern revisionists (of the Khrushchev variety now dyeing out quickly having lost their Soviet and East European modern revisionist sponsors and having nothing left to sell.) Revisionists being those that revise the laws of history to suit their immediate purposes as they see fit and who always have a technocratic sort of class base they pander to. Dangling prepositions not withstanding.
    We communists seized power in the most backward areas of the world first and we had to try and bring them up to the level where communism was even possible. It is the most elementary Marxism that you cannot build communism without the fully developed industrial and mechanized agricultural base of the Capitalist Stage. This is the second key difference between us and them. We know what we have to do to get to communism because our founders (the founders of all social science Karl Marx and Frederick Engels) discovered the laws of history. In a sentence, we know society has evolved sequentially through stages in culture each of which has a mode of production (a relationship between forces and relations of production or in other words between technology and social organization) upon which arises a specific general superstructure (ideology). One cannot have communist ideology throughout society until one has the technology of capitalism and the social organization of primitive communism (now reborn as modern communism).
    One can have communists, before the communist stage becomes extant, because communists are individuals in the old order who (albeit carrying all the bad traits with them of the society they were born into) also have discovered the science of historical materialism (just defined) and dedicate themselves to maximizing the speed of transition from the Servitude Epoch’s last stage (Capitalism) to Communism before capitalism destroys our species entirely in world war and/or world environmental disaster.
    These are the differences between us and them and these are the differences worth dying for.


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