Smash Fascist in Trenton NJ!!

Racism is alive and well under capitalism.  The unemployment and poverty rates continue to increase, especially for black and Latin workers.  Bombs continue to drop in Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia as big bosses try to control their oil resources.  While many thought that the election of Obama will bring in a new era, we have seen that the racist attacks on the working class have just gotten worse.

On April 16th the Neo-Nazi group the Nationalist Socialist Movement will hold a rally outside of the Statehouse in Trenton to promote their racist and fascist ideas.  Once again they are using the issue of “illegal immigration” to hide their real interests of genocide and slave labor – just as Hitler had done in the 30s and 40s and the KKK had tried to do 100 years ago.  There are groups like the Anti-Defamation League that want people to stay away from the rally and allow these racists to go uncontested,  but we in Progressive Labor Party believe that we must meet them head on.  The only way that Nazis were defeated in the past was by an organized, disciplined, multi-racial communist movement.

So then why do they keep coming back?  According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, New Jersey alone is home to over 45 white supremacist groups. This is because this capitalist system and their rulers need to promote racism to keep the working class divided and weak.  When workers are united we will see that it is not our brothers and sisters from Central and South America that are the enemy but that the ruling class (who controls the banks and major industrial companies) and their capitalist system who are the real enemies of the working class. That is why it is vital for all of us to be out there to stop the Nazis on Saturday.

While the Democrats, Republicans, and their capitalist bosses are the real fascists, we must still stand united against the attacks from these low level fascists.  In doing so we are strengthening the bonds among the working class and preparing to smash racism and ultimately capitalism, as we strive to build a communist world – an egalitarian system free from racism and class exploitation.





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5 thoughts on “Smash Fascist in Trenton NJ!!

  1. It’s like we used to say in the good old days “bring everything you got boys, were going to a gundown!” Good Luck, wish I could be there but I’m fifteen hundred miles away (and 68 years old so you probably wouldn’t want me. But I’ve been in a few fights where the stakes were high, especially in Peru, and over half our combatants were heavily armed women!


  2. hinker says:

    New Jersey is a communist state…or the closets the USA will ever come. Enjoy!


  3. Wade Morris says:

    I am a PLP member from Colorado and I want to say Keep up the good work and stand strong. New Jersey needs us and I am influencing people in Colorado. I dream of our entire nation being communist some day. You guys in New Jersey have my full support and are in my thoughts.

    Communism Forever

    Denver, Colorado


    • Greg says:

      Let me know if you will be in Colorado Springs at any time. There is someone there who works w/us that I’d like you to meet!


  4. Wade Morris says:

    Hi, comrades in New Jersey again,

    I wish I could be there with you all in Trenton, I have even thought of living there to be around fellow comrades. I am German but I really don’t care for white supremacy at all, I’ll say that I hate it. I love learning about other cultures and people which is to say that I love people of all races and ethnicities and I am white. I hope to possibly live there in Trenton some time when I get the money to move from Colorado.
    I think that I would be a valuable asset to the Red Army in Trenton with my bachelors degree in Computer Science, Civil Air Patrol and Scouting backgrounds. i was thinking of either forming or being a part of our intelligence side as well as a good soldier in the Red Army which are my biggest dreams. Again, wish you all well in Trenton.

    Communism Forever

    Denver, Colorado


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